Fictional World View



The false world view of many Afrikans can be equated with the current fake world maps we see today. As with many fields in life, Eurocentricism has infected geography. The world map is heavily edited with several projections that conflict with each other in use. Even though they are blatantly false it continues to receive the okay from Europeans who find false education and an altered reality to be acceptable.

The current map in use is the Mercator projection, it exaggerates lands closer to the poles and makes smaller those closer to the equator. This projection was created in 1569. It has helped to create a false physical view of the world, with many believing this world map to be accurate, the map purposely creates a smaller Afrika meanwhile making Europe much larger than it really is. This has helped Europeans’ psychologically to feel larger and more important on a global scale meanwhile they dominate areas much larger imposing their will and ideologies on the masses. The most accurate world map available to masses from Europeans is the Peters projection.

Another fact overlooked and not well known is the fact the Earth’s map is actually UPSIDE DOWN. Whaaaaaaaat. Yes that is amazing to most people today, the world map is the wrong way around. The ancient Kushites and Kamiti people understood this and this is why Upper Egypt today is south not north (by Eurocentic views). The world view we see today is totally false and is from the opinion of Europeans, Europeans have a habit of inserting their opinion as fact this has caused MANY, MANY problems around the world to which they want no accountability.

This is the original orientation of the now famous Blue Marble image.


The north of the world has been consistently degraded even in basic geography to allow Europeans to feel comfortable with their domination and desecration of it, no doubt much of this was to help many sleep well at night. Since even in such an ‘unimportant’ field Afrika and the Northern hemisphere is viewed in such contempt what is to be expected in far more impactful areas of life?

Perception is powerful to the consciousness we must fight and not secede an Afrikan world view to any group, especially not serial liars.






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  1. Individual Afrique de l'Est · June 6, 2016

    One must see how entire continents have been edited with and messed around with. They say Europe is a continent because the Greeks said so (Europa), they have tried to teach children that Russia is the only country to cross continents, even though Europe is West Asia and they are all on the Asian, or as West Asians say, Eurasian continent.

    One must be aware West Asians think they can manipulate and invent continents, they actually believe they can challenge the dieties. Panama was part of Colombia until the US government decided to create the Panama Canal, they then funded, armed and created Panama as a separate nation. Now Panama is the delimitation of South America and North America, even though the canal is manmade and was formally part of Colombia which is in South America. Same thing with Africa, they have tried to rewrite history and claim the Sinai peninsula as part of Asia, due to the Suez Canal a recent Canal built by the French. They have even the tried to claim that Sinai due to Abrahamic myths.

    What these liars want is for us to forget how the Sinai peninsula was conquered by invaders who would routinely conquer the Sinai and the rest of Kemet in the same swoop. The Sinai and the Negev are on the African plate and the Gulf of Aquba is purposely downplayed and sometimes not even drawn on maps, as it surrounds the east of the peninsula which face Saudi Arabia, which is firmly in Asia. Gulf of Aquba is a sign of the plates along with the Dead Sea with is literally north of it in the Negev Desert.

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