Decisive adversarial negroes and their mulatto offspring


Afrikans have a major problem in the West, massive amounts of self-hate has developed into whole groups of self-haters who are now receiving mass attention from Afrikans of all ideological fields. These people are causing divides and are attempting to make their minority opinion the majority, this will ultimately lead to Afrikans decline in numbers and self-destruction. One must bare in mind there are both negro males and females who are involved, both camps taking shots at the opposite gender and they are unsurprisingly mostly think European partners are the solutions. This is a sure sign that these people are under the direct spiritual and physical control of Europeans to believe so quickly that Europeans have changed and are helpful to Afrikans (not even 100 year after colonialism and Jim Crow racial violence).

These same groups have habits of blaming all members of the opposite gender for problems that black people currently face and fail to place even an iota of fault on their own gender. Both Christelyn Karazin and Tommy Sotomayor make some valid points on the opposite gender having norms which are fucked up such as the Western (not only Afrikan American) baby mama culture, weave/non-Afrikan hair worship which is in your face self-hatred and has no doubt contributed to negroes views of themselves overall, negro male effeminate traits of bitching and arguing with females as if they are one and the majority of black men not able to and frankly not interested in working together to build a place of sanctuary for black women and children outside of European welfare programmes. Both are contributing to current problems and neither of them offer valid solutions, and both believe that European sexual partners are a way out, this self-loathing behaviour is not a personal preference either. Be aware, a personal preference is a personal favouritism towards something, it is nominally kept under wraps as a personal taste. Negroes self-haters are not into personal preferences, they actively seek to brainwash others and push their race mixing agenda onwards, it is not about their own preference as much as it is about converting others.

Many of these groups can be directly identified as pseudo-Europeans copying them move for move, particularly following Liberal whites, the same ones who fled from the Afrikan presence in their cities out of dislike, Feminism and the MGTOW philosophy is common amongst adversarial negroes. These groups are not us, they do represent the Afrikan spiritually from time immemorial, but are the predecessors to the mulattoes they seek to create with non-Afrikans.

The self-loathing Afrikans as we see are producing two things, one is more self-defeatist, white fearing and worshipping Afrikans, BOTH Christelyn Karazin and Tommy Sotomayor have Afrikan children as well as the second thing being produce mulattoes. The social values of Afrikans continues to be denigrated by such negroes who prefer openly their mixed offspring, this also mentally damages Afrikan kids growing up seeing rejection by those that LOOK LIKE THEM in favour of those that don’t. These people are directly contributing to what they claim they are against. These people teach through behaviour and speech that Afrikans must fear whites, they both buy into ‘White Supremacy’ but mostly for one gender, crazy isn’t it? The idea that Afrikans must try twice or thrice as hard as the next person is a useless social value that these type of people pass on, this is not an idea that can help Afrikans to remove such barriers and it is not an idea that even alludes to how Afrikans can fight back in a selfish manner.

The mulatto, who is encouraged by the European Internationalists are also approved by these people, their ultimate goal is to breed out of the Afrikan phenotype. These people, been blatant self-haters, are creating mixed race children who no doubt WILL have a negative perceptions of Afrikans from an Afrikan them self. The idea is already in place, as most of these people who are mixing are not doing it out of preference but self-loathing. The days of possible large numbers of anti-European mixed people are in decline again, most are no longer products of rape or secret lust driven relationships, mulattoes will now have virtually universal positive view of Europeans and other non-Afrikan parents and relatives. In all countries once this takes place mulattoes become direct enemies of Afrikans, with LOW rates of mixing with Afrikans and HIGH rates of mixing into whiteness, as seen in Brazil and Morocco.

Most other groups understand that mixed people are bound to be a buffer class, especially with an oppressive invader class who come with views of innate superiority. This was well documented in Afrika with many mulattoes been used as slavers, who understood locals culture and language but viewed them as the European did.

A perfect example from non-Afrikans is the Indo of Indonesia, a former Dutch colony. These people viewed themselves overall as Dutch and as most mixed groups do, view themselves as subordinate to whites and have bred themselves out, and CHOSE to forget their own independent history and past in Indonesia to mix into whiteness.

  • ‘Indo is a term used to describe Europeans, Asians, and Eurasian people who were a migrant population that associated themselves with and experienced the colonial culture of the former Dutch East Indies, a Dutch colony in Southeast Asia that became Indonesia after World War II.’ – Their origin.
  • ‘They were historically Christians and spoke Dutch, Portuguese, English and Indonesian. They were compared to Afrikaners from South Africa, who also share Dutch ancestry and culture.’ – Their maintenance of European culture, values and languages.
  • ‘Although most of its members became Dutch citizens, their culture was strongly Eurasian in nature, with focus on both Asian and European heritage. ‘European’ society in the Indies was dominated by this Indo culture into which non-native born European settlers integrated. ‘ – Them being the exact same a foreign born genetic Europeans in terms of lifestyle, ideologies and culture, easy to integrate, non-mixed/barely mixed Indonesians were a world away from these people.
  • ‘Eurasian men were recruited by the colonial regime as go-betweens in both the civil administration and the military, where their mastery of two languages was useful. Few European women came to the Indies during the Dutch East India Company period to accompany the administrators and soldiers who came from the Netherlands. There is evidence of considerable care by officers of the Dutch East India Company for their illegitimate Eurasian children: boys were sometimes sent to the Netherlands to be educated, and sometimes never returned to Indonesia.’ – Direct usage as a buffer group by Europeans.
  • ‘In 1720 Batavia’s population consisted of 2,000 Europeans, mainly Dutch merchants (2.2 percent of the total population), 1,100 Eurasians, 11,700 Chinese, 9,000 non-Indonesian Asians of Portuguese culture (mardijkers), 600 Indo-Arab Muslims, 5,600 immigrants from a dozen islands, 3,500 Malays, 27,600 Javanese and Balinese, and 29,000 slaves of varying ethnic origins including Africans.’ – See how those mixed with the more powerful European were quick to claim they were European descendants and integrate with them, Afrikan slaves were the largest individual group in Batavia (modern day Jakarta, yes European chattel slavery of Afrikans wasn’t only in the Americas). Where are the people in modern Jakarta quick to claim they are the descendants of absorbed Afrikans? Mixing out of weakness and self-hatred has a whole different mental component which can be seen through the mixed offspings’ behaviour.
  • Over 10 percent of the “Indo-Europeans” took Indonesian citizenship after Indonesian independence. Most retained full Dutch citizenship after the transfer of sovereignty to Indonesia in 1949.‘ – They mostly reject fellowship with non-Europeans when given a choice, which Jim Crow America denied. This clearly shows that mixed people who claim they are black in America is due to rejection from Europeans, not out of love for Afrikans.
  • ‘The migration pattern of the so-called Repatriation progressed in five distinct waves over a period of 20 years.’ – Europeans accepting their children and taking them back from the host nation they parasitically fed off.
  • ‘In 1959, Dutch people who did not embrace Indonesian citizenship were expelled.’ – Indonesians not mixed people, expelling the Dutch, not trying to integrate.
  • ‘The fifth wave, 1949–1967: During this overlapping period a distinctive group of people, known as Spijtoptanten (Repentis), who originally opted for Indonesian citizenship found that they were unable to integrate into Indonesian society and also left for the Netherlands.’ – This is crucial to the mulatto-Afrikan debate aka ‘colourism’, these people are mentally fully European, they may resemble us slightly but they seek integration into European society, Afrikans mostly did not and still don’t.
  • ‘Many Indos who left for the Netherlands often continued the journey of their Diaspora to warmer places, such as California and Florida in the United States of America. A 2005 study estimates the number of Indos who went to Australia around 10,000. Research has shown that most Indo immigrants are assimilating into their host societies. The Indos are disappearing as a group.’ – Mixed people naturally seek to mix out of existence into  larger more powerful group, as seen with the mulatto and pale ‘Arabs’, as seen with the mulatto and mestizo ‘Pardos’ Brazilians, as seen with the mestizo ‘Hispanics’ in the United States and as seen with the mulattoes the the UK.
  • ‘A 2007 CBS study shows that over 50% of first-generation Indos have married a native–born Dutch person, a percentage that increased to 80% for the second generation.’ – Documented evidence of this self-destructive breeding pattern.
  • ‘Dutch society does not impose a compulsory ethnic identity on “Dutch Eurasians” because no community exists. Although third- and fourth-generation Indos are part of a fairly large minority community in the Netherlands, the path of assimilation ventured by their parents and grandparents has left them with little knowledge of their actual roots and history, even to the point that they find it hard to recognise their own cultural features.’ – The Indos were used by whites as a buffer class, then bred out when they could have become a potential new ethnicity to compete with in Holland.  All this was done using the same Dutch culture to manipulate these people.

The ancestors John Henrick Clark warned us, so did Chancellor Williams (both RIP).


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  1. Kushite Prince · March 13, 2016

    JHC was so on point! He and Williams tried to warn us. By the looks of things,it looks like history is repeating itself. We should never disregard the wisdom of our great elders.

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