People trying to escape their ancestry


Try to deny and forget your history as a person, your family, your home, your name, your own personal interests, your friends, your family background. How would you operate normally? Would you understand people who interact with you based on your past and their relationship with you? Would you recognise your friends? Would you recognise your address? Would you recognise whose phone it is in your pocket?

With all that said we know literally nobody would be able to function sanely, but Afrikans outside of the motherland and EVEN GROUPS IN AFRIKA, are unable to see this as a hindrance. Shocking isn’t it, that groups of indigenous Afrikans in South Afrika seek acceptance and deny their own heritage, deny their own past relationship with European invaders and even allow Europeans to escape punishment for reconciliation. These people saw ‘European Only’ signs during official Apartheid but have even allow Boers to steal their identity. Many European clowns now claim ‘Afrikaaner’ when they are sons and daughters of European invaders who are not Afrikan at all.


In Europe, non-white/European people are NOT CONSIDERED European. Yes, they are descendants of former colonials who were money chasers, they are still outside the mainstream and still outside of European/whiteness. We can never steal these people’s ancestry and ultimately identity. Europeans understood that through your ancestry you can build and develop and ultimately gain empowerment. The use of segregation and caste systems were in ALL COLONIES by Europeans, they understood their European heritage was a visible marker that set them aside from other groups and allowed them to define power relations. They did this OPENLY in front of us for several centuries, South Afrika, the US, Australia, Brazil, Angola, India, ect. the entire world was underpinned by these people who used their ancestry to build and wage war, these groups combined several times to form a front against rivals, this is seen in the European conquest of their most powerful adversaries the Afrikans, the Chinese and Japanese, all of whom fell in the 1800’s, with certain Afrikan groups only in the 1900’s.

Ancestry has been used to build ideologies on the world and lifestyles appropriate aka culture and religion. The Abrahamic religions exemplify this, they viewed their ancestry as holy and used a matrilineal membership based system to retain economic gains of their community and to pass on the identity to the next generation. The use of their shared ancestry was the basis for their power, this was used to spearhead freedom (from Egypt) and then power (a land grab in the Levant) in the myths of the heavily edited modern Bibles. They then used their ancestry to define their identity and then to develop a culture with a ‘God’ at the forefront which ended up with a tribal religious or culture that fought other people and their Gods and Goddesses such as Baal. Afrikans did likewise with EACH of the thousands having different variations of their spirituality and even within these groups the different sects of the religions dedicated to one of the Gods or Goddesses of nature, this all based on ancestry and the female family line.


Afrikan geno-cultural problems are based on the effects on Afrikans and our interaction with others which has resulted in a devastated morale, based on our ancestry, history and behaviours, this has impacted on EVERY Afrikan culture anywhere on the planet, from Afrikan Brazilians to the Xhosa to the Tuaregs. The social relations were effected wholesale, this also resulted in other groups, who nominally would trade with us as equals and who were neutral also turning decisively against us, due to our history with the current world hegemony: the European. Ancestry is key to history, history is key to the present reality, dealing with the present reality is key to building power.

Afrikans who deny their ancestry are BOUND to the nations they end up in, no history beyond the 1500’s, no true sense of difference between themselves and their conquerors due to this, no sense of nationhood and the urgency to build. Ancestry is the key difference between people, this is how they develop DIFFERENTLY FROM OTHERS, this is both scientific and social.

This is noted with variations in problems with ethnicities been more problematic within and between ethnicities than even class issues. Afrikan Americans in Los Angeles had a severe gang problem until the early 2000’s when crime rates dropped off. Police and the media did contribute to the stereotype too with lies: ‘By far the most disturbing and controversial revelation comes in the report’s examination of gangs in the black community. It found that 47% of black men between 21 and 24 show up in police gang databases. Yet only 8.5% of all Latinos in that age group show up in the databases. Among young Anglo men, the figure is less than one-half of one percent.’ The gang problem in L.A. county is partially due to the street gang culture which permeates the region and California by in large, many Mexicans already had intergenerational gangs in Los Angeles before Afrikans arrived in from elsewhere in America. The gang problem in Los Angeles is a clear sign of ancestry, these peoples ancestors came from elsewhere, the American South and came to a city with gang problems, ancestry aka history of Los Angeles, this also contrasts with Afrikans who went from the same regions in the South to Minneapolis, Seattle and Las Vegas, who had much minor street gang problems. The other thing to note on ancestry is not only the county’s but the Afrikans themselves. The gangs the Bloods and Crips, spread like wildfire, from their inception in the late 60’s and 70’s but they NEVER spread to non-Afrikan communities, there are none and will be no Bloods and Crips in Los Angeles which aren’t predominantly Afrikan, their ancestry binds these people together. There was also Afrikans who were both rich and poor who joined gangbanging in Los Angeles, gangs such as the East Coast Crips and the Bounty Hunter Watts Bloods came from largely poor Afrikan neighbourhoods on the Eastside of South Central and gangs from middle class blacks parts of town like West L.A. such as the Marvin Gangster Crips joined this. This is a typical example, albeit a negative one, of how social traditions and rituals, spread throughout the average members of a group (middle class and below).

Why is that the Bloods and Crips never spread to Mexican neighbourhoods? Why is it some gangs died out when Mexicans pushed out Afrikan Americans? Why is it equally as poor and white neighbourhoods never suffered with this gang problem? Why is it middle class Afrikan WEREN’T able to abscond the presence of the gangs? Why is it that the crack problem, never occurred with Mexican gangs but did with black gangs?  Why is it black gangs and Mexican remain different and never amalgamate since it isn’t an ethnic problem? Why is it black gangs mostly killed people with the same ancestry if ancestry is so irrelevant?

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The same issues effecting working and middle class whites in America can be observed as a nationwide trend. ‘Subsequent analysis suggested that middle-aged white women began suffering higher mortality rates around 2005, leading to theories that women were suffering more economic and job-related stress, suffering from the decline of stable marriage (especially when obliged to raise children as single mothers), or even more likely than white men to seek medical treatment and end up with drug prescriptions. Now comes word that the mortality rate for young white people is rising too, reaching “levels not seen since the end of the AIDS epidemic more than two decades ago,” according to the New York Times. While the death rate among young whites rose for every age group over the five years before 2014, it rose faster by any measure for the less educated, by 23 percent for those without a high school education, compared with only 4 percent for those with a college degree or more. The drug overdose numbers were stark. In 2014, the overdose death rate for whites ages 25 to 34 was five times its level in 1999, and the rate for 35- to 44-year-old whites tripled during that period. The numbers cover both illegal and prescription drugs. “That is startling,” said Dr. Wilson Compton, the deputy director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse. “Those are tremendous increases.” Rising rates of overdose deaths and suicide appear to have erased the benefits from advances in medical treatment for most age groups of whites. Death rates for drug overdoses and suicides “are running counter to those of chronic diseases,” like heart disease, said Ian Rockett, an epidemiologist at West Virginia University. Darmouth economist Jonathan Skinner remarked that the trend lines for drug overdose deaths looked like the outbreak of some horrifying new infectious disease.’

Why is it Afrikans aren’t caught up in this madness, this is a cultural (social) problem for Europeans and their diaspora, as seen in drug abuse rates in Europe itself. It is unlikely to spread to other groups, unless they wholly take on the other groups identity from a position of weakness. This is how problems are retained within a group of people, their ancestry determines this, if ancestry can be used to build power, if it can be used as reasonable gauge for voting behaviour, if it can be used as a reason for social development of identity, even for religion then how does denying it ever become useful? Never trust negroes who mimic the foolishness of European Liberals telling us to forget who we are, when political scientists, sociologists and psychologists have use ancestry as well as the biological foundations in which geneticists, genealogist, biologists and chemists have researched into and used.





  1. Kushite Prince · March 13, 2016

    Great post brother! I’m glad you finally got your blog up. You’re putting out some very educational and useful information. This is a great addition to the African centered community. Thanks for this upoad!


  2. Kushite Prince · March 13, 2016

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    Great new blog! This brother has some very useful information on African history and culture. I found his blog to be very educational. Be sure to check it out,you’ll be glad you did.


  3. Kevin · March 14, 2016

    Great article.


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