Bogus European narratives of Afrikans


Bogus European narratives are no game, they aren’t to be taken lightly as they cause menticidal behaviour as well as seek to justify European hegemony over Afrikans. These malicious tales of Afrikan history have been used to justify fake IQ results, the idea of natural inferiority and generate low self-worth (which results in menticide) among Afrikans to our detriment and to the benefit of Europeans.

One must remember the history of Europeans towards Afrikans. The Berber invasion of the Iberian peninsular should be more than enough proof that Africans were never designed to behave disorganised and subservient to Europeans. In their own history they know that Afrikans were unaided and self-governing and that originally they were subservient learning much from and Afrikans and migrating in large numbers to North Afrika due to technological superiority. Tjehenue (Ancient Northern Libya), Garamantes, (Ancient Fezzan down to Niger) Canaan, Kamit, Kush, and other areas known as Aethiopia were all documented as powerful nations, with large trade links under their control, mass craftsmanship, mastery of agriculture and animal husbandry, these people were not inferior or stupid and at no point needed European help.

The Tombs of Garamantes, Jarma, Germa, Fezzan, Libya, North Africa



Same thing when Europeans travelled beyond North Afrika they met powerful nations in ‘Sub-Sahara Afrika’ such as Oyo, Kongo, Ashanti, Buganda, Mutapa ect. They documented the people were ALREADY CIVILISED, this means that Europeans KNOW they have consistently moulded Afrikans in their mind, once they managed to conquer Afrikans, they used their power to create the fictional, racist ideas of Afrikans into reality.


Where is the starving children in the original European depictions of Kongo?


A lot of Afrikans are caught up in this foolish idea that Europeans are innocent due to ignorance and don’t know what they are doing, this is a blatant lie, you can’t behave the same way for several hundred years and be innocent by that time you are experienced. Same thing with the idea that European hegemony is supported by the 1% only, this is a deflection from rank-and-file Europeans who are involved in the deception and control of Afrikans to maintain their nations’ pre-eminence over them. The idea that Afrikans were ‘uncivilised brutes’ before European chattel slavery and colonialism is something regularly espoused by normal white people who have no serious power in society, to defend the behaviour of other vile Europeans in the past, group self-defence. Europeans use false history to disorientate us. When a technique is successful it is also taken onboard by other groups to be used against Afrikans, this is our unique situation, which is why we get treated different, it ONLY APPLIES TO AFIRKANS. We can all attest to seeing East Asians, fake Arabs and Mestizos use the same bogus story of Afrikan history against us both in real life and online.

Many scenes we now see in Afrika were not present even 250 years ago, Afrikan nations and ethnicities (called tribes today) were self-sufficient, they did not rely on aid, manumissions or European economic systems which have now developed, through people restructuring it, into the current world economic system. The European planned invasion of the whole of Afrika was arranged in 1884 during the Berlin conference, prior to that Europeans literally had no way of making their evil fantasies a reality. Prior to this Europeans struggled to get beyond the coastal areas of most of Afrikan controlled territory. Europeans created these lifestyles via conquest, genocides, theft, creation of economic dependency via the creation of ‘developing’ nations which were never taught industrialisation, brainwashing (which I have pointed out has nothing to do with slavery, but our identity, Europeans attacked Afrikan originally on the basis of a very different phenotype which has impacted in Afrika itself powerfully). This is well known, people like Cecil Rhodes were a primary cause of this, they used the wealth and resources stolen to destroy Afrikan civilisations and fund European society, loans to Oxford University by Rhodes and those he left wealth to exemplify where this stolen wealth was directed. The fictional history of Afrikan was created afterwards as a defensive mechanism of Europeans, rich and poor, against their guilt and blame for modern day Afrika and Afrikans outside of the motherland.



Things such as child labour, people living near or in open sewage and thousand of deaths due to disease was common for Europeans 250 years ago, they even document this in Victorian era Britain. The film Oliver Twist is actually based on European reality less than 300 years ago, projection at it’s finest.


Notice the same laws made to protect European children have NEVER been properly supported by the descendants of these people for child miners in the DRC. Why didn’t they use charity organisations to ‘help’ their people?


We must remember our history, those who hate us, will fictionalise our past and use it against us, to prove cooked-up stereotypes which are used against us today, not in the past. This ultimately handicaps Afrikans mentally from attempting to achieve feats we have done in the past, alternatively it gives more excuses for the continual European domination over Afrikans and control over our human and physical resources.


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