The Negro and ‘People of Colour’


We are Afrikans, people of colour is not our name, it has never been so why are negroes so caught up on the idea. It is for a feel good cause not something tangible or workable.

Very compelling video by YouTuber BlackPatriarch, I don’t always agree with him but he is on point with his assessment of brain dead Afrikans who do things for others who don’t ever speak up for us when their people abuse black people.


The video shows a still at 8:55: ‘Black people love the palestinian cause more than any other Black cause actually’. This shows you the mind of the negro, ‘pray for Paris, pray for Syria, pray for Libya, pray for London, pray for Iraq, pray for New York’, pray for anyone but yourself really. Wars occur that affect people with the same genes, ancestry and phenotype as Afrikan Americans elsewhere but negroes don’t want to know unless a faction of whites acknowledge it. The wars in the Democratic Republic of Congo are the most deadly since ‘World War’ Two, why are negroes not outraged? Because the other people of colour and liberal whites don’t give a fuck a bout Afrikans. Ever notice Western Europeans act like they hate fake Arabs, Russians and the Chinese but notice that the European media, both 1% mass media and regular people on social media always prioritise these people over Afrikans, even though we have never fought these people in recent times.


casualties_5_14_09Considering Afrikans are only in America by CHANCE and many were deported and exported between the Caribbean, and even Brazil during slavery, why is it they don’t take up for Afrikan causes anywhere else in the Americas? Brazil had started a slightly more legitimate BlackLiveMatters movement over 10 years before the USA. The movement is called Reaja Ou Será Morta meaning React or be killed. Afrikan Brazilians should have been supported by fellow Afrikans in the ‘1st world’ North America and Europe but it was ignored because the negroes masters tell them that non-Afrikans or ‘other people of colour’ are more important. No way could Japanese Brazilians be targeted by racist police and Japanese people in North America and Europe ignore this.


The ancestor Amos N. Wilson warned us about non-Europeans aka ‘people of colour’, all non-Europeans are not on the same page. Only because Europeans have come to dominate the entire world economically, militarily, language wise and through soft power this does not mean that non-Europeans are all together as brother and sisters against this beast. IMA’s and their servants have best portray this lie to confuse negroes into working for others and never for self. Europeans who funded, policed and televised the Third March on Washington aka the Justice or Else protest used the mixed race Farrakhan to bring together all people who were non-IMA males to Washington DC which achieve absolutely nothing. The non-Afrikans present were there to push their own agendas and never Afrikan ones. The people who are the weakest have the least to gain if everybody gets involved, the more organised, the ones with the best links to the establishment, the ones with the best grasp on identity politics will always gain where Afrikans don’t. Until we reignite the flames of this we can forget about coalitions or alliances. As the ancestor John Henrik Clarke warned us how can you be in a coalition if you can’t punish the other members for breaking agreements?

* The multiracial man who falsely claimed to be a Black American ignored the fact most of the racist gang killings by Mestizos in L.A. county were not by illegal immigrants but ‘Americanized’ Chicanos. East L.A., Hawaiian Gardens are hotspots for Chicanos not Paisas.



  1. TheThinkingAfrican86 · March 13, 2016

    Great post!


  2. TheThinkingAfrican86 · March 13, 2016

    Reblogged this on Afrikan Sovereignty Magazine.


  3. Kushite Prince · March 13, 2016

    “As the ancestor John Henrik Clarke warned us how can you be in a coalition if you can’t punish the other members for breaking agreements?”
    So very true! Much respect to the ancestor for dropping that gem!


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