Latin America recognises race from a European consciousness


Latino/Hispanic is unreal, just like Arab is a fictional race, the Euro-American who engineered these races to be pseudo-whites (politically and culturally) in their country to do two things, absorb them or use them to reduce the statistical decline of Europeans in the USA. Both the archetypal image of a Latino and an Arab are people with significant admixture with the Caucasian phenotype having predominance. One of the glaring issues with considering these groups a race is the fact in their own linguistic sphere many don’t regard each other as been of the same culture and primarily within these groups they also acknowledge racial differences. The idea that because they speak the same language they are a race is wholly fictional, could one image if hundred of thousand of US immigrants to China were recognised as the same race? Wouldn’t that cause major issues among these immigrant who have never before been recognised as such? Europeans outside of the region (Latin America) have created a group which can be controlled by Europeans who migrated to the USA from the region, since they are tied in as group. The most successful of these groups at integration and economic empowerment are white Cubans and white Tejanos who were not expelled due to the fact they are Europeans, America had an pro-European immigration policy when they took over Texas.

These Euro-Americans know what they are doing, to recognise an extinct language which their ancestors have corrupted as a race is pure logical hence bioLOGICAL fallacy. Yes their ancestors have, Germanic and Central Asian hordes, are documented, as the primary base populations for most modern Western Europeans (and many Eastern Europeans) after they invaded the dying Roman Empire and they adopted and bastardised Latin or bits and pieces in the case of the Anglos. The Euro-Americans understands this game as they have aligned themselves with other Europeans in the Americas to control trade, agriculture/land ownership and insert Eurocentric consciousnesses into the non-European populations. Their shared history as Europeans in the Americas is well documented, with the white Latin Americans revolting against and their European colonialist predecessors just like the USA, these people fought over the carving up of the Americas after the Treaty of Tordesillas 1494, they sold lands between each other, usurped lands from each other, colonised 100% the land from the previous population, built global European economic system as well as hegemony off this land, all engaged in the breeding out/murderous genocide of American Indians, the Transatlantic slave trade and contributed to European stereotypes of Afrikan people stretching from before they even reached the Americas. The Afrikan, American Indian and mixed populations have all been possible contenders for power and mostly pawns in relation to these Europeans who have conquered the Americas. These Europeans have devised the current borders of the Americas, the government recognised languages, state religions (based on their homeland’s version of Christianity) and all encouraged European immigration after chattel slavery to whitewash the lands in which Afrikans had become a significant percent of the population.

One must remember the word negro itself was taken from the Iberian Europeans and it was the Iberians who had significant close quarters exposure to Afrikans during Afrikan (moor a European term for Afrikan, not an Afrikan term for ourselves) then Muslim (non-Afrikan that is) rule for 800 years. These people and their descendants have never viewed Afrikans as the same race as them and never will but in the USA people are pretending they are the same. Within Latin America the identification of race is still the norm, there is no one-drop blurring of who is Afrikans, although their policy on absorbing American Indians and Afrikans is documented, with on some occasions even mulattoes been regarded as white to increase the number of Europeans (at least in these people’s minds). People been able to breed into and out of a race has been documented in both North America and Latin America, but it was only recognised in Latin America, and used as a technique to breed out Afrikans and American Indians. In the USA things such as passing for white and people been falsely claiming they are black when they are 1/16th black is a clear sign that people could always breed into the different races but stuff such as a ‘pure race’ ideology allowed for this to be denied simultaneously. This is denial of reality has resulted in weird norms in America, with a large number of whites (probably as large as the ones who claim they are pure, contradiction I see) claiming they have ‘some American Indian in them’. Lies of course but it was used to get around Afrikans intermixing in their distant background, the American Indian or Indio fraudulent claim is also used by peoples’ in Latin America who ALSO want to deny Afrikan genes in the background. One recurring theme between both European controlled areas in the intense Afrophobia of the European been projected by themselves and their mixed descendants, groups such as the melungeons and mulatto Louisiana creoles also have significant portions who deny Afrikan admixture. The pure race ideology is also one that was exchanged amongst Europeans in the Americas, surprisingly for those who have never researched, it was started in Iberia by ‘Latino’ Europeans. ‘Limpieza de sangre (Spanish), Limpeza de sangue (Portuguese) or Neteja de sang (Catalonian), meaning “blood purity”, played an important role in modern Iberian history. It referred to those who were considered pure “Old Christians”, without Muslim or Jewish ancestors, or within the context of the empire (New Spain and Portuguese India) usually to those without Amerindian, Asian, or African ancestry (with a few exceptions, like this ordenes document for an indigenous person named Francisco Luis de la Asumpsion Garcia).’ The idea that falsified Afrikan DNA as a stain on the family tree is also an Iberian concept. ‘These series generally depict the descendants of Indians becoming Spanish after three generations of intermarriage with Spaniards (usually the, “De español y castiza, español” painting).

In contrast, mixtures with Blacks, both by Indians and Spaniards, led to a bewildering number of combinations, with “fanciful terms” to describe them. Instead of leading to a new racial type or equilibrium, they led to apparent disorder. Terms such as the above-mentioned tente en el aire and no te entiendo (“I don’t understand you”)—and others based on terms used for animals: mulato (mule) and lobo (wolf), chino (derived from cochino meaning “pig”)—reflect the fear and mistrust that Spanish officials, society and those who commissioned these paintings saw these new racial types.’ This is where the idea that American Indian blood is more acceptable/respectable than Afrikan and even worthwhile claiming to Europeans in the Americas. The idea that these people were not knowledgeable of black people their racism is ignorance is a confirmed fraud, the Iberians lived under peaceful Afrikan rule during the European ‘Dark Ages’ and even lived in economic prosperity compared to the rest of Europe. The Spaniards and Portuguese are racist scumbags, who have always looked down on Afrikans even after millenniums of contact with Afrikans who lived just across the straights of Gibraltar.


It is ironic because of all Europeans, the Iberians are the ones with the most Afrikan admixture. Due to their close adjacency to Afrika, their conquest by Afrikans, then the early enslavement of Afrikans who were native to the land (called Ladinos by the Spanish, even the Ancient Greeks document these people), from North Afrika, their enslavement and deportation of the native Berbers of the Canary Islands and then first appearing on the West Afrikan coast in 1450’s (Henry the Navigator).



False definitions of race have been created by Europeans to help them retain power and dominance, the weaker groups most often adopt these ideas on their own identity leading to confusion and furthering the European grip on these group consciousness. ‘Regardless of whether African, Indigenous, or European features predominate, Dominicans and Puerto Ricans view “race” as this shared ancestry, not as something that divides them. Puerto Ricans and Dominicans refer to a range of physical appearances as “color,” but insist that such appearances—such as blanco, negro, mestizo, trigueño, and a host of others—are not their race.’ ‘The African Americans Antonio grew up with could not understand why he did not identify as Black. Having internalized the one-drop rule themselves, they insisted, “If you’re mixed, you’re Black.” This, after all, was their reality.’ Neither one is reality, the Europeans have literally created in both instances races and racial groupings out of thin air, this is not what was originally on the Spanish casta system’s drawings of possible combinations, from visual biological identification. This has allowed the cultures of both multiracial Puerto Ricans/Dominicans and Americans to become moulded not around themselves but Europeans abstractions about them, also affecting Afrikans who are a struggling geno-cultural group who contributed a significant amount of genes into these mixed peoples.

Creating a “Latino” Race

Latin America has curiously and blatantly ignored an Afrikan majority nation the right to call itself Latin: Haiti. As we know Latin is not a race but a defunct language, Latin American nations only claim Latin based on European claims that their ad hoc languages are legitimate descendants of Rome hence have carried on their legacy. The Romance language group is the name of the spin-off language group, ‘The five most widely spoken Romance languages by number of native speakers are Spanish (410 million), Portuguese (216 million), French (80 million), Italian (60 million), and Romanian (25 million).’ Only Romanian is directly from the Roman occupational forces the rest been adopted by peoples the Romans called ‘barbarians’ or Greek colonists descendants, remember Rome is one city, it never could have supported the creation of nation-states from it’s own population but ‘Romanised’ those it had conquered. French is a Romance language, anybody who knows a little about languages is cognisant of this fact, what is the reason for rejecting Haitian requests to be Latin American? The obvious, Latin America is firmly under European control, Haiti originally was not under European control, been power seeking, independent and black it was a threat to European domination. Until this day very few people recognise Haiti as part of Latin America and virtually none recognise Haitians as Latinos due to their differentiating history and Afrikan ancestry.

“My decision to destroy the authority of the blacks in Saint Domingue (Haiti) is not so much based on considerations of commerce and money, as on the need to block for ever the march of the Blacks in the world.” Napoleon Bonaparte




Haiti is effected by this in terms of socio-economics and socio-politically, the fact the European run nations have grouped their resources against Haiti, excluded Haiti from certain agreements, trade deals and investment has had a negative impact as Haiti is excluded from a cooperation with a large economic base and misses out on mutual benefits. Haiti is part of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) which is an economic integration community (common market, named after the EU’s original purpose) based around the West Indies (English speaking Caribbean) with two non-English speaking nations as members; Haiti and Suriname (Dutch speaking). CARICOM is under the wraps of the British who have several ‘overseas territories’ (colonies who they never gave independence to) as observers. They are not members of the larger Latin American Integration Association (ALADI) which is the fully European controlled ‘Latin American’ common market, this is the crucial grouping they are excluded from based on their ancestry and weak economy. They are however a member of the Latin American and the Caribbean Economic System (SELA), which was founded in 1975, it’s stated aim is to generate trade between Latin America (mainland) and the Caribbean so as to create Latin American multinational corporations, it is controlled by the petrodollars of Venezuela and has headquarters in Caracas. Venezuela is not a popular nation in Latin America due to it’s stance towards America and it’s grip on oil production. SELA is far less important than ALADI which has become increasing important since the inception of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in 1995 which has set new trade regulations, which particularly effect those outside of major common markets. It is not beneficial to them. Due to this trade problem they faced, from European Internationalists who pushed the agenda at the WTO, Haiti has actively sought other economic integration strategies. In theory the USA and Canada should be viable alternatives since the Caribbean is in North America (officially South America only has 13 nations). North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) only includes 3 nations; America, Canada and Mexico, this excluded Haiti, this also excludes other Afrikan Caribbean dominant nations from major economic integrated economies, to their detriment. Haiti in response to rejection from both the North America and Latin American communities, directly European controlled, has spread out an olive branch to the land of their ancestors Afrika. There has been some shrouded talks between Haiti and the African Union (AU) over official membership, these have resulted in Haiti been upgraded from observer status to associate status.

‘Haiti immediately obtained the status of Member Observer with the African Union and submitted to that organization, a formal request for the status of full Associate Member of the Union of Heads of State and Government of Africa, a status that will be effective from the next Union Summit next June in South Africa.

This is a first for the African Diaspora believe the African Heads of State, who declared that Haiti takes them in advance and by surprise because no black country of the African diaspora had never made such a request.’ The diaspora is not forgotten, once hands are reached out, the economic agreements are more likely to take place and on an even playing field, unlike with non-Afrikans.

The main problem is many people in America argue with mulattoes and tri-racials from the Dominican Republic or Cuba when those people already understand that they are not black, this one drop rule mentality is yet another European ideology not fact based, like the concept of ‘Latinos’ as a race. The actual Afrikans, most understand they are Afrikan but many are brainwashed into thinking that a language group is more important or of equal relevance to race, especially when they go abroad. In all of the fraudulence, brainwashing, mixed race European thinking masses and false colourlessness promoted in Latin America, there are still stable Afrikans who know their identity and understand that other groups seek to isolate and impede them based on their unique Afrikan heritage. Just like there are brain dead black people in the USA or in Haiti there are also those who have retained their knowledge of self and their are those seeking it out too. People in the US who claim they are ‘this bit Asian, this bit Cherokee, this bit French’ are no less brain dead than those in Latin America who claim they are their nationality, in fact you have Afrikan Americans and Haitians who refute Afrika and are just as ashamed of our ancestry and claim they are black (which means Afrikan in this context) and/or their nationality solely.

The power to define is a powerful thing, Afrikans must define and label things according to our world view. The fabricated ‘Latino’ identity has been useful to the European in their war against Afrikans and have been used to confuse us, mislead up, misidentify us, identify a faction of European power (the foreign-born Iberians), used to create a fictional narrative to control mestizos and mulattoes and to create a fake race that will never challenge white rulership even in their own minds. We must seize the power to define and make definitions, we must legitimise them so they don’t end up becoming just ‘slang’ but something more powerful. There must be an Afrikan culture which creates a spirit in which we have power over ourselves, in which we define who we are and who other groups from a perspective that is advantageous to us. We have the power to change the world, just in how we view it, imagine if we also take economic and physical action? What would be the outcome, who knows, but we must try.



  1. taj-akoben · March 20, 2016

    “just like Arab is a fictional race”

    It used to be real, in every sense of the word:

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    • afrikaneedstoownitsresources · March 20, 2016

      I know this. I am going to write a piece on the fraudulence of the modern ‘Arab’ identity and how it has now been used to promote non-Afrikan power even in Afrika. There were Afrikan and Dravidian related peoples living in the Arabia peninsular and most of the Middle East, parts of Southern and Eastern Europe. There is are a lot of populations in the Balkans (especially Southern Greece), Southern Italy and Iberia with E1b1b Y-chromosome, these are areas where Afrikan people had lived before the coming of white people, in their own history much of the modern Europeans only arrived in the AD period during and after the fall of Rome and similar in much of the Middle East, North Afrika and Northern India.

      The J1 haplogroup is the ‘Arabian’ haplogroup even though much of the modern ‘white Arabs’ are not Arab at all neither genetically, culturally or geographically. J1 arose before the coming of Europeans, Turks and the Persians, at a time when East Afrika was the only known region it was tied to, in fact the first recorded Greek writings on Arabia described it as east of the Nile, this included in Afrika. This is how Strabos world map is still drawn with Arabia across both sides of the Red Sea. Strabo also mentions, the Saracens aka the Bedouins coming from the cataracts of the Nile near Kush. Many Bedouins are still black, like in Ancient depictions but many more are mixed especially the ones who still roam Palestine. J1 is also heavily present and also in the Caucasus too, the Greeks said the Colchians from modern day Georgia were Afrikan and had practised circumcision, which they recognised as an Afrikan tradition, they believed they were descendants of Kamitic soldiers.

      I know as a fact that many parts of Yemen and the Hejaz still have black Arabs as well as the Empty Quarter which remains impenetrable for most of lighter skin peoples who are mixed with or flat out falsely claim they are Arab. A particular place of interest for the preservation of the original Arabs is Socotra which is right of the coast of Somalia but is part of Yemen, the people there were extremely isolated and still have genes that are not found elsewhere in the world. When you look at their phenotype it is a cross between several Afrikan phenotypes (both the ‘negroid’ types and Horn of Afrika) as well Dravidian phenotypes. They are confirmation of the original Afrika to Southeast Asia ‘Aethiopia’ that the Greeks documented, many Dravidians still claim they came from East Afrika and so do the natives in Fiji. The Brahimi script (Indian Subcontinent) dominates early script in Socotra, even in larger quantities than South Arabian.

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    • afrikaneedstoownitsresources · March 20, 2016

      Unfortunate, but the story of the original Arab groups and the original North Afrikans is an excellent example of why mixing is always bad for black people. At one point in time the Greeks claimed that black people were everywhere, even in Greece before them. Since mixing with non-Afrikans, Afrikans have been pushed back and the racist Caucasian and mulattoes have adopted the identities of Afrikans even swapping ones with another and making up their own history and relevance to these Ancient groups.

      Perfect examples are the Ashkenazi Jews who have significant J1 and E1b1b Y-chromosomal rates compared to the rest of Europe, they have historical admixture with Canaanites/Habiru/Jews but hold a Talmud which has started many stereotypes of Afrikans including the evil fable of the ‘Curse of Ham’. It should have been obvious the Ashkenazi are mixed, with the ‘Jewfros’, the admixture was not minor for it to permanently edit their phenotype (their hair) it was obviously that heavy mixing occured. The admixture never stopped them from been racist and certainly not from lying the Ashkenazi themselves are bi-products of mixing with the original peoples of Canaan a land which has been documented to be under Kamit’s rule since pre-dynastic times, and before that with ‘negroid’ types the Natufians. Religions spread everywhere, there are Jews everywhere in the ‘Old World’ in Persia, in China, in Southern Afrika, in Poland, but they claim they never mix? How if they look just like all the other groups that they live side-by-side with. On top of that the Ashkenazi male linages were mixed with Afrikan and ‘Middle Eastern’ groups, but the female is similar to that of European populations even though Jews are matrilineal. What makes them Jewish then? Conversion, those handful of males from Judea spread the religion and mixed with locals.

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  2. Kushite Prince · March 22, 2016

    “My decision to destroy the authority of the blacks in Saint Domingue (Haiti) is not so much based on considerations of commerce and money, as on the need to block for ever the march of the Blacks in the world.” Napoleon Bonaparte
    Beautiful post! You nailed it on so many levels. I had to share this on Twitter. The Napoleon quote pretty much sums up the mentality of most Europeans. They haven’t changed in over 600 years. They remain the same people today.

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  3. Kushite Prince · March 22, 2016

    “The power to define is a powerful thing, Afrikans must define and label things according to our world view. The fabricated ‘Latino’ identity has been useful to the European in their war against Afrikans and have been used to confuse us, mislead up, misidentify us, identify a faction of European power (the foreign-born Iberians), used to create a fictional narrative to control mestizos and mulattoes and to create a fake race that will never challenge white rulership even in their own minds. We must seize the power to define and make definitions, we must legitimise them so they don’t end up becoming just ‘slang’ but something more powerful.”
    This was very well said! Euaropeans are very good at creating false narraitives. This is one of the ways they are able to stay in power.Through the media they can convince other races to accept their worldview. It’s a way to manipulate the African mind. And like you said,it’s just a nother way to stop people from challenging white rulership. We definitely need to change our mentality. The power is in our hands. Thank you for this wonderful post.

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    • afrikaneedstoownitsresources · March 23, 2016

      Of course manipulation of world view and mindset is a key power that the white collective poses. The use of this allows for totally false ideas to become prevalent, once they become commonplace this shuts up most opposition even though it is not accurate.

      The false narratives allow for legitimises the European superiority ideology as their view become pseudo-reality even for their opposition.

      They have created a new religion of this: The Big Bang+Evolution+Secular Humanism as a new Western religion once Europeans wholesale abandoned Christianity post World War Two, the mass media spread changed much of the public’s opinion dispute the fact the Big Bang can’t be proved as it is a creation story, Evolution is still known as a theory, scientists can’t even find bones of wolves transforming into dogs after humans were around as humans tamed and them and bred them but somehow they can find proof of humans themselves transforming dodgy isn’t it and Secular Humanist ideas such as human rights and ‘equality’ are not universal to all groups of humans. Propaganda and then brainwashing in the school system has allowed Europeans new post-Christian world view to transform into ‘valid’ talking point in science and politics when they are just one group’s opinion. Once they become valid Europeans can use them to force other groups to conform and work under their perspective for their agenda.

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      • Kushite Prince · March 24, 2016

        dsThe brainwashing is in full gear brother. The public fool system is the biggest one in my opinion. That’s why we need more African centered schools for our children. We need children to learn their own culture and take pride in their history. So they have a cultural identity because the schools along with the media is destroying their minds. Between multiculturalism,gay agenda,sexual perversion and European values…..our children are really hurting out here. And I never bought into the evolution nonsense. Even as a child I never bought into it. Going from monkeys to apes to humans??


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