Global Afrikan Integrationalism and Assimilationism


Integration is a major problem for Afrikans across the planet. There is nothing wrong with been able to live in other groups’ societies and nations so long as you remember who you are, why you are there and that your specific group is not in power. People immigrate all over the world as a labour class, for education in universities and to invest in other nations, people have always moved around the world. In this era of European Internationalist power, negroes feel the need to not only immigrate to European hotspots but feel the NEED to integrate with other groups.

Integration, assimilation and desegregation, major issues to Afrikans in the USA, has become conflated and the actual argument which black people should stand firm against assimilation and integration.

Two great videos that show the DIFFERENCES and the failures of integration and assimilation by Afrikan Americans and the WORDING (power to define) of the Civil Rights Acts (desegregation) that ultimately led to it not been effective to helping blacks.


One of the obvious problems with integration is the fact it can occur UNWILLINGLY. Europeans integrated via conquest, most of the planet into their power structure. Europeans have conquered the entire planet and upon conquest they integrated those peoples into the European economic order (empires) and European ideologies (religious, political and mindsets). This has caused European languages like Spanish, French and English to be recognised by others as ‘international languages’, European currencies to be valued the highest in the economic system they set up and European ideologies to spread worldwide: their versions of Christianity, Communism, ‘Liberalism’ and ‘Conservatism’, ‘democracy’ and racial/ethnic ideologies of black inferiority, Middle Eastern/North Afrikan Islamic ‘terrorism’, Jews secretly running everything ect. None of this by choice, but negroes want us to believe that integration is good, when those with power force integrate those with less or none. No group has ever integrated into power, one must have economic power BEFORE they chose to integrate, as seen by European Jews, the Chinese diaspora worldwide and Armenians in Turkey. When Europeans gained control over other peoples, they integrated them, they were a ‘minority’ so why didn’t they seek to integrate with natives in South Afrika or Australia? They are about power, not getting along with people.

screen_shot_2014-06-23_at_5-07-38_pm2This is map is false as it tries to ignore current IMA dominance continuing today. Japan is currently under both European philosophical influence and direct European colonial control, with American troops outnumbering Japanese ones in Japan. Thailand is under the European sphere of influence, even in the European imperialist era Thailand was made a buffer-zone between the UK and France. Korea is under severe European influence it is divided along lines of European funding with North Korea receiving much from Russia and South Korea from the ‘West’. Liberia is the biggest joke of them all, it is the only Afrikan nation with an American voting system and governmental structure, has American English as it’s official language and was a former colony of the USA until 1847 (yes America participated in European colonialism too).

In Afrika itself, integration has remained a major political, social and racial issue; should the native Afrikan peoples integrate amongst themselves, with the Caucasian invaders in the North and Southern tip or along colonial language lines? Attempts at TWO of the three mentioned have occurred, the former of the three has NEVER been tried. Nkrumah, an integrationalist attempted to integrate Afrikans with North Afrikan invaders and failed. Dr. Chinweizu Ibekwe attacked this failure by the fraud Nkrumah who Europeans and brain dead Afrikans uphold as a hero. For those that didn’t know Nkrumah also sold most of Ghana’s gold reserves, WILLINGLY, to Boers in South Afrika before getting run out of Ghana.


Chinweizu has warned Afrikans about the Continental Pan-Afrikanism which Nkrumah encouraged which had nothing to do with true Pan-Afrikanism which is about Afrikan peoples around the world working together for freedom and the ability to get along with one another, and to develop black power in this world.

To prove the failure of Nkrumah, this integration policy was to be sealed by his marriage with a Caucasian invader descendant from Egypt, a land which his own people, the Akan, left due to the invasions.

‘It was not meant to be a marriage made in heaven. It was a political union between Mediterranean-oriented North Africa and the rest of the continent, often pejoratively termed sub-Saharan or Black Africa.’ – Integration.

His wife took their children to be raised in Egypt meanwhile he fled to Guinea. Continental Pan-Afrikanism led to this major failure of Nkrumah to not raise his mulatto children, whom have since become indoctrinated with non-Afrikan friendly ideologies and breeding patterns.

Sekou Nkrumah, Kwame Nkrumah’s youngest son.


‘The Herald has learnt that Dr. Sekou Nkrumah, the last child of Ghana’s first President Dr Kwame Nkrumah has lost his son here in Ghana. According to information Alin Nkrumah, who has been in the care of his auntie, Samia Nkrumah, the chairperson for the Convention People’s Party (CPP), all this while did not have a father-son relationship with his dad, until his demise. It is unclear what killed Alin. Alin, 21 years, The Herald gathered was born to a Romanian mother, but enjoyed a motherly relationship with his aunt, Samia who is also the Member of Parliament (MP) for Jomoro in the Western Region.’

‘On his facebook wall yesterday, the elder brother of Sekou who lives in his mother’s country Cairo, Egypt, announced the sudden death of the young man, expressing his condolences to his younger brother Sekou and for the loss.’


Nkrumah’s quadroon grandson looks the same as the mixed ‘Arabs’ in North Afrika, this is how the ‘Moors’ went from been a descriptor of Afrikans to the mixed/white peoples we currently see in the north.

Mulattoes mixing into whiteness but running chunks of Afrikan politics, economics and ideologies. What do you think his auntie was setting him up to become in Ghana, a politician.

Gamal Nkrumah, middle son of Kwame Nkrumah, he is currently a mulatto agent for ‘Arab’ Egyptian aims and goals, he is an editor of the Al-Ahram Weekly newspaper in Cairo. He edits and writes pieces for the newspapers international affairs section, which are the most blatant media pieces which could never have an Afrikan view point as this would be totally against the Egyptian international political frame.


‘And so, precisely, what is the psychologically alienated, Arabo-Egyptian Mr. Gamal Nkrumah talking about? Needless to say, it is perfectly understandable that the Egyptian Mr. Nkrumah finds it rather extremely difficult and, perhaps, even virtually impossible to get over the auspicious fact of the landmark overthrow of his father’s neo-fascist and neo-Nazi regime of the so-called Convention People’s Party (CPP). And, of course, just like this writer, the Egyptian Mr. Nkrumah has every right to comment on political developments in any part of the globe, especially on events pertaining to the African continent. Nevertheless, even as the Trokosi Editors of Ghana’s Herald newspaper rightly observed, the Cairo-based journalist does far better commenting on Maghrebian and Arab world affairs.’

Samia Nkrumah, the only daughter of Nkrumah is a politician, she has claimed a socialist ideology will save Ghana from it’s stagnation in development. She is a European agents unlike her Arab following brothers.


‘Samia Yaba Christina Nkrumah (born 23 June 1960) is a Ghanaian politician and chairperson of the Convention People’s Party. In the 2008 parliamentary election, she won the Jomoro constituency seat at her first attempt and recently became the first female to chair a major political party in the country.’

‘The defeated Presidential Aspirant of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Samia Yaba Nkrumah has stated that she is a victim of political machinations, hence her continuous defeat in political race.

This, she indicated that, overthrowing a system is a hurdle one has to cross.

She added that her decision to be independent without aligning to both the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) has caused her misfortunes in political circles.’ Her speaking on her failed attempt to be presidential candidate for the CPP.’

Unsurprisingly she is not married to an Afrikan, even though she lives in Ghana, claims she speaks for Afrikan people and has tried to get a presidential bid. Her husband is an Italian citizen and is of Italian and Danish heritage.

‘Ms Samia Yaba Nkrumah, daughter of the first President of Ghana, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, has decided to settle permanently in Ghana in June this year to reconnect to and help re-build her father’s political party, the Convention People’s Party (CPP).

“I am coming back to my country, Ghana, to interact at first hand and hear what people have to say about my fathers heritage as well as the general political situation in the country,” she told the Daily Graphic in Accra.

Samia Nkrumah,a freelance journalist who lives in Rome, Italy, is in the country on a short visit. She left Ghana in the early 1980’s and came home last year for the country’s 50th anniversary. She also came back in June last year to attend her mother’s state funeral.’

‘She is married to Michele Melega, an Italian-Danish man, and they have one child, Kwame, who is nine years old.

Samia Nkrumah, born in 1960 in Accra, graduated from London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies, where she obtained a Masters on Middle East studies.’

As I have said mulattoes are very rarely in favour of Afrikans, even Samia who wants to become president in Ghana, failed to study any type of Afrikan studies (which she knows little bout as she wasn’t raised by her Afrikan father) but Middle Eastern studies even though she already knew about the Middle East, she was raised in Egypt.

As I have said and have proven several times, integration with no power is a recipe for disaster for any peoples, especially Afrikans who are now looked down upon, after the mass propagation of European ideas of us. Race mixing is also a part of integration, as seen here as well it rarely seems that these mixed like black people’s phenotype, they seek to breed out the Afrikan genes most times. This is why when Louise Little wanted to breed out the white genes, it had to be said as well, because it is SO rare for mixed people to chose to do so. Mixing of genes, doesn’t mix the spirit or consciousness, people will take on one side as dominant. Not even in Afrika do these powerful mulattoes want to mix with Afrikans to a high degree, they rather go toe Europe to find someone to have children with.

But alas Nkrumah, the integrationalist, DID HAVE and Afrikan child, whom he nor his wife raised. Nkrumah failed to marry a black woman and allowed a Caucasian invader to be the first lady of the first ‘independent’ black country in Afrika, even though he had a child with a black woman prior, shows you what these integrationalist are really about. Professor Francis Nkrumah is his confirmed illegitimate son (because there have been rumours of others).


‘Francis Kwesi Nkrumah is the eldest son of Kwame Nkrumah. He taught medicine at the University of Ghana Medical school, Department of Child Health from 1969 to 1980 when he became the chairman of the Department. From 1983 to 1990, he became the Head of the Paediatrics Department of Faculty of Medicine, University of Zimbabwe. Between 1990 and 1998, he was the director of the Nugochi Memorial Institute for Medical Research.’

By Professor Francis Nkrumah staying in Afrikan majority portions of Afrika for the whole of his life, contributing to Afrikan medicine and biology, both areas Afrikans are sorely lacking, we can see the difference in how he was raised from the integrationalist Kwame Nkrumah, who has lied that Afrikans and invaders are the same people.

Assimilationism is the other hinge that Afrikans across the world have tried. This has absolutely no possible positive outcomes for Afrikans. It is all about one group attempting to blend in with another by taking the more POWERFUL one’s values and customs. Assimilation has led to more destruction of Afrikan peoples’ psychology more than integration as it seeks to make our cultures seem inferior in order to justify, mentally, why we are making it unimportant to ourselves.

Europeans upon control of Afrikans attempted to assimilate us into their culture, this was a GLOBAL behaviour by whites, not just something confined to slave descendants in the Americas. European ideologies on innate childishness of Afrikans or the falsely perceived ugliness of blacks are about Afrikan peoples, not Afrikan Americans or Afrikan Brazilians, these ideas were mostly formulated BEFORE Europeans even reached the Americas.

Europeans have Afrikan peoples speaking versions of their languages everywhere. Even in Afrika, they are the official languages in black majority countries. Only in North Afrika and mulatto dominated nations in (power relations) East Afrika don’t recognise European languages as official languages. We have been assimilated into the thinking in these peoples’ languages, in many parts of Afrika the use of native tongues are dying out due to the fact legally they can’t use their language to advance their position in society.

Many have assumed, via assimilationist fantasy, that Afrikan languages (a powerful human resource over consciousness) whether they are native Afrikan languages or variation of Europeans ones, are inherently inferior to that of whites, or mixed/white ‘Arabs’. This is a clear manifestation of European manipulation, how on Earth was this the original state of black people? In the US the official version of English, is not British English, the grammar and spelling is different enough for Americans to use their own dictionary, the Websters dictionary and the British use Cambridge dictionary. Why is is Afrikans in nations like Nigeria get their version of English officialised, because they ain’t interested in Afrikans have a different version than the Englishman.

In the country where my family are from, Jamaica, the local Afrikan dialect of English is rejected as a national language despite the fact it is spoken by the majority of the population. Jamaican Patwa (Patois is French), has no standardised spelling, no serious place in the Jamaican school system and has no place in Afrikan peoples fight for power. I have identified, that black people have soft power in our cultures and Jamaican culture and particularly language is a perfect example.

In London, New York, Miami and Toronto much of the slang is the same, due to Afrikan Jamaicans cultural impact. Terms such as ‘whaa gwaan’, ‘bumbaclaat’, ‘ting’ and ‘badman’ are common in those cities even by those who are not Jamaican. Many Jamiacan words have now become cast off as ‘slang’ by whites, due to the fact their kids may use it and assimilationist blacks, not seeing the soft power their children have over whites, throw out their cultural variation of English too. My mother and aunties have told me to stop talking in Patwa and to speak ‘the Queen’s English’, because it is more acceptable to whites, even though they haven’t done so themselves.

Assimilation causes black people to fail to see power we have over others, it causes us to devalue ourselves and what we do.

Another example using language is in the UK, GCSE’s are tests taken in secondary school. Their something called the International Baccalaureate, which can be taken at the same time as A-Levels, exams and coursework performed in the next 2 years in Sixth Form before people go to university. In order to get the opportunity to take the harder and more valuable International Baccalaureate one must have at least 5 GCSE’s in English, Science, Maths, a humanities subject and a second LANGUAGE. This shows you this is not an unimportant part of culture, which assimilationist want Afrikans to believe. Afrikan immigrants and their children have yet to force the UK government to endorse official GCSE’s in Afrikan languages which will help their community gain more access to educational opportunities.

As seen there, out of all the languages available in only ONE Afrikan language can a person get a language GCSE. This makes it harder for black children to get this GCSE. Even though there are over 1.25 million Afrikans from Afrika in the UK, they can only get ONE language recognised? When I ask Afrikans why this is, they explain that their language isn’t a major language, assimilationist mindset, why is is not major, because it doesn’t allow them to assimilate into European society.

Language is so important job opportunity and socio-economics, that the UK government is trying to remove a large chunk of these languages due to the fact that too many non-English people are gaining these qualifications.

‘The removal of Asset Languages qualifications in so many languages will set back attempts to encourage the learning of a broader range of world languages such as Arabic and Portuguese which business leaders say are needed to develop British exports to BRIC and other high-growth countries.’

Numerous supermarket chains and merchandise retailers have tried to employ people who speak the languages that are spoken by those in the neighbourhoods they are based in. Of course they judge this by the GCSE’s that people have got on their résumé, so in black neighbourhoods such as Peckham, Dalston and Stronebridge these shops do not have signs which seek to specifically employ black people who can speak Igbo or Twi or Sukuma. But on Edgware Road, a neighbourhood in Central London (downtown area), the ‘Arabs’ have major merchandise retailer Argos looking for people who can speak Arabic, specifically to employ.

I thought European hate Arabs, why aren’t they able to gentrify them out of Central London. Wikipedia doesn’t hide the reason.

‘The southernmost part of the road, south of the junction with Marylebone Road, is noted for its distinct Middle Eastern flavour. Many Lebanese restaurants, shisha cafes and Arabic-themed nightclubs line the street. The Odeon cinema, once the location of the biggest screen in London, often shows films in Arabic.

Edgware Road is rich in ethnic culture, and is in a very central area of London.[8] The area is known for its distinctive and diverse communities from across the Middle East and Africa.

In addition to branches of well-known chains of coffee shops and restaurants, this part of Edgware Road has several Maroush restaurants, a whisky bar and many 24-hour kebab and shawarma restaurants. Nearby is the Church Street Market.’

Arabs own the street lock, stock and barrel and this is in the downtown part of London, the capital of the UK a country which has a ‘war’ with these people right? Integrating and assimilating never helped them.

slide3 Arab shisha cafe, thate employs ‘Arabs’ in Central London, notice the Arabic writing.

halal-meat-and-groceries-store-harlesden-northwest-london-uk-e9ky9k          An Pakistani owned business, where as you can see with the Trinidad and Tobago flag, black  consumers, but doesn’t employ blacks in Harlesden North West London.

Shops along Rye Lane in Peckham Rye

Yes, negroes, Afrikans have been infected with this bullshit. As you can see a shop that says ‘Proudly African’ doesn’t employ Afrikans who are shopping in there. Peckham, South London.


Another Indian ran ‘Afro-Caribbean’ shop in Peckham.

The use of language as a barrier to help keep other groups out of the ability to be employed by these groups is common among Indians, Chinese, ‘Arabs’, Portuguese, Polish and all other groups than black people from Afrikans and the Afrikan Caribbean. The idea of our languages been important to the building any kind of power has gone unexploited by Afrikans due to the overriding assimilationist stance of most Afrikans in the UK.

Integration and assimilation are two failed techniques which have been tried at every level, from individual to continental, by Afrikans. I can’t see it ever succeeding, much of it’s talking points are the same as groups who have already waves the white flag. Don’t understand how you can march and make petitions about the racism of police, when the police are the police of the group you are trying to assimilate with. This nonsense is spiralling out of control. With the Chinese coming to Afrika and forcing locals to conform to their culture, it shows these assimilationist negroes are willing to let anybody screw them, even in their homeland, because they won’t defend their own group.




  1. Kushite Prince · April 6, 2016

    “Integration and assimilation are two failed techniques which have been tried at every level, from individual to continental, by Afrikans. I can’t see it ever succeeding, much of it’s talking points are the same as groups who have already waves the white flag. Don’t understand how you can march and make petitions about the racism of police, when the police are the police of the group you are trying to assimilate with. This nonsense is spiralling out of control. With the Chinese coming to Afrika and forcing locals to conform to their culture, it shows these assimilationist negroes are willing to let anybody screw them, even in their homeland, because they won’t defend their own group.”
    This passage is so point brother! This was a great post. And thank you for those two videos. They were very informative. I have debated black people so many damn times about integration. It’s obvious that martin Luther King and others in the civil rights movement sent us straight to hell. Even MLK said later on in life that he feared he led his people “into a burning house”. We really need to separate from these white folks. We need our own nation state away from them. We will never be treated as equals in this racist corrupt system. They have showed us time and time again their evil nature. We are just here to be entertainers, athletes and fill up the prison system.


  2. 1tawnystranger · April 7, 2016

    Cool, you showed Peckham – a predominantly ‘black’ area of London. However, there are also many shops down there that have all-‘black’ staff selling authentic African goods. Same in other areas of London, though yes they’re quite few & far between.

    Liked by 1 person

    • afrikaneedstoownitsresources · April 7, 2016

      I know a handful of black people, both Caribbean and Afrikan who own street level stores, most store saying Afrikan or Afro-Caribbean are not owned or staffed by black people we both know this for a fact. You do realize even with a better education rate, Afrikans have a HIGHER unemployment rate than Caribbeans? The more Westernised you become the more opportunities from whites as a black person, Afrikan clearly do not own more stuff than Caribbeans or else that unemployment rate would not be what it is.

      Peckham is a perfect example of Westernisation’s effects on Afrikan people, the narrative given by whites and BELIEVED by blacks has completely taken over. Afrikans are the majority in Peckham, Caribbeans in Thornton Heath, both areas are filled with gangs, non-black owned shops, poverty, single parents, I need to show the official government stats, that the single mother is also becoming the majority with Afrikans as well, this is a Westernisation thing, which I keep telling African Americans, it is not unique to them. People don’t seem to understand the impact of weak power relations on black people.

      Liked by 1 person

      • 1tawnystranger · April 8, 2016

        The higher unemployment among Africans is news to me. Everything else, no.


      • afrikaneedstoownitsresources · April 11, 2016

        ‘Berthoud’s (2000) study of ethnic minority penalties in Britain through LFS data analysis found that Caribbean men were consistently more likely to be unemployed, whatever their educational level. Better education did not decrease employment disadvantage completely, as despite the fact that Indians did better in education than their White counterparts,they did not fare as well in employment. Furthermore, although Black-Africans did better than Indians in education they fared worse in employment. ‘

        The more easy you are to assimilate into white society the easier it is to get a job and many Caribbeans have been in England for 3-4 generations and don’t even classify themselves as Afro-Caribbean but Black British so they have it slightly easier, they’re assimilating. Those who are fresh from the Caribbean or are 1st generation have equally as hard a time as Afrikans.

        But one thing I keep telling black people is we are not socially considered the same as even other ‘minorities’ in the UK, everything says Black and Ethnic Minorities, what is black if it is not white and not a minority group?

        ‘In recent years “black“ has been used less often in this all-encompassing sense, being replaced by such terms as “black and Asian“, “black and ethnic minority“, “black/minority ethnic“. The term is still used in its broad ideological, inclusive sense but is increasingly used to refer to people of African and Caribbean origin.

        The term “black” has recently been challenged by some African communities in Scotland as being particularly divisive and unhelpful. This relates to the way classifications have been used within the 2001 Census. Currently classifications are confused, with some ethnic groups being categorised under “colour” as in “Black African/Black Caribbean” and other ethnic groups such as Asians being categorised not under colour codes but according to national origins such as “Indian/Bangladeshi/Pakistani”.’

        Why is race been used for black people but nobody else? They are trying to regulate the growth of the UK’s black population which has not grown as fast as either the Asian, non-British European or mixed race categories.


  3. Lumumba Afrika · April 9, 2016

    Great examples of the IMMEDIATE effects of miscegenation and how the “Black Dominant Gene” canard needs to be discarded. As soon as I found out that Nkrumah married a white woman, I totally rejected the legitimacy of the adulation he commonly receives among Negro-centrics. It is a shame and appalling that he threw this genetic garbage upon Afrikans and no one calls him out on this legacy which he sullied by his sexual perversions (except Dr. Chinweizu). I commented on one video in which Samia Nkrumah was giving a talk at Molefi Asante’s institute and I said we shouldn’t trust her because she is a mulatto. Not surpassingly, I received many negative comments about it.

    I have found most Afrikan people only react when something negative happens to us which was perpetrated by non-Afrikans, but we do very little proactive building among each other. If we do any proactive building, it is limited to only our family or immediate connections. We rarely proceed to the next step of political organisation and power consolodation based on our economic activities. If we did, this would allow us to punish the negros more effectively and make better power relations with outside groups.

    Liked by 2 people

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