War diety but no one to war with


Illogical thinking reigns supreme amongst Afrikans right now. Many negroes whose aim is to cause disorder now claim to be pro-black but in the same sentence they will mention they aren’t anti-white. Nonsense.

In order to wage a war: economic, physical, psychological ect. there is a need for an enemy to wage war with. False claims of fighting ‘white supremacy’, ‘the 1%’ and ‘the system’ in order to show one is pro-black are rife. Not rooted in reality these claims are allowed to roam free and represent what it means to be pro-Afrikan in the IMA controlled media. The Liberal political ideology, firmly under European control has picked up on these bogus ‘wars’ waged by fake pro-blacks; in conversation (in person, online) and on university campuses and lecture rooms. They are advertising these false positions whether it is ‘white privilege’ ‘the 1%’ or ‘institutionalised racism’.

Many of the pro-blacks, in order to be close to these Liberals they refuse to highlight them as a cause of the problems blacks face today. They chose an ambiguous enemy with whom to wage war. These people are not carrying on the legacy of bona fide Afrikan spirituality, they are continuing the confusion which IMA’s succeed in. Afrikans have always fought war against an enemy not a cryptic force, this was the reason for deities of war. Traditionally in the history of the world and of ALL peoples, groups have fought wars with one another with all classes involved, intertwined minorities and geographical proximity. There was no concept of not warring the people but their leadership (1% lie). The Bible exemplifies this, although clearly not non-fiction it demonstrates tribal warfare in the conquest of Canaan, many of the peoples they fought had never caused them any problems, not every individual fought back and not every tribe had leaderships that was anti-Jew but the Jews undertook warfare with all members of these groups, with permission from their God.

Afrikans have a right to prosecute war with our enemies, not abstruse concoctions. Whites themselves have done this against us time and time again, even the Afrikans who were friendly to them would often become victims of such violence. There is a sacred licence for hatred of the enemy in Afrikan spirituality, do not get caught up in the foolish idea that Afrikans are not to fight white people as a collective. The ‘good IMA’ is not trying to restore Afrikans to power, they want blacks as weak as possible in order to have that messianic ability to ‘save helpless negroes’, which only exaggerates European colonial created stereotypes of us as a people. Charity in Afrika only exists because the ability to feed, employ and clothe ourselves was removed during the scramble for Afrika, Liberals only seem to exist because of historic white discrimination (why would they need to be liberal if they were always friendly), fair trade food is sold in the same supermarkets as NGO theft related produce. The good ALWAYS comes after the bad and it fails to reverse the effects of the bad, it ameliorates the effects but doesn’t rectify it. These people are part and parcel of our enemy the IMA’s who have a ‘liberal’ philosophy which disguises their intentions, causes disorder for their opposition and they also lead to further deterioration of Afrikan’s situation whenever we come in contact. A perfect example would be Oakland and San Francisco, San Francisco a very liberal city, about 5% Afrikan, Oakland now been gentrified but it is filled with poor black ghettoes, with violence that never existed in communities in Afrikan American communities in the South. How did those black people get there, Liberals of course, who offered to house them (white landlords), who offered to employ them (white liberal politicians for government jobs, white liberal and socialist business owners), who offered police them (white people from surrounding areas) who offered to miseducate black children (white female liberal teachers). Not a black creation, a liberal one.


The failure of most blacks who trusted white Liberals in the Bay Area to be less racist than white Southerners. The economic, social and psychic warfare waged on black people in Oakland was not by a 1%, the gentrifying Liberals will speak on this in UC Berkeley but will send negroes on a wild goose chase for ‘white privilege’.

‘From the proper Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit perspective, to hate is to reject. Approximately 1 out of every 100,000 cells in your body is cancerous at any given time. These cells began as normal cells, yet for a particular reason became disfigured and thus began to malfunction. These now-disfigured cells began to seek out, consume and destroy other healthy cells. Yet, the reason why everyone has not developed cancer is because of the body‘s response to these cancerous cells. The cells of the immune system respond to cancerous cells by seeking them out, destroying them, and expelling them from the body. This immune response is a Divinely ordered response. It is an intelligent response. Your immune system is the vehicle of the Supreme Being’s Divine Hate operating through your body. It rejects cancerous cells (disorder) in the body. In a similar fashion, there is a Divine immune system in Creation. Creation’s Immune System is the Divine Hate of the Supreme Being. It is that Twin Spiritual force which upholds the Divine Order of Creation.’


This demonstrated the divine clearance by Afrikan spirituality to hate and fight the enemy, this is not ‘low vibrational’ or ‘immoral’, it is divinely ordained.

Deities of war in Ancient Northeast Afrika prior to Abrahamic religions’ corruption of Afrikan mindset’s.


Upuaut, God of War of Upper Kamit. Original God of warfare, prominent from pre-dynastic times and in wars with Asiatics.


Apedemak, God of War from Kush, also worshipped as one of MANY war deities in Kamit.


Menthu,God of War, Kamit. God of the sun, until the Twelfth dynasty was state deity of Kamit, then became primarily war deity. Served function as royalty symbol.


Menhet, Khaniti Goddess of war known as ‘She who massacres’. She was prominent in warfare throughout the period of native Egyptian rule despite been a Nubian Goddess, she also signified a united Kamit. Major deity in Upper Kamit and Nubia even in times of war between one another.


Anhur, God of war in Kamit, God of hunting. Nicknamed ‘slayer of enemies’. Worshipped in both Khanit and Kamit, the Egyptians many  myths of Him are based in Khanit not only in their own territory.


Sehkmet, Goddess of healing, protector of the Pharaohs, representative of power and also protector of the frontiers of Kamit (western). She was also known as a destroyer. Originally from the north of Kamit but she became so popular during the Twelfth dynasty the capital of Egypt was transferred to Itjtawj the centre of her popularity.


Sopdu, God of sun-rays, because of the sun’s rising in the East He was also known as ‘God of the East’. Protecting the eastern boarder of Kamit against Asiatic incursions, hence he was alternatively known as a God of warfare.


Bast, Goddess of protection and war, incipiently a Goddess of warfare in Lower Kamit.


Sebek, God of crocodiles and the Nile, also known as ‘the rager’. Potent symbol of power and ferocity, became the emblem of Kamit’s army.


Satis, Goddess of the Nile’s flow, also Goddess of hunting known as ‘She who shoots forth like an arrow’, in reference to multiple thing. In relation to the flow of the Nile shooting like an arrow (She is also called ‘She who pours’ for this reason), in relation to hunting and warfare and also her role in the Trinity of Elephantine as protector of the southern boarder with Nubia. The arrow or bow must also be in reference to Nubians, who were known as ‘the bow’ and their domain ‘land of the bows’ by Kamit. Satis also has a role in the flooding of the Nile. Upper Kamit deity.


Set, God of natural disasters such as sandstorms, thunderstorms, earthquakes and wild fires. Set is God of the desert sands or ‘red land’ and foreign lands beyond the Negev desert and within the Sahara desert too. He is also debased in image by non-Afikan elements in the Hyksos as a homosexual and his name bares repute as Seth in Abrahamic religions. He is cast as a hybrid God with Baal a Canaanite deity by Asiatic nomads within the Hyksos. Set is an Upper Egyptian God whom predates Kamit’s unification.


Horus, God of the sky, hunting and war. He is used as a a hunting and warfare deity from the pre-dynastic period. Horus was also the patron of the Pharaohs.


Neit, Goddess of war and hunting. Pre-dynastic Lower Kamit Goddess, violent, wise Great Goddess who fights all enemies and is the funerary (defender of the dead’s souls) and weaving and Goddess, She was often called ‘ruler of arrows’ due to her viscous nature, She was the canonised as patron of Lower Kamit.

How can our ancestors have so many Gods and Goddesses for war, war with who? Not with an ambiguous figure generated by our nemesis’. We must acknowledge Afrikans have enemies that we can see, feel, fight and eventually destroy.



  1. Kushite Prince · May 11, 2016

    “In order to wage a war: economic, physical, psychological ect. there is a need for an enemy to wage war with. False claims of fighting ‘white supremacy’, ‘the 1%’ and ‘the system’ in order to show one is pro-black are rife. Not rooted in reality these claims are allowed to roam free and represent what it means to be pro-Afrikan in the IMA controlled media. The Liberal political ideology, firmly under European control has picked up on these bogus ‘wars’ waged by fake pro-blacks; in conversation (in person, online) and on university campuses and lecture rooms. They are advertising these false positions whether it is ‘white privilege’ ‘the 1%’ or ‘institutionalised racism’.”
    This is so true on so many levels. I got into an argument with a so-called pro-black brother. I told him I see all whites as my enemy. He said that is too extreme. He said we can’t put them all in the same category. Can you believe this? This mentality has got to GO! the white collective is who keep us oppressed in this wicked sytem. Many blacks just don’t want to admit that we have an open enemy. We can’t be cowards when it comes to this. I get so tired of these fake ass black nationlists and pro-black clowns. When you are in a WAR you must acknowledge you have an enemy. That’s just common sense. This was a great post brother. Much respect!

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    • How can one be a nationalist but not have entire nations to war with? These people aren’t even pseudo-nationalists they are outright phonies.

      Not every British person hated Germans but during the two European civil wars mistakenly called World Wars if you didn’t want to fight the Germans you were going to prison or the mental hospital. When it comes to nationalism you don’t play games, you have an enemy you attack them, ALL of them. The royal family of Britain changed it’s surname from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to Windsor in 1917 during the first of these wars because they understood that British Nationalists were targeting them as Germans, their enemies even though they were supporting the UK.

      As I pointed out even the so-called ‘good white people’ don’t reverse anything and certainly don’t intend of changing power relations, they want to control these people who they are been ‘good’ towards. So not even no point in trying to act like we shouldn’t fight all of them.

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  2. amosnwilsonuniversity · May 11, 2016

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    love it


  3. amosnwilsonuniversity · May 11, 2016

    The same Blacks who say that not all White people are bad, will regurgitate the lie “We are killing ourselves”. I have never killed anyone in my life, yet we hear these dimwitted Black morons regurgitating this tired lie. The severe lack of intellectual development among Africans is a serious problem.

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  4. TheThinkingAfrican86 · May 12, 2016

    This brilliant article reminds me of something I read from AfricanHolocaustSociety’s website earlier this week. It criticized what they called racism, biogtry and pseudoscholarship within the “Afrocentric” community and how this bigotry and psuedoscholarship is holding the ideology and movement back from fully growing and maturing. Here it is: http://www.africanholocaust.net/news_ah/afrocentrism.html

    I love a lot of what AHS has to say and offer and their work but this is an example of times when I just totally disagree with some of their ideas and positions.

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    • They are showing pseudo-historical Eurocentric driven points, they want everything to be based in European relations to Afrikans as part of their argument to not fight white people. How can you complain about the victim mentality but have Holocaust in their name, and copying white people, holocaust is a European event to people in Europe, we should have our own ability to name our own situation.

      You see how I pointed out that in Afrikan there was divine hatred and deities for warfare independent of Europeans presence, which means Afrikans believed in war against other peoples, why can’t we continue this to fight against whites who have continuously attacked us? It’s obvious they aren’t trying to fight. The website is full of potholes in their arguments, they have no consensus on North Afrikan ‘Arabs’ been Afrikan or not, they talk about the idea of race and black~Afrikan been Eurocentric, when neither was invented by Europeans, Europeans warped these ideas fairly recently. As a matter of fact how could so much of the ‘Afrikan Holocaust’ occur before the European concept of race, especially between Asiatics, what was dividing those people?

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      • TheThinkingAfrican86 · May 12, 2016

        Right! You should write a response to the article.


      • The knowledge that I present is not for an argument I present facts and dismiss lies. There is no point in responding when this post is enough of a response and the thread underneath contains more than enough evidence that their stance is intergationalist and no pro-Afrikan at all. If anyone wants to see this on their website they haven’t allowed for comments on that post because they know they would be challenged and struggle to respond. They mention corruption of indigenous mindsets and culture and that other groups never went through this but deny it can be used as a reaon for problems we see today. Of course there were wars between Afrikans, just like within all geno-cultures but the difference is those other groups is for the fate of their group and determining the direction they are to go, like Europeans and the World Wars leading to an American takeover from Western Europe, but in Afrika people are fighting to hand over either to the European or Arab which will remain a problem no matter how you ‘Afrikanise’ something because Islam and Christianity in Nigeria is very different from in Saudi Arabia and Canada but somehow whichever negroes win none of them takes power from these non-Afrikans despite the Afrikan version of their religion.


    • The rejection of hatred is something pushed by those that don’t want to fight Europeans, white and multiracial ‘Arabs’ and other groups who target ALL Afrikans as a group when we come into contact. Hate is not copyrighted by IMA’s, this is how you know they are following their agenda. Everybody can hate, hate can be utilised by anybody, but these people want Afrikans to never use hate to further ourselves. Notice on the website there is mention of copying techniques and exchanges of technology and behaviour between Afrikans and other peoples, which have positively affected Afrikans but refuses to use what is in front of our face, HATE, something which has successfully worked for these other groups.

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  6. Farafina Diɲɛ · May 13, 2016

    Wonderful article man. One thing I’ve been wondering about lately is how the Kemetou ritualized degradation and destruction of Eurasians. I know the kings’ thrones had the Nine Bows inlaid beneath their feet, and destruction of non-Africans is a constant theme in Kemet theology and literature. But I want to know how they actually trained and entrenched that ideology.

    We as contemporary pro-Africans must ritualize destruction of Africans’ enemies so that it becomes the practice, habit, and value of Africans.

    And I agree with yall about that African Holocaust site. It only pretends to be pro-African to slip in a bunch of integationist and anti-African silliness. That seems to be a bit of pattern with folks from the UK online. I hope it’s not an accurate reflection of UK’s pro-Africanists in general.

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    • As for Kamit and it’s relations with non-Afrikans I will be posting soon a history of Ancient Northeast Afrika and Afrikans geno-cultural origins, which has always been seen throughout history even by our enemies. Kamit, Khanit, Canaan, Tjehenue, Garamantees, Carthage, Numidia were all very conservative during their own independence and fought against Eurasian peoples, they shared Gods and Goddesses, clothing, xenophobia of outsiders and persistent continuous contact with each all signs that they were a geno-cultural unit to outsiders. Kamit in particular documents the ever changing relationship with fellow Afrikans and the outright outsider status of Eurasians, whom came to marvel in it’s glory, steal knowledge and resources and hoped to conquer even richer Khanit, further south along the Nile.

      Gods Upuaut, Sopdu and Menthu have all been utilised in warfare with Asiatics, whether from West Asia(Europe) or Southwest Asia (Middle East). Upuaut had a famed image of Him crushing Asiatic foes of Kamit and Menthu and Sopdu as protectors of the East and the idea that foreign lands lay beyond the Negev is due to their view of Asiatics as total outsiders. There is evidence that the people of Kamit and Afrikans in the Syro-Arabian Desert and Fertile Crescent acknowledged that Asiatic invaders were very different and viewed them as unclean, with their rise saw the displacement of Afrikan spirituality in the Middle East and destruction of Egyptian temples to Afrikan deities. Sopdu should be an obvious sign of the deification of war against Asiatics, He has an Asiatic phenotype not because Asiatic invaders were sacred or followed the religion but because Sopdu is a insignia of Asiatics peoples of the foreign lands of the East.

      It was all geno-cultural, one must be aware of Eurocentric lies that race is a new European concept, the current geno-cultures and their subsequent wars with each other and over control over these groups. The formation of Europe (a term for their geno-culture it holds NO geographic, scientific value but is an ancient concept) along Christian geno-cultural lines after the Greco-Roman geno-culture of Southern Europe adopted Christianity, Islamic ‘Arab’ and ‘Turkish’ geno-culture, the Afrikan ‘Moor’ in Europeans minds and the spread of anti-Afrikan ideologies into Afrika itself from Eurasia first piecing North and East Afrika. Also we see the migration of Afrikans away from Northeast Afrika.

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  7. Afrikan Holocaust is not British the spellings on the website are American English. This is part of compromised mindsets which Afrikans have now come to believe is how we have been from time immemorial. The frauds and phonies are not only in America or Britain or France or the West, it is from all over the diaspora especially in the motherland. We see assimilationist mindsets run wild in Afrika, the ‘Arabs’ in the north, the multiracial people in the Horn of Afrika and along the Nile all have thrown out European languages and laws, the people are dying to move to Arabia or Europe or North America, the eradication of Afrikan spirituality by Afrikans themselves, allowing mulattoes to have powerful positions in Afrika, the people are very friendly to these foreigners (non-Afrikans) who have a long history of abusing us, they are just as brainwashed and Afrikans from the West have now tried to vouch for their corrupted behaviour by using the corruption in Afrika. The inserted consciousness’s as Amos Wilson has warned us about have become overarching and overbearing among all Afrikans. Can’t say pro-Afrikans in the UK are any less or more integrationists after America, the UK has the second most hits of any country on my site, so I can’t say pro-Afrikans here are integrationists like that, my website is not one for the integrationist, miscegenation loving crap.

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    • Farafina Diɲɛ · May 23, 2016

      Thanks for those helpful replies. I read this interesting comment of yours at AmosWilsonUniversity’s blog:

      “The only peoples who have succeeded in making independence from non-Afrikan invaders are the people who maintained Afrikan spirituality, there were hundreds of rebellions by Christian and Muslim Afrikans during slavery but NONE, not once, ever succeeded.”

      What African religion do you practice?


      • Akan. Akan is very common in Jamaica, Obeah is an Akan term but there is also a lot of Igbos in Jamaica who also use the term Obeah but it has another meaning in their language. The Kikongo version of Afrikan spirituality is also very influential in Jamaica.

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      • The thing is many people have been brainwashed to believe inferior ‘religions’ grafted by non-Afrikans are workable. I always say if they are why did they never work during slavery, why is it that most of Afrika was following Afrikan spirituality and was not conquered until AFTER China, who are the current major rival geno-culture ahead of even the ‘Arab’ Muslim world. Corruption, criminality, acceptance of anti-Afrikan ideologies and internalising negative views of us (part of integration) is what is hurting us, nature is with us, eradicating these peoples population growth, the spirits that animate nature is always going to try to help us we just need to do what nature requires.

        Most of what Amos Wilson spoke of was already practiced by Afrikan spiritualists, independent thinking, defence mechanisms, education of our own, self-sufficiency, tribes for each sector in life assigned by nnyame/nnyamewa (Supreme Being) ect. The only problem was not been able to link up overseas to create a global unit to protect our collective like the European or Arabs or Chinese did during their own separate colonial expansions.

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  8. Onitaset · May 29, 2016

    Thanks for the post. Too few understand that all crackers are enemies–and in this war, without an army, this cracker is committing genocide against us.

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    • I don’t think they don’t understand, they don’t care. Let’s be honest when white people were lynching black people, how can you not think they are all bad when it is allowed to go on in their country. There isn’t even one incident from Jim Crow of black people lynching white people, it shouldn’t be hard to understand by now. Black people as a collective never let white people get lynched.

      This dumb idea that the rich white people are the only ones against us flies in the face of reality, no super rich 1% white boys is police on the streets, no 1% white person is directly sitting in a class miseducating black children. To try to ally yourself with the very people on the frontlines attacking black people is obvious betrayal but has somehow become a norm for black people.

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  9. Bhekizitha · June 21, 2016

    Nice read.

    African Americans believe abstractions are their actual opponents because too many, African Americans, are emotionally weak (mental health). And this is exactly why an African spiritual ritual system should be practiced by all African Americans so as to develop the communities moral core – but which one?

    When discussing religion and African people, I tend to be unable to truly advocate a cosmogony.

    I have read “Destruction of African Civilization” by Chancellor Williams

    “Civilization or Barbarism” by Diop and

    “Book of the Dead” by R.O. Faulkner

    Now the last text, is a translation by an IMA, however, a few “spells” are undoubtedly homosexual in nature.

    For example, Spell 93 (Spell for not letting N be ferried over to the East in the realm of the dead)

    “O you phallus of Re, this which is injured by uproar, whose inertness came into being through Babai, I am stronger thereby than the strong ones, I am mightier thereby than the mighty ones. If I be ferried over and taken to the East with bound horns, or if any injury be done to my rebels, I will swallow up the phallus of Re and the head of Osiris….”

    It is this unclearness in which these omnipotent figures are presented in the literature which causes me to avoid advocating their practice.

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    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · June 21, 2016

      None of the names you have mentioned were authentic Afrikan spiritualists. White people in particular, who gained much of their knowledge and modern religious/morals views from deceitful alterations of Afrikans are not to be trusted, they knowingly corrupt things. In Afrikan traditional spirituality all Goddesses and Gods are accompanied by a male and female counterpart, Amun and Amunet, Maa and Maat, Set and Nebthet, the name Maa and Amunet is unknown to those who are not engaged in Afrikan spirituality and communication with the cultivated ancestors and the deities of nature. Neither deity is unknown to Egyptologists it’s just people who haven’t bothered to look beyond the works of white people have failed to see what is right before out eyes because they are following whites. Divine cosmological functions are in place for us to fulfil, you see when the majority of Afrika was under Afrikan spirituality the Caucasian and their mulatto offspring couldn’t get beyond North Afrika, they ended up suffering with plagues meanwhile Afrikans were healthy, they ended up dying of disease when venturing into Afrika, that is nature at work on our behalf when we fulfil our function in the universe. Nature is trying to eradicate Eurasians who are degenerate mutations, ALL of them, Afrikans continue to high rates of fertility regardless of whether they breed with each other. Caucasians and East Asians on the other hand are struggling to maintain the future generations beyond this current one.

      Communication with the ancestors is key, we are given a Ka and Kait in around the front of our heads, in relations to the penal gland, melanin, the sun and the female and male Supreme Beings. Ka is called Kra in the Akan religion and showing direct linguistic genetic affiliation with the language of Ancient Kamit. Communication with your ancestors who worked in divine order during their lives will teach you as well as the deities in the forces in nature. Engaging in anti-Afrikan, disordered behaviour such as homosexuality, worship of fake deities or theft can drive away the ancestor who were in divine order. To figure out which tribe you reincarnated from as an individual communication is necessary as the tribal divisions have been wiped away since chattel slavery. To start one must call on the ancestor, whether in thoughts, out loud or written, provide two meals for the female and male ancestors as if they were entering you house in the flesh. Afterwards sit back and soak information and move upon it. There are still people who retained their tribal heritage in the Americas since slavery in America, in Jamaica in Brazil, in Haiti, these were the ones who fought whites physically and were the ONLY successful revolts during slavery. They just don’t have the numbers to wage long-term warfare due to many people falling back into corruption seeking integration. No Christians or Muslims ever fought any successful campaigns during slaver and neither have any secular nationalists which has been tried for the past 100 years. Not all Afrikan Americans are the same tribe, each individual in reincarnated ancestors, some may be Igbo, some may be Fula, some may be Bakongo, a handful may even be San. Communication with the ancestors is the only way, it is good to that you like the military nature of the Zulu but the chances are you are unlikely as a black person from the Americas to be Zulu on top of that gaining any tye of rights to anything there will be hard to come by because as corrupted as they are today they understand phylogenetically (ancestry) blacks in the Americas and Southern Afrikans are fairly distant. Ghana and Nigeria on the other hand have been funding West Indian nations and even given land grants to blacks from the Western hemisphere.

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      • Bhekizitha · June 21, 2016

        If we are truly one people, African, people within the color spectrum of brown to black and who have African textured hair, a large but phenotypically similar family who came forth from East Africa, travelled north, west, and south. Then it matters not which ethnicity we practice but rather how useful the culture is to create a strong, moral, intact, and loyal communities.

        Also, according to books such as “Destruction of Black Civilization” Africans travelled habitually around the continent; however, how much space was covered in a given time period is debatable. Yet, let’s assume people who once were in East Africa somehow – two generations later travelled south.

        Nonetheless, according to “Many Thousands Gone” as well as “Themes in Afro-Guyanese History” it is actually incorrect to assume that the majority of the enslaved Africans came from West Africa since many of the slavers (Imas) would routinely lie about how many, and where enslaved African originated from.

        This is why I have focused on phenotypical traits; and you are right, I am seeking to create an organization which is based on the idea of biological survival and high ethics. Notwithstanding your logical objection since I am not sure you can re-religionize African people who have practiced Christianity and Islam if the substitute is not similar.

        Yet, this leads me back to why I am not too sure if a religious based African Centered Biological Nationalist Movement will work.

        There is no text which outlines the religion, rituals and customs, in a narrative which is simple and relatable, in every way.

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      • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · June 21, 2016

        You are clearly forgoing the path of failed secular nationalism. Even the great ancestor Amos Wilson has laid out a blueprint for all to see and no major groups has picked it up and used it.

        West AND Central Afrika, a massive area is the site of most of our ancestors if this wasn’t the case reports of many tribes from other regions would have occurred. Especially since all the ethnic expressions of Afrikan spirituality was outlawed. White people knew all the different tribes and ethnicities remember they were dealing with them as independent peoples at the time of course they lie but to claim all these black people were taken from elsewhere in Afrika is a stretch to say the least. You do realise white people were never slavers, this more garbage made by Eurocentrists to make white people seem all powerful. How it is that they were grabbing up people from deep in the heart of Afrika from the 1400’s but only began properly colonising it in the the last two decades of the 1800’s?

        The aim is not to revert everyone back to ancestral religion, many black people will be must be exterminated as corrupted spirits themselves. The stuff you speak off is furthermore not based in reality, there are genetic and even phenotypic differences within Afrikans due to genetic admixture, ancestral lines, isolation and migration as well as multi-generational eating patterns. Having brown to blue-black skin and kinky hair does not even bother to look into genetic reason for why pymies and the Maasi diverge so much phenotypically. Everyone has a function in nature tied to their phenotype and ancestry, trying to rope yourself in with people who have a different purpose who come from a different blood circle is bound for failiure. The fact of the matter is looking at our own history, using the correct tribes has worked in our darkest hour in chattel slavery. Using disorganised claims of any old tribe doesn’t work at all, this is why black people in the Americas are lost you said it yourself. Not to mention that the Afrikan tribes fough within themselves and between tribes. Claiming it matters not which tribe is stupid, why did it matter to own ancestors but not to us? We wouldn’t even be here if the tribes were so irrelevant. Afrikans just take bits and pieces from here, there and everyhere but not even from their independent ancestors? Hows that for ignoring the lessons in our own history. Even in Nubia, even in Kamit, even in Ghana, even in Kongo the different ethnicities plaid a massive role in the make up of the empires. They had to be organised as separate entities that work together to form a nation, once that became disorganised what happened, the nations fell apart. We are not IMA’s who adopt this and that and claim to be this or that. Afrikans don’t thrive in confusion and disorder.

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  10. Bhekizitha · June 21, 2016

    “The fact of the matter is looking at our own history, using the correct tribes has worked in our darkest hour in chattel slavery. Using disorganised claims of any old tribe doesn’t work at all,”

    Let’s not try to escape what happened to African people by creating histories that never happened. If we want to discuss fables, let’s discuss fables but I am writing about a historical truth which is real since African people -now -are collectively subjugated by Imas.

    Every Tribe or Ethnicity (emphasis) was subjugated on the continent. Furthermore, there is no current predominant African culture or ethnicity being practiced by Africans.

    All African nations , Africans, people with brown to black skin with African textured hair, traits matter since they are expressions of ones’ genes, were defeated.

    Please excuse me if I don’t follow “Your Secret Handshake” idea of who is African.

    See this is my problem with people who write like yourself.

    You don’t write plainly.

    A culture is created with a language, Zulu, and customs ACBN.

    There is no proof of “your bloodline theory”. Indeed, most people on the planet have no idea who their forefathers are after two generations, this is why genetic testing is so popular. Also, keep in mind. DNA test can not determine ancestry.


    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · June 22, 2016

      ‘The fact of the matter is looking at our own history, using the correct tribes has worked in our darkest hour in chattel slavery.’

      ‘Let’s not try to escape what happened to African people by creating histories that never happened. If we want to discuss fables, let’s discuss fables but I am writing about a historical truth which is real since African people -now -are collectively subjugated by Imas.’

      You are correct to claim all Afrikans have now been defeated but there is more than enough proof of what I have said. You dismiss it because you haven’t removed the IMA’s lenses fully, essentially blackening up their work. I spoke on chattel slavery, which was physically Afrikan people weakest period, for those in the Americas at least. The most restrictions on the availability of knowledge, open legal restrictions for blacks both in slave nations and outside, with blacks having a low life expectancy due to work rate. In midst of this and direct contact with whites brainwashing black people Afrikans who retained their spiritual system make independent nations, communities and fought wars with whites defeating them. No other bullshit that has been put forth has ever caused this to happen including during slavery. Look how many revolts there were across the Americas, by both Christian and Muslim, look at the 100 years plus of secular nationalism which has overseen the total weakening of the Afrikan mind and identity for most black people with NO nation or community to speak of ANYWHERE in the Americas.

      Successful Afrikan spiritualist communities during chattel slavery, when your Christians and the like were still in bondage.

      Maroons in Jamaica who still maintain lineages back to Afrika, something done via blood circles with matriarchal and patriarchal clan affiliations, which listed individual ancestors who people were related to who found clans within tribes. Only recently has this stopped in much of Afrika due to the Christianity and Islam. Maroons fought the Spanish, British and French and still maintain autonomous communities directly as a result of wars during chattel slavery and a Twi (Akan) dialect. Some due to integrationalist mindsets were shipped to Nova Scotia then to Sierra Leone and Liberia. Black people who lost their religion lost sense of who they are, this nonsense of disorganised claim any old thing has not resulted in one autonomous region, which could indicate to nonbelievers it could work for full-scale independence.

      Haiti isthe only nation-state still running set up by Afrikan spiritualists, although mass corruption has occurred to Afrikan spirituality in Haiti since 1804 it remains essentially independent but it tied down like most recognised independent states with neo-colonialism. A lack of contact with Afrika cause it to become isolated and picked off economically and the lack of naval capabilities, showing how we must function as individual units within a collective, we must support one another, something Afrikans still fail to do, something demonstrated by the nomes of Kamit and the different ethnicities which went into making the nation.

      The Gullah-Geechee were historically spread across South Carolina, Florida and Georgia, they contributed heavily to the ‘Black Seminole’ population which consistently fought the US government and army. Florida under Spanish rule gave freedom to any black person who came from outside of Spanish colonies, the underground railroad was situated going to Florida for most of chattel slavery in the USA. Spain never fully controlled or tried to control Florida, it was used as a buffer between themselves and the Anglo sphere in the Americas. Black Seminoles, who are not American Indian fought alongside the Seminoles, a slave keeping Indian nation, against the US army and owned their own land. They tried to preserve their independence from both whites and American Indians, with their own communities nearby to Seminole communities. Black Seminoles were the majority of troops fighting the US army in the Second Seminole War and killed 1500 US soldiers, this also contributed to the Panic of 1837 (recession) due to it’s impact of chattel slavery in the South and on cotton prices. The Gullah-Geechee language is related to Afro-Caribbean languages and Nigerian pidgin, they have continued using their languages n other places they were forced to go to, as many times they were not taken as slaves even after capture due to their rebellious nature. In the Bahamas, in Texas, in Oklahoma and in Mexico the latter of which they fled to due to Seminoles and Creeks trying to re-enslave them after the US Civil War in which they fought for the Confederates. The names in of themselves Gullah and Geechee are in relations to the Ovambo people of Southcentral Afrika., as well as the Gola in West Afrika and the Kissi in Western Afrika.

      In Brazil the Quilombos were independent communities set up by Afrikan spiritualists who fought and massacred whites for freedom and continued their traditions. Palmeras was the largest Quiliombo ever to exist in Brazil and was essentially a nation in it’s own right been independent in mainland South America for 1605 to 1694. They fought against the Portuguese successfully stopping re-enslavement. Most Quillombos have become severely infected since the end of chattel slavery due to influx of Caucasians from Europe and Southwest Asia into Brazil as well as the influence of Christianity which was adopted by many Kongo speakers from prior to European colonialism, remember much of the changes in religion were not due to war but trade.

      Now that I have named communities and nations that at one point or another were functioning, with Afrikan clans systems, tribal divisions, ect. and that had waged war with Europeans, not just spoken about it. Show me how your planning of some new restructured secular Afrikan people in the West has ever succeeded in the past, even small scale autonomy? I’m making up fables according to you but your not even learning from history and taking on board what is successful and instead opt to use the tied and tested failed secular nationalism. I’m taking about fighting back and independent communities and nations and your taking about what white people have done to us to excuse why you think secular, Western science based, nationalism will work. White people subjugated us but using our own religions and tribal affiliation we fought back, sometimes successful but sometimes unsuccessful, secular nationalism has had 100 years and has never succeeded, not even once.


    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · June 22, 2016

      What is secret handshake, all religions are. All religions demand one to join and have loyalty, Christianity is a major cause of black people’s problem, creating another open community proclaiming it is a religion to suck of Abrahamic followers is not going to solve anything considering Afrikans main problem is a lack of exclusivity. Christianity and anything that resembles it is the antithesis of exclusivity.

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