Black immigrants who do not want Afrikan nations to succeed


Bhekizitha who runs ACBN Journal spoke on the truth, Afrikan immigrants who refuse to build up their own nations. Whilst Afrikan nations around the world and their identity’s have partially been founded and moulded by non-Afrikan, anti-Afrikan groups building these nation-states or reforming and creating new one IS NOT A PRIORITY to most Afrikan people in these nations. Read More


Police hide the name of the shooter of Charles Kinsey


I have warned Afrikans of the posing threat of the fictional white controlled ‘Latino’ and ‘Hispanic’ identities, they are used by whites against their enemies, they were used in Latin America and will surely be used in the United States of America. Read More

Robert F. Williams: the black self-defender who was routed from the history books


Robert F. Williams, a man who created a black guard to defend Afrikan Americans from white violence, he has now been removed from the history books. Despite the fact that he was originally a integrationalist who helped to desegregate facilities in his hometown of Monroe, South Carolina, he has now be obliterated from the history of the USA between 1946 and 1975. He would later become an important black nationalist and in his exile demand Afrikan Americans to break white American laws and rule in order to become free. Read More