Liberalism’s failure in the West


Black people not researching their enemies, we are not looking at information in front of our face, the reason is we are still caught up in the liberal foolishness. Liberalism is dying an agonising and painful death, it will catch up with many people of all races, but the death and destruction will impact on the weak the hardest. Spice 1 said in Welcome to the Ghetto, ‘death give a shit about a colour, but yet I see more dead young brothers’, the death of liberalism will maintain this bias.

Meanwhile negroes in the UK caught up in the Brexit referendum and Nigel Farage we ignored the fact that David Cameroon said he against multiculturalism from his first election. We keep denying reality, that there are large swaths of white people who have always and always will hate us and not want to be around us. The support of Brexit, the support of white flight in major cities like London, Birmingham and Manchester, the media pushing anti-immigration propaganda, the rise in hate crimes in the West, all these are a sign of liberal European social philosophy been in decline. The weaker the West becomes, due to their decline in their physical population, the more open they become with their feelings. Trying to integrate at this point is a death sentence but liberalism is holding a lock on negroes heads. This will become detrimental to our people as the ideology and the society’s doom is nearing.


He quit after the Brexit poll but claimed it because it failed to do his job, this a fraud his job was to remove multiculturalism, pro-immigration stance that the liberals had pushed onto the collective white masses. His job is done, but Farage quit to make it seem as if he has reached his own objective, when in reality they both had.

Liberalisms death will have an enormous impact on black people. We have refused to go it alone like the other groups which Cameroon mentioned are diverging from British culture, we have had a separate culture in the UK but one that has seek to live under the white liberal umbrella and not a our own Afrikan centred one. Both Afrikans and Caribbeans have come over to the UK, not to own businesses, not to create a thriving community but to give handouts to their homelands and to seek ‘equality’ under the liberal philosophy.


The UK is a nation which has allowed the people of Northern Ireland and Scotland to remain separatist in relation to the English, but wants to remove other groups rights to this. Liberalism did not prevent this, liberalism has not allow the blacks to own and control anything, liberalism has not allowed us to create an Afrikan political party, it has only sought to integrate us under ‘multiple nationalism’. This is where whites have tried to make blacks into dark skin carbon copies of them. This plagues our ability to do for self, but now since liberalism is dead our fast tract to ‘Britishness’ is been picked apart. Conforming is not enough, but due to the mindset enticed by liberalism many black people want to conform.  The fallout from this will have massive consequences. The Jews lived in liberal Germany, a nation which they felt accepted in until the economy took a strong turn for the worst. Liberalism has to be funded, ‘morals’ have to be funded, once the funding dies out so does the ideology’s following.

This is a drum that needs beating, we see liberalism is rotten to the core and has infected the apple that is black people. This needs to be rid from our collective, if it doesn’t we will befall victim of more open racism which has negroes offended and up in arms.

Other races of people have realised that liberalism had failed. The 2001 riots in the UK have mostly been forgotten by whites, both liberal and non-liberal. Negroes keep ignoring reality and are now a good 15 years behind now.


The liberal anti-racist in 2001 has dwindled by time of 2016. Asians will defend their community regardless of liberals, when will we?




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  1. amosnwilsonuniversity · July 10, 2016

    This is a brillaint article……love it

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