South Afrikan Apartheid, why wasn’t armed regime change an option?


Apartheid, a crime against humanity (supposedly), why didn’t the UN, Western powers or Communist powers provision arms to fight against this official government policy of human rights transgressions. I am absolutely appalled by the fact this was never offered as a narrative to be fulfilled by most Afrikans and even more dissolution at the fact negroes following European Liberals never questioned its shortfall in Western policy and public appeal. Armed rebellion are always offered as a resolution to ANY OTHER conflict other than Afrikan versus non-Afrikan FACT, weaponry is transported (legal or illegal).


The guns used to kill blacks during the Soweto Revolution were not dispatched to Afrikans but to the racist white South Afrikans who used them effectively to shut down the Revolution. Notice whites use the word ‘uprising’ to make it seem as if it was an illegitimate cause.

This war against Afrikans is superintended by Western powers not the out of favour white minority in South Afrika. During the apartheid era in South Afrika it witnessed wars on all bordering nations except Botswana which was and is firmly under mulatto rulership (excluding nations it surrounds), civil wars and wars against European colonialist racked Namibia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique with South Afrika engaged in all three nations with funding and backing of Western Europe and the United States under the guise of ‘fighting against the rising tide of Communism’. Wars also devastated the other nations around Afrika yet apartheid South Afrika avoided any serious warfare within it’s limits due to the stifling of gun supplies to Afrikan revolutionaries. Despite the government violations of rights the West nor the Communists felt the need to send guns and bombs to those who wanted freedom, even though both claimed to be freedom supporting agents in the world.

The war in Angola was notable for the fact South Afrikans openly worked in a joint coalition to with the UK, France, Portugal and the United States. They were the primary constituents of the Battle of Cuito Cuanavale between 1987 and 1988 which saw their coalition retreat from the region and South Afrikans effectively withdraw from Angola. This calls to question how is it that guns were readily available in Angola but seized to be when it came to blacks in South Afrika? Black people fighting back is NEVER wanted in directly white ruled nations such as South Afrika, Australia, Canada and the United States, these are nations where whites have the large chunks of parliamentary seats, own most of the wealth and do not have to be manipulated via neo-colonialism. These are direct descendants of white invaders who still own and control the lands they stolen. The Battle of Cuito Cuanavale had very real impacts in South Afrika and was a leading factor behind the end of the apartheid regime in South Afrika, bloodshed and destruction is ALWAYS more fruitful than marching. Cuba was also involved in the Angolan Civil War and armed and trained Angolan troops against South Afrika, including the Angolan Air Force, this shows the hypocrisy also of the Communists they can get involved in black affairs but send armaments to black South Afrikans for freedom was not an option? Cuba has longstanding racial issues, just as severe as South Afrika with a race war in 1912 between blacks and non-blacks. The riots of 1968 should have shown Afrikan Americans of the power of fighting over the years of peaceful protests which led MLK to be pushed out of mainstream America until his death. Those nationwide riots set in motion housing desegregation laws been passed quickly through Congress with little questioning by the exact same group of people who had been rejecting them for over a decade.


Afro-Cuban soldier in the Battle of Cuito Cuanavale. He was one of thousands of Cuban troops who participated in the Angolan Civil War. Many Afrikan Cubans decided to remain in Angola after to the war to remove themselves from the pervasive racism in Cuba.


America’s capital ablaze in the wake of Martin Luther King’s murder, far more effective than the poor people’s campaign marches including the one that took place earlier in 1968 in Washington DC.


During the Arab Spring, Arab-speaking nations were encouraged to revolt against their leadership by ordinary IMA’s in the West, social media was buzzing with intense fervour for the issue. The stark contrast in the case of apartheid South Afrika, which had done far worse than Gadhafi or Mubarak, shows the true deep seated apathy whites have towards Afrikan independence. Although IMA’s have twisted goals for their fellow Caucasians who speak Arabic they did show a decisive difference in treatment, the same testament can also be deducted from the split amongst IMA’s over Israel-Palestine. Guns that are illegal still find their way into ISIS members custody. In spite of their terrorist standing in the eyes of Europeans the inflow of firearms has yet to discontinue, the Western engrossment with ISIS continues due to this.


Who is giving ISIS their weapons, they have no legal way to purchase them? The West in particular is supplying arms to them. They are not fighting for to end human rights abuses yet they receive guns more readily than any Afrikan revolutionary in South Afrika.

A sharp disinterest occurs in relation to Afrikan conflicts, the inflow of illegal guns to the hands of fighters in Congo, Central Afrikan Republic and South Sudan dismiss any notion that not only were guns not able to reach Afrikans within South Afrika. Illegal guns been restricted too (as it has the same source as legal guns) shows whites not only didn’t think to send guns but were actively denying the capability of obtaining guns wholesale. Illegal guns now play a pivotal role in keeping South Afrika under chronic rates of crime and rivalling Afrika’s warzone in terms of gun related killings. Despite the volatility and antipathy in the atmosphere of South Afrika the likelihood of it turning into a theatre of war was minimal due to this restriction on guns. We now see the world-beating murder rate and ethnic tensions amongst Afrikans from both in South Afrika and immigrants rise due to an influx of the same illegal guns whites had withdrawn and Communists had withheld. This has had a ginormous consequence, primarily on the economy but also on the view of black leadership in South Afrika with many blaming the current situation solely on the black government.


South Afrikan killings clearly rank up there with known combat zones such as Colombia and past homicide capitals such as El Salvador and Jamaica. There has to be someone who is allotting such large amounts of straps to create such high levels of bloodletting in modern-day South Afrika. One thing can be certain the same group(s) never intended and did send weapons into apartheid South Afrika for Afrikans to use constructively.

Never forget Armscor the weapon manufacturers of South Afrika were partially armed by outsider namely the UK, France and Israel (whom helped the apartheid administration in nuclear testing). Even with embargoes illegal sales of guns and teaching of Armscor still took place meaning if IMA’s or the Chinese really wanted black South Afrikans to receive weapons they could have still sent them. Armscor was effectively disabled upon Mandela’s leadership. IMA’s controlling the narrative on black liberation and direct confrontation will always remove this as a talking point or narrative. In South Afrika’s case it has been so compelling the afterthought of why violence was not an alternative promoted has not occurred for most Afrikans.

I have said it before blacks can only do this alone our enemies have taken every opportunity to block our capability for self-determination via combat. This is key to any groups independence, we must grasp it. There are many Afrikan nations under more control of Afrikan than any time since the Berlin conference, they must realise that to be on the path of development and power building metal armaments must be utilised. We must generate our own stockpile of weapons so we never have to rely on sworn enemies for our acquiring of them. This has to be a top priority, China has done it, Japan has done it and they stay out of foreign wars, Israel has done it, India and Mexico two up-and-coming powers have done it, Afrikans must get with the programme too.







  1. AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · July 14, 2016

    Fact of the matter is armed resistance in South Afrika is something rarely talked about and never celebrated, even though it was what put Nelson Mandela in prison. It is even unpopular online, as I have seen my views drop since this post. Many people are clearly not in support of shooting back and taking back land. The fact that Western European Liberal ‘humanists’ never used the right to self-determination to support any type of guerrilla campaign in South Afrika during apartheid shows that these people do not support true Afrikan liberation but Afrikan subjugation and/or insubordination to whites and other geno-cultures whom they bring into South Afrika and elsewhere such as Caucasian Indian subcontinentals, East Asians and Southeast Asians. These people were used partially as slaves but were given better rights and access to resources than Afrikans during apartheid.

    The other thing that can be determined is that Afrikans in South Afrika are now been flooded with guns which has contributed to an increase in homicides, increase in ethnic tensions between Afrikans and the rise in gang related violence. Notice guns were severely limited during apartheid to the point where Afrikans were not a threat in a 85% plus Afrikan nation. Compare this to the constant warfare and siege mentality between Israel and Palestine, guns are so much more available to Palestinians than Afrikans under apartheid. I thought that the Jews run everything (sike). Clearly not. Anglos, Iberians, Frenchmen and other Gentile Europeans have always held more power due to their physical numbers they bullied Jews all around Europe even with Jews economic success.

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  2. mandumeyandemufayo · July 28, 2016

    Interesting article. One thing you haven’t really mentioned is that Umkhonto we Sizwe was/were trained in bases outside of South Africa (Angola, Zambia etc) . I personally know (I’m Namibian) people who interacted with the military wing of ANC during their training (Military wing of SWAPO) . So it’s not entirely true that the Cubans/Russians/Chinese didn’t send weapons to South Africans.


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    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · July 28, 2016

      I know of the Umkhonto we Sizwe and their involvement in acts of ‘terrorism’ according to whites (fighting back against whites physically), which Mandela had some involvement with them before been imprisoned. They were not an actual military force, they never challenged South Afrika within it’s borders, rthey are doing what Islamists are doing in Europe on their home terrain, that is not armed regime change. Many of their weapons also came via the British for their involvement and training in the war that ended Rhodesia. South Afrika also killed thousands in wars in neighbouring countries. Nobody East or West is interested in a white South Afrika loss, any loss of control of the Cape Agulhas would mean Afrikans would have significant sway in global politics. This is a key geopolitical place, the meeting of Indian and Pacific ocean, much of the manufactured goods to North America, the second largest economic market region in the world pass this place. Naval Control of that is the reason South Afrika was able to handle the lenient embargoes on them for the latter part of Apartheid. This also explains how they are the ONLY nation directly run by Western European diaspora offshoots who are close politically and economically with the former Communist bloc, their participation in BRICS is notable. With Nigeria now receiving most Western funding due to this change.

      I’m talking about arming a standard war against whites during the same era we saw Communist arm the Algerians and Vietnamese to fight Western nations and conversely the NATO forces supply Afghanistan weaponry to fight a fully fledged war against the Soviet Union which contributed heavily to their governmental collapse. Why don’t Afrikans think we are entitled to proper armaments to fight whites? Because whites and their Eurasian allies have agreed on the integration, the Communists were and still are iffy about black separatism and Afrikan nationalism (as Robert F. Williams said himself), they would never support a full scale Afrikan independence movement. You should know the Soviets Communists were a form of European Internationalism that is why sided with the West against the nationalism. No black person I have ever spoken too has questioned why there was no serious warfare during the apartheid era form blacks yet Communists and Western capitalists helped Algeria, Vietnam, Afghanistan and even come together to fund Somalia defend itself from America maintain autonomy against the invasion of powerful white countries.

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