Inconsistencies with Amos Magazine


‘I said go to Afrika instead of these Asians nations and promote propaganda that is anti-white. No, you said you want to go to Arab and Asians countries right?

‘I plan to go to Arab and Asian nations and spread anti White propaganda to their children regardless of what they may do in the future….I believe that many young people in these countries need a narrative to be used against Whites and their policies. If I can create global anti White attitudes and cause people to seek to harm Whites I will accomplish my goal. ‘

And you also said this:

‘ I do not advocate for African people to attack the racist Government of the U.S. or its soldiers but…’

You support Arabs and other Eurasians harming Europeans but not Afrikans? This was typed from you fingers not mine. But I see where you stand. Do not delete this post.’

The reason I pointed this out and told Amos Magazine not to delete it is it shows many of these so-called nationalists are no really about nothing. He tried to find a way to squirm his way out by claiming propaganda must be used by blacks against Europeans as if they are black peoples ONLY enemies when they are one of many. He then went onto using ad hominine attacks claiming I was either a white nationalist, in love with a white female, a faggot or a weak, scarred black individual all of which is false. After been unable to defeat me in the argument that blacks should militarise and attack and we should applaud and encourage lone wolf fighters but seek to organise, he then proceeded to ban me from commenting on his blog. I am not upset but I am disappointed that in his emotions he couldn’t see the wood for the trees.

‘In order for Blacks to win our war we will need to disparage the image of Whites across the globe with non Whites. And drive home to point with clear concise examples and history. ‘

This is not what Amos Wilson was talking about yet he claims to be taking certain patterns of thinking from Amos Wilson. Amos Wilson said blacks must love themselves and seek to fix our own problems regardless of whether whites existed or not. Whites are not our only enemies, this form of reactionary pseudo-nationalism is common, especially among negroes who are focused only or mostly on their region of the world.  Europeans are black peoples’ enemies and must be bludgeoned by black propaganda but so must the white ‘Arab’, the East Asian and all other enemies of Afrikans. All must be attacked not just one, because blacks in one America and Canada might be dealing with the European but blacks in Papua are dealing with the Southeast Asian and blacks in Egypt are dealing with the white ‘Arab’. You can not claim to be a global movement but only seem to pinpoint the main enemy of you specific ethnicity and not enemies of the race globally. Hence Global Biological Afrikan Movement, not American Biological Afrikan Movement.

He ended up deleting the comment above and other ones including this ridiculous statement.


Purely egotistical nonsense, he has not convinced most Afrikans in America of what he speaks yet he is convinced he can promote propaganda in these nations full of people equally as anti-Afrikan as Europeans. No you can’t since Afrikan nationalists have not convinced Afrikan Americans to fight, how will Amos Magazine convince or take credit for convincing other races who are already fighting whites? He knows it is nonsensical hence has been deleted. He accused me of been a liar, a fraud ect. But he has only made himself look a fool.

He did mention Boko Haram attacking Arabs and I contradicted him once again, GBAM has a specific definition of who is Afrikan, just like ACBN. But for some reason he decided blacks who claim to be Arab are not only anti-Afrikan but are not Afrikan at all because Dr. Chinwiezu said they claim they are not often times. This is not the full picture but it also ignore the fact that by this token multiracials can claim they are black because they think they are. All totally false. There is a biological reality that can not and must not be overlooked in any circumstances. There are black self-haters, black traitors and black paedophiles/homosexuals, all enemies of sensible Afrikan people but the people are still black weather we like it or not. They are spirits of disorder within our ranks and Afrikans must impose rules on these people because whites have clearly not.

Not all black people who are ‘Arab’ chose Arab over black, nowhere near all do especially with the racism against Afrikans in North Afrika. Not everyone wants to be white, many are forced to or are attacked by whites for refusing to be classified as white because of Eurocentrism.


Dr. Mostafa Hefny.

‘Black men have a human right to attack any group they believe to be immoral oppressing or attacking members of their species.’ More inconsistent foolishness, he is really not thinking like Amos Wilson when he mentions human rights and the defending of them, Amos Wilson, who did use the term rights but not in the Eurocentric, European created concept of ‘human rights’, warned Afrikans of the use of white definitions and their power to define the world. Human Rights are a new concept, one to be used in European political agendas. Afrikans defending their ‘human right’  against the people who came up with concept of it, we’ll see how this works out.

I am not on for disrespecting people who have gained respect, unless it is spur of the moment but even then I do regret it. Whilst I still respect Amos Magazine for the work he puts in, I can not respect the fact he has tried to treat IMA’s uniquely when all these groups have played an part in our destruction. Even in his own nation, the white ‘Arabs’, the East Asians and Caucasian Indians are working hand-in-hand with Euro-Americans sucking up wealth right out of black peoples hands and he wants to target IMA’s as if they work alone. No these people are ALL partners in crime. All the disordered spirits must be attacked by Afrikans. The Eurasians is one entity with various features, faces and various geno-cultures which are all anti-Afrikan, fuck all of them.



  1. This article is utter non sense and I also posted another article of recent Arab attacks in Europe which will become more and more frequent…


    • That is good I do not like any of them, but to claim your movement is global and then to try to make alliances with any of these groups is foolish. There is 1 billion plus Afrikans, don’t need these other groups, whenever you try to make friends for even a minute they use you then get what they want.

      In the UK negroes wanted to make an alliance with Indians, yes the SAME ONE KICKED OUT BY IDI AMIN, those bastards. What did the Indians do, made their own businesses from money pooled for ‘anti-racism’ against whites and have never looked back. Fuck whites, fuck Indians, fuck Arabs, fuck all of them. I don’t know why you want to be friends even temporarily with any of them.

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  2. This article is inconsistent and makes no sense at all..once again what is your point…You are banned from my BLOG for being a liar….You got but hurt because I said I wanted to send propaganda throughout the Arab world that is anti White and that will flame Arab attacks on Whites in Europe…..


    • Tell me what I lied about? Tell me if you would break the white mans law for a revolution? Tell me if you want blacks to attack whites just like Arabs?

      You are running far away from these questions. I answered damn near everyone of your questions on the exchange on you blog but you don’t answer one on mine and continue to slander. Idk what to say, I am disappointed for sure.

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  3. Propaganda means to propagate or to make know[n.] extensively some particular phase of human intelligence. The desire to convert or influence the people to the acceptance of the truth of the particular intelligence, that is sought to be spread in their midst.

    Propoganda can be true o[r] false in its origin or intent, but it is always directed at the public for the purpose of winning the support of that public to the sentiment expressed in the propoganda.

    If you hate a man, giving him a bad name well may explain one of the purposes of propoganda, without truth behind it.

    Nearly all organized efforts have a system of propoganda to convert people to their principles to get them to support them even though there may be no merit behind it all.

    Propoganda is all around you, to make you buy a special brand of cigarettes, although no good, advertised to be the best; to make you drink or use a certain brand of tea, telling of its wonderful qualities and its everlasting benefits when there is aboslutely nothing to it, and so on.

    Before the war of 1914-1918, the Germans were known to be the most cultured and scientific people in Europe. When the war started, the other nation, so as to discredit the Germans and hold them up to world ridicule, and to the contempt of civilization, released the propoganda that classified the Germans as Huns and barbarians. This also reveals how organized intention can be carried to the public for the public acceptance without thought.

    The press, the cinema, the pulpit, the schoolroom, are all propaganda agencies for one thing or the other. The pulpit carries on religious propoganda, the schoolroom carries on educational propoganda, the press carries on written propoganda, the platform carries on oral propoganda, the cinema carries on demonstrative propoganda. These methodshave been devised by the white man to spread his ideas universally among men, that is why he is able, in a major sense, to control the minds of the people of the world.

    The white man is a great propagandaist. He realizes fully and completely the value of propoganda. You omust therefore, organize your propoganda to undo the propoganda of other people, if the propoganda affects your interest. The Bible is religious propoganda, the school book is literary propoganda, the novels and books you read are also literary propoganda, all calculated to bring about certain results beneficial to the propagandists.

    Never forget then that you are surrounded in a world of propoganda, all dressed up or cooped up to suit a doubtful public who is not careful with what it digests as coming from without.

    The artist is also a propagandist. He paints pictures to convey the idea he wants to impress upon the non-thinking and doubtful public. The sculptor is also a propagandist. He chisels figures and portrays them to suit the aim or purpose he wants to achieve. The pictures of the Madonna of Christ, and of the angels, is painted portraying a white race, so as to inflict upon the rest of the world that God, the angels and the Holy family are white as well as Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were black.

    They also paint the Devil and the imps of Hell black to impress the world that all that is black is evil and all that is white is good and holy.

    Tear down from your walls all pictures, that do not glorify your race. Tear up and burn every bit of propoganda that does not carry your ideas of things. Treat it as trash.

    When you go to the cinema and see the glorification of other in the pictures, don’t accept it, don’t believe it as true. Visualize yourself instead as if achieving whatsoever is presented and if possible organize your propoganda to that effect.

    You should always match propaganda with propaganda. Have your own newspapers, have your own artists, have your own scuptors, have your own pulpits, have your own platforms, print your own books and show your own motion pictures, paint your own pictures and sculpture your own subjects. Never accept your subjects as of another race, but glorify all the good in yourselves.

    Keep your homes free and clear of alien objects, of other races in glorification, otherwise your children will grow up to adore and glorify other people.

    Put in the places of others the heroes and noble characters of your own race.

    Never allow your children to play with and have white dolls, it will give them the idea of having white children themselves. GIve them the dolls of their own race to play with and they will grow up with the idea of race love and race purity.

    Watch the newspapers daily, magazines and journals for propaganda against your race or your institutions and particuarly against the U.N.I.A. and rush into print immediately to defend your race and organizations from any attack. Never allow an insult propagated to go unanswered by you. Be ever vigilant to down anything by way of propaganda that dishonors or discredits you. Don’t help the other fellow to carry on propaganda against yourself or your race. All propaganda comes from the arranged desires of individuals and not from a race as a whole. It is the thinkers and leaders who originate propaganda, and by insisting on its wide distribution they get other people to think as they like.

    Don’t accept the thoughts of others through propaganda except it coincides with yours. Don’t follow the band down the street because it plays sweet music to the propaganda circus manager, he may lead you into the circus tent and take away your pocketbook, that is to say, don’t get on anybody’s bandwagon, because he may drive you to hell with the sweet music. Like the Pied Piper of Hamlin who played his sweet pipe and led the rats from out of the city into the sea and drowned them.

    Propaganda organized by somebody else is always calculated to take advantage of you, don’t help them to do so.

    Always ask! “What is this about? What is the object of it? Who has sent it out? What is he aiming at? Will it hurt me and my face? Is he trying to get an advantage over me? Is it honesty? Is it true?”

    If you ask these questions of every propaganda that comes up, before you swallow it, you will always be able to take care of yourself.

    Don’t sing the songs and repeat the praises that glorify other races, sing your own songs and receite your own praises that glorify your own race. As for instance, it is foolish for Negroes to sing or say “Britons never shall be slaves” when they themselves have been slaves are are likely be slaves if they don’t impress upon their own minds that they as Negroes shall never be slaves again.

    Sing, therefore, “Negroes never shall be slaes.” Be careful how you sing religious hymns, written dished up and made popular by white writers to glorify the white race in the name of God, taking advantage of the silence of God to impress inferiority upon your race- such as “The great white wings of angels”, “The white throne of God”, “Wash me whiter than snow”- all these are damnably vicious propaganda against the black race. “Though my sins be scarlet, they be whiter than wool.” “Wash me in the blood and I shall be whiter than snow.” All these things reflect the propaganda designed of the white man to glorify his skin and his race as against the black imps of hell, and the black devil and the black pall of gloom. The idea of the white man making black a symbol of mourning and sadness is just to show the extreme of the purity of whiteness and its joy and happiness. Reverse it. If possible teach the Negro that when he is in mourning to wear white, and when he in joy to wear black. This is meeting propaganda with propaganda, the hatchet with the hatchet, the stick with the stick, the stone with the stone. Everything on earth is man’s creation and so out of man’s propagadanda and mind he has created his special systems of opinion to meet his designs.

    Customs, therefore, are based upon the acceptance of propganda skillfully engineered. Have your own propaganda and hand it down the ages. Write your own poetry and recite it. Compose your own songs and sing them. Write your own interpretation of scripture and history and teach them as far as the interpretation of others affects your race.

    Challenge the thought of any book or literature that dishonors or discredits you in any particular, and give it the widest publicity so as to undo the harm intended, remembering always that an error not corrected ultimately becomes a fact.

    Never allow false statements of allegations against your race to become current and pass into history, as if it were a fact.

    -Marcus Gavey
    From “Life and Lessons”

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    • Garvey did not say to help others in their battles he always mentioned there was many Afrikans on the planet, this is all he needed to focus on and nothing more. You want to waste time on other groups when all of these groups are anti-Afrikan. I said let them fight each other, let them kill each other but just know when it comes to them and Afrikans they are all in collusion. Look at South Afrika, did the European or East Asian Communists supply weapons? Did Iran supply weapons? Did the Europeans supply weapons? Nobody was gonna give weapons to fight this cracker so I don’t now why you want to help them in their fights against Europeans when they blatantly ALL sided with the European in South Afrika. Tell me I’m lying, that was the purpose of the other article, you have no allies so stop wasting time with them.

      I said go to Afrika with the propaganda so Afrikans can do the work. Garvey himself only focussed on whites which is not the only enemy. Garvey ultimately failed to achieve his goal, unfortunately, in no small part because negroes adopted this people of colour bullshit, ‘everyone against white people’. Meanwhile in the same island he is born mulattoes are the beauty standard (not white), Indians own disproportionate amounts of shops (not white), mulattoes have been the majority of prime ministers (not white), the Chinese have bought out most hotels (not white) and whites have owned much of the bauxite rich land. All that propaganda encouraged by black nationalists in Jamaica has resulted in all of the groups working together and even many negroes. Fuck ALL of them, you keep trying to pick and choose a side, that’s not what it’s about, if it were these groups would not all collude right over black peoples heads to work together.

      Look at Detroit another example, Jews, Gentiles and Arabs hate each other right and by your logic we should get Arabs to fight against European Gentiles and use propaganda. I have no problem with them fighting but notice how all three groups have come together to suck the wealth out black Detroiters and even come together to live in suburbs away from black people. Yet you want to pick sides for some type of ‘military science’. None of these groups will EVER listen to a black person. There are black Arabs, black Jews and they don’t get a look in, yet a black Afrikan nationalist is going to go to these places and propagandise these people. I wouldn’t stand in your way if it worked but you are wasting time when you even admit Afrikans need to propaganda too. Afrikans must be a PRIORITY, must receive it first then give it to other people. Then you can engage in whatever personal interests.


  4. <<< Amos N Wilson on White creating Propaganda to destroy Blacks…"Other Nations and People of the World will buy the Negative Propaganda of Whites that will Destroy Blacks_ Dr. Amos N Wilson…..

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    • I have never denied this. I live in the UK, propaganda against blacks is at an all time high. There are now armed police on London streets NOT because of Arabs or Chinese spies or Pakistanis who make up most of the ‘terrorist’ but black street gangs who MAY have a tentative link to ‘terrorists’. I have said black people are ALL of these Eurasians ultimate enemy, not just the European.

      These other races have jumped on board with Europeans, ESPECIALLY Pakistanis, Bengalis and other South Asian Muslims because it removes them as the main target of Europeans. That is the reason I said FUCK ALL OF THEM. I don’t want to make friends with them because they have ALREADY made friends with Europeans.

      Posts like that was why I followed you in the first place. I will continue to read your posts, I will not hold a grudge even over the false statements.


  5. What is the point of this person? What is this persons objective? My objective is to spread anti White propaganda to non Whites around the world who are ignorant….this will thus explain the actions of Micah Johnson and other freedom fighers thus countering the narrative of the White IMAs…. This person got upset because I said I was going to go personally to the Arab, Persian enemies of the USA and open dialgoue up as so to


    • You accuse me of been a liar. You lied, I am not upset about it. I said go to Afrikans FIRST support Afrikans fighting. I find a quote saying ‘ I do not advocate for African people to attack the racist Government of the U.S. or its soldiers but…’ but you claim to support Afrikans fighting at the same time. Contradiction, one of those has to be a lie. I said you should go to Afrika FIRST them do what you want after, and you steady talking about well Afrikans will die you must be a white nationalist blah, blah, blah. We must propagandise blah, blah, blah. I don’t have a problem with propaganda, even asked what time do you feel propaganda is a appropriate for Afrikans to which you banned me. I see what kind of games you are playing. I am surprised other people have not said a word about it. You clearly from what you typed said you don’t condone black violence against whites and the US government until blacks receive propaganda but you want to argue with me that Eurasians should receive propaganda before Afrikans. So lets be honest, do you even want Afrikans to fight because you’ve typed many contradictory statements.


    • Did Amos Wilson not say that mulatto Latinos and East Asians are also enemies of black people. Hell yeah, he even studies how Koreans sucked up wealth from Afrikan Americans. He said none of these groups are your ally. You can form temporary alliances when it become appropriate at this stage it has not, soon enough you will see Arab cops killing blacks and getting away with it. None of these groups are interested in an alliance that time is long gone.


  6. This article makes no sense….lol


  7. This is a White person I am convinced….a dumb British White person whom I outsmarted..


  8. . If I can create global anti White attitudes and cause people to seek to harm Whites I will accomplish my goal. ‘

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    • So your goal is NOT for Afrikans to fight Europeans? Your goal is NOT for Afrikans to fight white Arabs? Your goal is NOT to fight East Asians? You goal is NOT to fight Indians?

      Your goal is clearly not black liberation you said it yourself.


  9. stevetoussaint · July 15

    What is going on here?

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    • Amos Magazine wants to promote anti-European propaganda to Eurasians, specifically white Arabs and East Asians for some global anti-white shit, when he knows there is ALREADY a GLOBAL ANTI-AFRIKAN sentiment. I said propagandise Afrikans first and he end up banning me from commenting in his blog accusing me of lying (where) and you can read for yourself where he said he doesn’t advocate Afrikans attacking the US government but he does Arabs and East Asians.




  11. After been unable to defeat me in the argument that blacks should militarise and attack and we should applaud and encourage lone wolf fighters but seek to organise, he then proceeded to ban me from commenting on his blog. I am not upset but I am disappointed that in his emotions he couldn’t see the wood for the trees…………..

    FROM RELATION ARTICLE: “Black men have a human right to attack any group they believe to be immoral oppressing or attacking members of their species. Yes, African-American people are a conquered people who are currently dominated by a group with superior military weapons and population but it does not mean that we can’t use force to show our objection to the State and Race that dominates us. I do not advocate for African people to attack the racist Government of the U.S. or its soldiers but I am saying, that if an individual choose’s to pay the price to carry out their defense of their race it doesn’t make them racist, demented or even hateful. It simply means they in their own personal feelings have exhausted all available means to reasonable justice.”

    IT IS A FEDERAL CRIME TO OPENLY ADVOCATE ATTACKS ON THE US GOVERNMENT….notice this AGENT left out my the other parts of what I said to diminish the context and SPIN IT……

    I do not advocate for African people to attack the racist Government of the U.S. or its soldiers but I am saying, that if an individual choose’s to pay the price to carry out their defense of their race it doesn’t make them racist, demented or even hateful.


    Today is July 15…I wrote this on July 8……

    here will be a day when Black boys and girls the world over will hold hands in African unity free from being governed, legislated, policed and taught by White men and women. This will come through well trained Black men from all across the globe who will confront the White Hegemon in a language that they understand.

    The only regret I have in this is that the brother worked alone and did not have a plan of escape. If I am ever the General of the African Centered Military, I will make it a goal to never lose a single African. If Black men put our minds to it we will become the most feared and deadly military force ever. In the history of Black people, we have never tried to form a Global African Army with a clear focus on removing non-Whites from power over African people.

    One month ago, I was on Youtube, listening to a Dr. Umar Johnson video where he began to promote the inaccurate lie that Black people could not defeat the US Government or Police Forces. I am going to do a quick analysis of the Baltimore Uprising and why it failed.

    I told them that Black men in Baltimore grossly outnumber the police and if they were properly trained and armed they would slaughter the Baltimore Police. I am not advocating they should but I am clearly stating the could. If only they KNEW their power.

    I have proven you to slander an African Nationalist and deliberate witholding information to African people to slander an African man…..

    You sir, are a coward. My blogs are responsible, careful and well calculated.



      Advocating the overthrow on the US whether in the country or not is illegal. Attacks presumably come under this too. I am not even from America so I don’t know the laws, if you had EXPLAINED the laws immediately at the first port of call instead of going onto an irrelevant tirade then this whole situation could be avoided. I told you I live in the UK to see if you would have explained what exactly I said could land you in hot water, instead you tried to paint me in all kinds of brushed because of where I live. You are nothing more than a coward one that encouraged attacks on the UK, which can ALSO get you into trouble in the US. I don’t give a fuck about the laws tbh, when it comes time to break them like Micah Xavier Johnson, it must be done.

      I don’t care that you said you do not care that you said you don’t want his memory to be destroyed. I have said that too on comments on your blog and Bhekizitha’s. That is nothing new, what is new is that you advocate for others to overthrow the US government and white hegemony but NOT blacks even though both are a crime. I see you are not really about nothing, pipe dream and all. In order for most Afrikans to join in on whatever plans or I have one would need to prove we are a BETTER alternative to what negroes have gotten used to. Bhekizitha bringing of 1960 style Republic of New Afrika taking the Southern States and you pussyfooting around the fact you are actually on some ‘People of colour’ shit is barely an improvement. You too are very ethnocentric, even in your comment you focus on Afrikan Americans but want to speak for all black people globally.

      It is good Afrikans Americans are beginning to listen to outsiders that multiracials are not black but beyond that much rhetoric hasn’t changed. Secular nationalism has proven to fail so continue on you ‘human rights’ fight against Europeans only. I will encourage fighting against all Eurasians which is a true global perspective. You can not dream of a day when Afrikans fight globally to remove European and ignore what Amos Wilson said about Europeans been one of many enemies. Afrikan may take down European but to fall under another 500 years of East Asian oppression. Amos Wilson was very clear that Afrikans as a global people must be prepared to fight all challengers. Ethnocentrism is not his goal, but it is yours. ‘This will come through well trained Black men from all across the globe who will confront the White Hegemon ‘. This is NOT a global perspective, European hegemony is not the only one, Amos Wilson said they are not the only enemies. I have said that so many times and you CONTINUE to ignore it and accuse me of been many thing I am not. You are too far up this white mans ass to see that these other groups have already sided with whites against blacks. You admit it but want to waste time trying to change reality, even thinking about wasting air miles on this pipe dream.


      • . You are nothing more than a coward one that encouraged attacks on the UK, which can ALSO get you into trouble in the US.

        see the lies

        Black SOuth Africans using GBAM Propaganda to further Damage the IMAGe of the US Internationally…LOL UK is up next.

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      • You can get into trouble and vice versa. You clearly do not understand the intertwining of the UK and US governments. Obama had to ask Cameron if it was okay to invade Syria. The UK cabinet has special meetings about 9/11 and UK citizens have been deported for threatening America I should image vice versa would result in the same thing?

        I don’t have a problem with damaging the UK’s image or America or France. They are a rival geno-culture, you are not going based off that but some weird people of colour fetish. When I said attack Arabs too, no comment, when I said when is it time to advocate black to physically kill whites, no comment. You are shook and you know it, you want some other geno-culture to do black peoples job. Talk military science but you can’t even advocate one of attacks on whites. I will, all fucking day of the week and if I get arrested so be it, I ain’t afraid of personal responsibility, I ain’t afraid of breaking the white mans laws.


      • Like I said before I knew you British negroes love the nation…lol


  12. You have not one article of an African Paramilitary outside of Africa… I believe I am the only person to have one… what a joke…my Article is timestamped as well…LOL you piece of shit


    • Article about something which is not even in the woodworks. I am not against that, never said I was, find me a quote where I said I was.

      I ask you about when it is time to propagandising whites in black peoples eyes, no comment. I ask you about Iraqis ignoring 2-3 million black Iraqi, no comment. I ask you about propagandising whites in Afrika before Asia, no comment. You just gonna keep on running.

      I am not blocking you from commenting even with the slander. I only ask this question are you going to break the law to fight whites in your lifetime or just write article online. We have enough online nationalists which hasn’t stopped police killings, hasn’t stopped the genocide in Libya, hasn’t stopped the bleaching epidemics in then Caribbean and Afrika.

      I have already broken the law in this country possession of an offensive weapon.


    • Articles on paramilitary yet you are afraid to encourage violence against your own government because you will be incriminated. How will you ever wage war or create and illegal paramilitary then? More lies and contradictions.


  13. I believe that many young people in these countries need a narrative to be used against Whites and their policies.


  14. In the history of Black people, we have never tried to form a Global African Army with a clear focus on removing non-Africans from power over African people. <<< July 8th, 2016… I made a typographical error by saying Non-Whites…..I then also have other articles… such as:

    Dr Khalid Muhammad himself said with it comes to Israel vs Palestine we side with Palestine once that conflict is over we let them know this land is actually ours…. How stupid can you be to slander a person who writes as much as I do?

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  15. ‘In order for Blacks to win our war we will need to disparage the image of Whites across the globe with non Whites. And drive home to point with clear concise examples and history. ‘

    This is not what Amos Wilson was talking about yet he claims to be taking certain patterns of thinking from Amos Wilson.

    Dr. Amos N Wilson in his own words about propaganda in DETAIL………


  16. What techniques can I use to use against my enemies – Dr Amos N Wilson

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  17. Kushite Prince · July 15

    I can see things got pretty heated. Sometimes this happens when a hot topic comes up. I think Amos and AfrikaNeeds are bother very passionate. It seems you both had a disagreement on the issue of Arabs and then things got a little sidetracked. It seems the real disagrrement is that Amos wants to spread anti-white propaganda to other non-whites. I don’t see anything wrong with that. But AfrikaNeeds says that Arabs are not our only enemy..which is also true. I do remember a lecture when Amos Wilson said we should not fall for the belief of “people of color”. In other words he was sating that ALL non-Africans were potential enemies to our people. Which I agree with 100%. I think Amos Magazine knows that Arabs and Asians are not our allies. He’s just saying there’s nothing wrong with spreading anti-white rhetoric to other races if it can help black people. And AfrikaNeeds thinks we should keep our eyes on all potential enemies. I think we can do both. I think you guys had a disagreement and let your emtions get the best of you. There will alays be disagreements in the struggle for liberation. I like both your blogs and you both have useful information. I think your followers have learned a lot from your blogs. I hate to see brothers fighting over petty issues because once insults are said the …gloves come off! I really don’t like seeing this stuff. We have a lot of work ahead of us and we need as many like minded individuals in this struggle. What is the beef really about? You’re arguing over..”who is the bigger enemy”. Come on now! We all know that all non-Africans are our enemies. Cooler heads will prevail. Let’s squash this guys. Put aside the egos and let’s get back to work. If not,you can just block each other from posting on the others blog.

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    • I said to him propagandise whites as criminal to blacks first. Not only did he refuse but since I found a quote where he acknowledged he ain’t going to break white peoples laws, he has accused me of being every name under the sun.

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    • I never disrespected him, even in this post I explained in the spur of the moment yes I have said things I later on regret. He is still disrespecting me calling me white when he knows there ain’t no white people talking like me ever.

      This is same emotional thing he did with Bhekizitha ove Malcolm X, he doesn’t want to back down when he knows he is wrong. I did that when I had my last argument with him over suing, he knows more than me so I took a seat an learned what I could.

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      • Kushite Prince · July 16

        Yes I do remember that exchange between him and Bhekizitha. They went back and forth for awhile but eventually got past it.


  18. In order to deny their own criminality, they must then project that criminality on to other people. And you will see then a standard feature of White American society is that of projecting criminality on non-white people. Black people, Indians, Iraqis, it doesn’t matter. In fact, a part of the New World Order is to demonize the Third World, and use that world as a means of attacking it, and exploiting it, and maintain imperial control over it, and it will do that by demonizing and criminalizing non-white people. We’ve seen it in Grenada, as I mentioned, we’ve seen it in Iraq.

    Dr Amos N Wilson

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  19. And now you can bet your bottom dollar that these people are in search of other enemies at this point. Because, ladies and gentlemen, the military industrial complex is a complex that needs a chronic enemy because that complex has become so vital to American economic stability. So consequently, the nation literally has to stay in a permanent war-mode. Consequently then, it is literally forced to demonize other people and to criminalize other people as a basis for maintaining it’s own economic, social system.
    This is what we say is scapegoat psychology. Some people were baffled when Bush in a matter of a month or two could turn Hussein from a friend into a devil. But when you understand what we call Realpolitiks, there’s nothing baffling about it at all. Because the one constant that goes on in foreign policy is that of self-interest. And that’s the only thing you’re concerned with. If it maintains your self-interest at one moment to say a person is your best friend, then you say that they’re your best friend. If it maintains your self-interest to the very next month to say that they’re your bitterest enemy, then you say they’re your bitterest enemy. Nations do not have permanent friends; they have permanent interests. And consequently, when nations try to maintain their so-called internal coherence, they will make or break outsiders as a means of doing so.
    Dr. Amos N. Wilson


    • Explain why nobody in Iraq wanted to make allies with 2 to 3 million black Iraqis? When there is PROOF these groups do not want your alliances then do away with them too.


  20. If it maintains your self-interest at one moment to say a person is your best friend, then you say that they’re your best friend. If it maintains your self-interest to the very next month to say that they’re your bitterest enemy, then you say they’re your bitterest enemy. Nations do not have permanent friends; they have permanent interests. And consequently, when nations try to maintain their so-called internal coherence, they will make or break outsiders as a means of doing so.
    Dr. Amos N. Wilson

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  21. nidotopianwarrior · July 17

    What in the world is this? Come on Africa Needs To Own Its Resources and Amos Magazine, you two are better than this.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree I have tried to make peace with Amos Magazine but he has lied on me so many times and is STILL lying on me. He has accused me of been so many things I am not. He even made a post denying that he advocate/wishes that the UK was attacked even though he has gone on record of saying it to me. On top of that he is afraid of saying that whites should be killed in response for the slayings of black men by racist American police, shameful. Amos Wilson said this kind of thing ALL OF THE TIME, he even approved of the mass shooting of unarmed whites by Colin Ferguson. Colin Ferguson, a Jamaican born Afrikan man, an Abrafo Abosom (divine executioner), who massacred whites on a New York City subway. Amos Wilson did not care if that could be classified as hate speech and if he lost his job or was imprisoned, he worked for Afrikan people and Afrikan people ONLY, he did not fear the white man as we shouldn’t. Yet Amos Magazine DARES to call be an agent for approving the same message. SMDH.

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  22. Bhekizitha · July 26

    This dialogue is important. If your argument is sound then you have nothing to worry about. I have learned a lot from both @Afrika Needs to own its resources and Amos magazine. Sala Kahle!

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