Latino is language group and nothing more


Over the years there has been misinformation spread, particularly by IMA’s in the Americas, about the nature of the term Latino. Latin America as I have pointed out is not a unified region and does have concepts of race (just like everywhere else). The use of Latino in the United States is for the development of a new identity for the mestizo and mulatto populations of Latin America, many whites from the same countries are simply changing surname through marriage and becoming physically and culturally indistinguishable from non-Latin speaking whites. Latino is not a race, this has been demonstrated many times including in Latin America itself. Multiracial populations are not pro-Afrikan, sure you can find individuals but as a whole they have white ancestry hence are influenced by those white individuals as well as American Indian who also have enslaved and attacked Afrikans and participated in the stripping of Afrikan culture in the Americas. Latino is not an ethnicity, they have no genetic/phenotypic uniformity, no cultural uniformity, no historical uniformity hence they have nothing to classify them as an ethnicity. Latino is a language branch descendant from the Romance Latin language and the Latins a people who founded the different original Latin languages in Italy. IMA’s speaking an Indo-European language branch, nothing to with mixed peoples in the Americas. Latino (currently) is a specific reference to the two major Latin languages spoken in Iberia; Portuguese and Spanish (Hispanic is a references to Spanish solely). These people are not an ethnicity, not a race but an identity, a disjointed one, formed for the American political structure, mainly to weaken Afrikan American’s psychologically by claiming this piecemeal group is larger than Afrikans who have been in the United State of America for several generations.

The racism within the Latino language group was exposed to American audiences with the murder of Philando Castile. The idiots who want to claim these people are an ethnicity or race will have a hard time trying to get around Castile’s assassination in front of his partner and his daughter.


Philando Allysza Castile, clearly a Spanish name, he was an Afrikan person of descent from slaves taken to Latin America. According to the US census a ‘Black Latino’.


Jeronimo Yanez, clearly a Spanish surname. Scumbag murderous police officer who killed Philando Castile in what is recognised as a racist killing, even the Governor of Minnesota said it. Thought they were the same ethnicity? How could that be a cross-ethnic murder then? Yanez is not even white, although he may be on the US census, he is clearly a typical Mestizo Mexican-American. He looks nothing like a white Spanish person from Western Europe. He is a case identity confusion, useful to numerous groups agendas, he is a yet another mestizo, like Zimmerman who has become ‘white’ socially through the murder of a black individual.

The two people above are clearly not in any kind of close relation, socially, physically and ethnically. Rest in peace to Philando Castile, he should never be classified with the demon who killed him in any circumstance. Bloodshed will only be stopped by bloodshed, the Nazi could not be stopped by marching, the Vietnamese would not be free by marching, America wouldn’t exist if they marched against the British. Stop the foolishness, marching, filming, court cases and media attention will not avenge Castile’s death.




  1. stevetoussaint · July 14, 2016

    These fake “pro-afrikan” spics love to claim their of Afrikan descent but can’t even tell you what part of Afrika their supposed Afrikan ancestors are from

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  2. stevetoussaint · July 14, 2016

    And negroes who claim these mestizos and castizos are the worst as they further confuse the phenotypic, genetic, biological and Geno cultural indentity of an Afrikan with brown to black skin with AFRO-Textured hair (tightly coiled peppercorn type hair that makes little to no movement).

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    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · July 15, 2016

      Yeah identity confusion is a bitch. Multiracials are the cause of this because even if whites wanted to they couldn’t do as good as job if multiracials never existed to claim they are us and to suck the history out of us as they have no history beyond their cancerous creation by whites.


  3. 1tawnystranger · July 19, 2016

    So so so true bro!

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