Amos Magazine equated BlackLivesMatter in South Afrika to GBAM meanwhile I spoke about armed revolution



I am not one to go tit-for-tat, but Amos Magazine has just exposed his ethnocentrism. He acknowledges that many non-Europeans are equally as non-Afrikan but still wants to get them to fight whites alongside Afrikans. I said life is reciprocal because that statement Afrikans have every right to kill, slaughter and take land from all groups because we are the original. Amos Magazine somehow twisted this into me supporting whites OVER Arabs when they both black peoples enemies and why is HE supporting Arabs over whites, when supporting white OR Arabs has never helped black people.

He then went on to post ethnocentric garbage about Afrikans in South Afrika supporting Afrikan Americans (what about Afrikan Americans supporting black South Afrikans)?


This is what happens when you are ethnocentric and not race centred like Amos Wilson. You don’t seem to research into Afrikans elsewhere, but do only in relation to your specific ethnicity. Taking up the Arabs cause is actually the work of WHITE LIBERALS as seen by those that are now suing Tony Blair and the whites that protested some 2 million on the streets of London for the ‘Stop the War coalition’ in 2003. This is the legacy these people are working on, Liberals and Conservatives are black peoples enemies. Everything said in the video IS NOT TRUE PROPAGANDA, it is the truth, propaganda is the manipulation of the truth/lies or cohesion for you own agenda. The BLM agenda is pushed with fake threats in addition to the truth, they are even randomly throwing their support for Israel. The time to make allies in Iraq is done, they ignore 2 to 3 million black people in their own borders, who knows the genocides against them considering we only hear of Yazidis who were given rights by European invaders.

The video above is actually part of a global Liberal movement that I had mentioned to Amos Magazine and Kushite Prince, of BlackLivesMatter protests, what was said there is barely any more militant than Jesse Williams BET speech.


Amos Magazine knows that this is occurring. He KNOWS that these white and mixed ‘Arabs’ sided with Obama and his European contingent. Yet he wants to go and propagandise whites in these peoples minds even though they have ALREADY declared war on Afrikans.

‘Black Lives Matter Protests Go Global, From Ireland to South Africa

America’s Black Lives Matter movement has jumped continents in the wake of recent fatal police shootings of black men in the United States.

From Europe to Africa, people around the world are marching in solidarity for America’s grassroots campaign for racial justice and against excessive use of force by police, following the officer-involved shootings of two black men last week whose final moments were captured in shocking video footage that went viral online.’

‘In Cape Town, South Africa, dozens of members from the Black Solidarity Action group marched on the U.S. consulate this morning to denounce the officer-involved killings of black Americans. They held signs that read “Black Lives Matter globally,” “stop killing blacks” and “black pride,” among other messages.’

Always do your research before you approve of something. Don’t claim you are global if you are ethnocentric, don’t try to get Afrikans globally to take on your ethnicity’s personal beefs, when these people have their own to contend with. I am asking Amos Magazine to stop the slander, I have not questioned his race, who he sleeps with or anything of that nature. I have simply stated what is true even in my responses I have kept calm and refrained from disrespecting him. There are times when people are wrong and I will acknowledge that since it seemed like I was defending whites, that is stupid, I should have never put myself in such a position. I will not deny faults, but I wonder if after this Amos Magazine will see faults in his own actions.

Capture mag.PNG

Paramilitary or protests, going back and forth, more contradictions. How can you say you support Micah Johnson, but you also support the BLM protests so much so you have claimed Liberal garbage as GBAM propaganda.


This is what GBAM supports. Glad ACBN doesn’t.


  1. authenticafricanvanguard · July 15, 2016

    are you non african? i’m very confused.


    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · July 15, 2016

      I am Afrikan, the false accusations are by Amos Magazine because I questioned the fact he took sides with Arabs over Europeans because I said fuck both of them. As far as I know the best way to get two people to fight, especially if you are currently unable to engage is to do what is called ‘stirring’ by young Afrikans in London. It is when you egg on both sides to both of their detriment. He said no we need some people of colour shit, where he wants to propagandise all non-whites against whites, as if those other people do not have their own agendas (often anti-Afrikan). I said Arabs are as anti-Afrikan as Europeans so I said fuck both of them. I showed it in this post. He is upset that I exposed the fact he is not in support of Afrikans attacking whites and Arabs he want to takes side so to speak. He claims propaganda must be used as if the killing of black men unarmed is not enough to get black men to fight whites in America. He also wants other ethnicities of blacks to ignore their struggles with whoever and engage in warfare and propaganda solely against whites because Afrikan Americans are involved. I said take on all challengers and he is running scarred accusing me of been everything from a US government agent to a black man sleeping with white women. He has been exposed as a coward who wants others help.

      He knows Arabs, Indians, East Asians ect. are already engaged in fighting whites economically and in some cases physically he wants to add propaganda to their causes which I have no problem with but think it should go both ways. He does not want Afrikans to propagandise our own population against whites, he has made that clear.

      When I heard the killings in France I laughed, damn bastards are in Afrika illegally as we speak. I am hoping something hits the UK, it’s been a long time they haven’t hit up this shitty island. English people are some lying, hypocritical muthafuckas, they treat black people like shit and Afrika like their playground but soon they’ll see. Cameroon try to talk down to Buhari, and Buhari said he wants stolen assets back. Damn bastards try to act like Afrika can be corrupt all on it’s own.

      He has accused me of supporting whites, when I pointed out Eurasians are all the same fucking side. I want them all. Afrikans will be the largest geno-culture in 50 years and nearly half the world’s population in 100. That would easily change the dynamics of warfare against any group. Yet he want to focus only on Europeans (personal gripe) yet wants to speak for all Afrikans hence Global in his movements name. Europeans may not even be relevant as Amos Wilson said in the next 100 years, but the East Asians and white ‘Arabs’ will be, Amos Wilson said Afrikans must be ready to take on all challengers and I agree.

      He is self-centred and extremely emotional. I witnessed the same with Bhekizitha and himself over Malcolm X, he resorted to all sorts of name calling to which Bhekizitha stated fact after fact. I am not going to cry over the fact he banned me but it does effect other peoples ability to see my work as my comments are not going to be allowed on his blog.

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      • authenticafricanvanguard · July 16, 2016

        I’ll still be viewing your blog I have no problem with you. The main focus should be on sharing valuable useful information. I care not about petty disagreements. I respect all who post factual info I will never block anyone even information from non Africans. I will continue to follow your blog it’s a shame that it had to come to this. I respect a cherish acbn and gbam so I will be neutral and not take sides.

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      • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · July 17, 2016

        Thank you for your honesty!

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  2. AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · July 16, 2016

    Where are you Amos Magazine. You running far from this shit. I said wage war on both since you are about black people globally. Your ethnocentrism kills me, you want black Iraqis to ignore the fact non-black ones assault them, kill them, rape them daily so they can engage in propaganda to help non-black Iraqis kill white Americans and British. Sickening, they shouldn’t have to drop their fight for Afrikan Americans, just like Afrikan Americans shouldn’t have to drop their fight against white Americans because Afrikan Iraqis have longstanding problems with non-black Iraqis. For this reason any global Afrikan movement must declare opposition to all non-Afrikans from multiracials in ones own family to the palest least Afrikan looking European.

    Foolish to propose that this simple equation equals me supporting Europeans. You run far from the truth and troll me with Amos Wilson quotes even though you violate much of what he said allowing whites to define your existence with ‘human rights’, ignoring his warnings on ‘people of colour’. I do not follow any man 100% who has not proven themselves illuminating to Nnyame and Nnyamewa (Supreme Beings), this is part of my ancestral tradition, I don’t care how good they sound. Prove to me when amorphous secular nationalism has worked to free blacks, yet you blacken up the works of Mao Zedong and General Diap whose works were centred around their own people and claim it as military science when it is military science for East Asians not for Afrikans.

    Your unsubstantiated claims have been destroyed too, since you knew I was black after I mentioned no white ever speaks like I do you have accused me of been a negro, yet you can’t even say you would be willing to break the white mans laws for a revolution. Run. I do not support pseudo-nationalism, I do not support pseudo-outcries from BLM supporters, I do not support Afrikans cowering behind Arabs, if you are a man you do a mans work. You claim if you are general of an Afrikan army you wouldn’t want blacks to die, you cower behind Arab attacks instead. Blacks dying for the cause should be an honour, a man dies for what he believes in (Micah Johnson) like so many Arabs and other Muslims today, like so many crackers have in the past, like Afrikan maroons, their deaths are not in vein it is to free or empower his people, but you said yourself you do not wish that. I am done.


  3. amosnwilsonuniversity · August 1, 2018

    Damn, this person jumped off the ACBN Train…


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