Amos Magazine and still falsely accusing me of been white


Amos Magazine is a liar and a fraud, you accuse me of been a white lesbian female yet even one of your followers admits that this white lesbian had been following her prior to you with no relation to me whatsoever. The lesbian knows of my blog as I have been the same circles Amos Magazine, ACBNJ and Kushite Prince, they will never follow me because they know I am not pseudo-nationalist in nature, even an accidental click on my blog would discourage even the worst of white trolls.

I can prove I am an Afrikan person all day of the week. I am not afraid to do so.



The lesbian IMA that follows Amos Magazine follows because she knows you aren’t a threat, you encourage Arabs to attack and not blacks yet claim to be a black nationalist. Psuedo-nationalism is not a threat, whites are online everyday threatening to kill black people and carry this out with regularity, yet you cower online talking about pipe dreams and other peoples doing as you wish to. An IMA will never follow me because whites have a HISTORY of fearing people who practice true Afrikan Spirituality.

They feared it to the point where they outlawed it, in fact it is still illegal in many former colonies. The country where my family if from, Jamaica, it is still illegal officially.

This negro tells Afrikans to do NOTHING against Europeans even after the terroristic murders of Afrikans that was broadcasted all over the world, not hidden on LiveLeak. I am disgusted at pseudo-nationalists fearmongering. Amos Magazine cowers behind the white ‘Arab’, I have never said that blacks should run and hide like he has, I will never support any of these anti-Afrikan groups, yet him and certain of his followers have taken to this tactic.



From 1:43:00 onwards.

Afrikan spiritualist talking about frauds claiming to be Afrikan revolutionaries and nationalists. These people make false claims of threatening whites, yearning for their slaughtered but not actually encouraging Afrikans to do it and venting frustration which kills no whites at all. Amos Magazine has merged this with running behind racist white Arabs and South Asians since he is afraid of attacking whites directly, when an Afrikan wants to kill whites they will do it instead of hiding behind the internet or white Arabs.

I made the post War deity but no one to war with, to do with Afrikans waging physical war and killing whites and other Eurasians who are sworn enemies of Afrikans. Amos Magazine has demonstrated those who do not seek to fight a physical enemy but write manifestos about how they wish they could do something. The majority of secular nationalists are not going to do anything, there is a track record, Amos Magazine is another one added to the list. The Abrafo Abosom are those that execute divine hate, the divine executioners in Twi, they do not celebrate other groups doing what we should be doing. Their role is to exterminate the enemy, this is part of Afrikan spirituality and is key to why the Asante ‘Coromantees’ (a division within the Akan ethnicity)  were known as rebellious, vicious warriors during the enslavement era. Amos Magazine cowers from his responsibility as an Afrikan man to tell Afrikan men who were designed to fight to fulfil their role in society, not every man can be a lone wolf or a infantryman but those that have the heart and the ability must acknowledge and be ready to utilise this ability.



‘Coromantee, Coromantins, Coromanti or Kormantine (derived from the name of the Ghanaian slave fort of Fort Kormantine in Koromanti, Ghana) was the English name originally given to Ashanti slaves in Jamaica, but became synonymous for all Akan groups from the Gold Coast or modern-day Ghana. The term Coromantee is now considered archaic as it simply refers to Akan people, and was primarily used in the Caribbean.

Coromantins actually came from several Akan ethnic groups and were sent to separate European colonies in the Caribbean based on their alliance with Europeans back in the Gold Coast – Asante (or Ashanti) being opposed the Fante (Fanti) and the British were shipped to Jamaica and Barbados; the Fante, being opposed to the Asante and the Dutch, were sent to the Guianas, etc. as war and kidnapped captives, respectively. Owing to their militaristic background and common Akan language, Coromantins organized dozens of slave rebellions in Jamaica and elsewhere in the Caribbean. Their fierce, rebellious nature became so notorious among white plantation owners in the 18th century that an Act was proposed to ban the importation of people from the Gold Coast, despite their reputation as strong workers.

The Asante had the single largest African cultural influence on Jamaica, including Jamaican Maroons, whose culture and language was seen as a derivation of Asante-Twi. Names of some notable Coromantee leaders — such as Cudjoe, Cuffy, and Quamina — correspond to Akan day names Kojo, Kwame, Kofi, and Kwamina, respectively. A large amount of the slave population also had Akan day names, as the name “Quashee” (a distortion of “Kwasi”) was the British planters’ way of implying the Asante majority. The word became the Jamaican British term to mean “black person or slave”; similarly, a white individual was called “obroni” (Twi: white person) by the slave populace. The term is still used and is considered a slur.’

They killed whites, not kowtowed to other Caucasians to do the job. You are afraid as any negro is afraid of their master. I am maintaining the traditions of my FREE ancestors. Go on, continue with the false accusations, I have beaten them down and shall continue to do so.




  1. authenticafricanvanguard · July 17, 2016

    Good Post!

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  2. Kushite Prince · July 17, 2016

    Very informative. Thank you for the clarification.

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  3. Kushite Prince · July 17, 2016

    Just keep the information coming and I’m good. I try not to get in between internet beefs. I have done that in the past and it didn’t turn out very well. I have had very heated debates with people on YouTube and Twitter. Most of the time you’re not going to change the persons mind. So it’s best to state your case…and just move on. I like the information on your blog and I appreciate your input. Hopefully in time you and Amos can squash this and we can all move on. Peace.

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