Amos Magazine caught lying




How can one hope for the UK to be nuked and then deny this is the advocating of such an event. This can be classified as bolstering those who seek to attack the UK. Technically he has done more than advocated for an attack but has said he wishes for such an attack wish has NEVER OCCURRED to happen. I am not upset about the statement I HATE the UK government and many of he people of London and England in general but I am upset about the false accusations and lies he is shoving down others throats. Never once have I told people to stop going on his website but he does it to mine, never once have I accused him of been an agent but he has to me, never once have I accused him of been non Afrikan but he does to me. WHY?

I do not like the UK even though I was born here. I would never hope the British army kills Afrikans, this would be the equivalent of saying one advocates attacks by the British army on Afrikans (if someone had said either on his blog Amos Magazine would block them). The UK, US, EU, Canada and other IMA nations are threats to Afrikan peoples ability to prosper and develop successful, power wielding communities and nations. Spirits of disorder will never seek to see those who are not to succeed but clearly serial liar Amos Magazine is behaving like a black spirit of disorder. He is going on a rampage posting attacks by non-Afrikan Muslims and then Afrikans talking back, this is not Afrikan nationalism. He claims one needs propaganda against whites before an onslaught, did Iraqis have propaganda, NO, after they were attacked they attacked back and now other Muslims have gone on the OFFENSIVE. Afrikans killed by racist police in America and he is not seeking to copy the Muslims but to find excuses not to.

He accuses me of been an agent for advocating ILLEGAL behaviour, yet he abides by white laws and wants other Afrikans to do the same. Europeans DO NOT FEAR YOU and will continue to harass and kill black people, especially males due to this. As much as the European hates white ‘Arabs’ and other Eurasian Muslims he does not cause as much trouble to their daily living in London, America, France or elsewhere in the West for FEAR of reprisals. Amos Magazine knows this and encourages white ‘Arabs’ to continue yet refuses to encourage blacks to do so, he even boasts that whites in the UK are scarred (which is partially true of some European whites). He does NOT want the whites to fear blacks, he has made that CLEAR, yet talks of paramilitaries (like the ones that support the Muslim bombings) which would OBVIOUSLY be ILLEGAL but accuses me of been an agent for encouraging openly Micah Xavier Johnson type behaviour.

I am not lying, I do not have to reverse and ignore reality unlike Amos Magazine.





  1. Bhekizitha · July 26, 2016

    I was on your site for about 40 minutes. It is really interesting. Good work!

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