Whites fearing the black male warrior spirit


The BBC made a video recently about the state of race relations in the United States and how police killings would impact on the upcoming generation of Afrikan Americans. I find it interesting that there was NO BLACK MEN in the video.

We have all heard of and seen the eradication of the black female by the media and the replacement of her by mixed race females but now we see a reversal (which many a negro denied would ever take place). The reversal is propaganda against the militant black male who may not do anything but speak in opposition against the killing, especially in their prediction for the succeeding generation of black males. Not wanting to take risks the multiracial male is thrown in our place, oddly for the white media, there was none of his female counterpart. The have always been female warriors too, this has been recorded throughout our history, but whites Liberals understand that picking the black female not the mixed, who is the nurturer of black children may have a stronger affect on black children when she fails to mention seeing people fighting back in the future. Black men are also been talked down on by mixed males who ARE NOT killed by police a anywhere near the rates of Afrikan men. The use of them removes any black male passion on the topic and any chance of black men seeing those with a similar spiritual and physical makeup as them talking in terms which are helpful to the Afrikan cause in USA.



This will likely be a trend in European media, the use of the mixed race man who is decisively cowardly, totally out of harms way and often involved in relationships with non-Afrikans. They and especially their children are out of harms way, yet have the gumption to speak on behalf of black men and boys. Jesse Williams was just the beginning.



RIP to both Gavin Long and Micah Johnson. These people are Afrikan soldiers and their voice is been erased in the white media, it is time for black people to start putting out the things whites not only don’t want hear but fear because they are trying to sensor it.



  1. Kushite Prince · July 18, 2016

    Thanks for that video. I found it very eye opening. It’s obvious what they’re trying to do with all these mulattoes in the video. I also think the racist media will use these incidents to demonize people who are pro-black and black nationalists. They will try to paint all of us as terrorists and crazy extremists. I’m very hip to the game they’re playing.

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    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · July 19, 2016

      I don’t really care because may whites ARE sympathetic to ‘terrorists’. Remember the other white Eurasian and the white European are the same race but different geno-culture. Europeans have always tried to show interest in fellow white Eurasians plights, as seen: in the Israel-Palestine conflict (Europeans taking both sides), in Afghanistan during the Russian invasion, in Iraq in 2003 famously, the Arab springs most recently. Europeans totally ignored warfare in Afrika dating from the same time period costing more lives: in the Biafra Conflict in Nigeria, in the 25 year plus Angolan Civil War, the continuing Second Congo Civil War which officially ended in 2003 but has continued to this day in Congo and other parts of the Great Lakes region and has taken over 5 million lives and the fact that Boko Haram kill more people than any other Islamic ‘terrorist’ organisation. In return Middle Eastern/North Afrikan whites helped them build white power in the Americas becoming landowners and top businesspersons of entertainment and culturally important centres and attached with the 1% of rich European whites, effectively tying them together. Remember both rich European whites and whites in Saudi Arabia fund many of these ‘terrorist’ organisations.

      The use of terrorist is an antagonistic term from Europeans to white ‘Arabs’ and ‘Turks’. Blacks will be labelled as ‘terrorists’ or ‘supremacists’ by whites regardless of nature even BlackLivesMatters is been labelled as ‘terrorists’ by many whites in America. Amos Wilson warned us of white definitions and how it plays tricks with our minds whites propagandise negatively anything they don’t like, blacks would get it whether our behaviour IS or ISN’T violent. We can’t ignore that fact either.

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      • Kushite Prince · July 19, 2016

        So true brother. Whites love to play word games. They love to throw the word terrorist around any chance they get. White killers are rarely labelled as terrorists. That is a label only for non-whites it seems. It’s all just propaganda from the racist white media.

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      • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · July 20, 2016

        And notice when they said Micah Johnson was out of his mind it was because he was a Afrikan-centred ‘terrorist’, this clearly shows that whites have taught Afrikans to think fighting for ourselves is crazy. He was still labelled as terrorist as well as crazy. Dylan Roof was solely called crazy, no terrorist, no extremists none of that, because anti-Afrikan terrorism is encouraged in America and abroad (Libya notably).

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      • Kushite Prince · July 20, 2016

        That’s right! Good catch! They are trying to link fighting back with being crazy! That’s how they ant to paint anyone who is unhappy with their oppression. It is abnormal to live under these conditions. It is normal to fight against it. They want to normalize complacency in black people.

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  2. stevetoussaint · July 18, 2016

    Very riveting post my brotha. This is why we need our own media so that we can understand who we are genetically, biologically, phenotypically and geno-culturally and promote Afrikan centered ideologies and white hegemonic opposed rhetoric as a counterattack on white racist media to paint Afrikan people however they see fit in order to fit their agenda.

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  3. stevetoussaint · July 18, 2016

    These multiracial multigenerational mulattos and first generation mulattos should not speak on those who are brown to Darkskin with Afro textured hair because they don’t even fit this scientific description and also don’t face the same consequences that we do so it’s utterly ridiculous for them to even provide an input but we all know it’s to pacify Afrikan people and impose a caste system on us.

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  4. AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · September 6, 2016

    It is becoming obvious that the white media is pushing mulattoes heavily since Micah Xavier Johnson, he clearly proved there are black men ready to physically respond FIRST. Warrior spirit.

    Colin Kaepernick and Jesse Williams are actually causing more black people to claim that mulattoes are more down with black people than famous authentic blacks. This in turn knocks onto the regular black male and I have witnessed black people, especially black woman believing mixed people are going to stand up first. Though what Kaepernick is doing is commendable, why can’t blacks see he is a mixed guy standing up for blacks and not a black leader or even figurehead because he ain’t black.

    The mixed identity is not conducive to building power, building an independent economic system and infrastructure. Ones in the Americas are handled and guided by whites who held the power prior to their creation. We see in Brazil, a country which openly wanted to breed out Afrikans and now the multiracials descendants are attempting to assume the black identity of Afro-Brazilians (right now as I type). Black people or as we are called in Brazil, pretos were the main group who historically fought Euro-Brazilian domination dating from slavery, into the physical warfare in the early 1900’s, onto social campaigns in the mid 20th century and now. Multiracials were claiming to their own separate mixed identity and many simply claimed they were white based on class (linking whiteness to wealth in the already established mixed identity). But negroes ain’t studying the world around them so they fail to see what is going on.

    The warrior spirit even impacts on mixed people, they understand it and it’s link to black people, so when they mixed people do fight back against whites they claim to do it under the guise of been black. It is not the same because whites have never had a concerted campaign to exterminate mixed people, anywhere. But it does remind of why they target blacks specifically based on race and not language, religion or culture.

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  5. stevetoussaint · September 15, 2016

    Brotha it has become sad on social media as Afrikan people now appoint Colin Kaepernick as their “black leader” and we fail to realize how this will only create more disarray and dysfunction among us due to the fact that our current social position in the world across the Diaspora including the motherland is at the bottom and subordinate to Europeans and to add on the fact that we have no positive socialization of our Afrikan indentity, No Social or Political organization and definitely not economic organization and this leads to many internal mental issues brought on by EXTERNAL forces that we refuse to acknowledge. Mulattos understand firsthand that there is no social value of blackness because we refuse to make it one and they either use this to proclaim that their black or appease white hegemony by being black when it’s CONVENIENT and this is something Afrikan can never get away with due to our phenotype and unique history. These mixed race people are non Afrikan and ANTI-Afrikan in spirit and must be eradicated along with inbred mutant albinos, Eurasians, white “Arabs”, “Latinos/Hispanics” and any non Afrikan enemy we have. I honestly wouldn’t have some of the knowledge I have know without your articles so I appreciate it.

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    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · September 15, 2016

      Appreciate powerful feedback. The multiracials in the USA have honed the ability to capitalise of black people. As we see none of them are guiding black people to build to defend all they want to do is ‘defiant protest’ which is what has become popular amongst white liberals again since BlackLivesMatters. You know that defiance meanwhile a lack of economic growth will mean when the people you defy get angry there will be repercussions, YOU AREN’T ABLE TO STOP. This was seen in South Afrika where the defiance campaign led to white South Afrikans turning to the Boers solution, apartheid. In America the Civil Right campaign ended with it’s figurehead MLK dead (murdered must we forget) and social and economic disintegration as black tried to integrate with whites.

      Anybody who knows basics about business knew this would happen, the subordinate business is integrated INTO the more powerful one, that bought it out, as the integration process continues the other business all but goes out of business and it run by the one it integrated in to with many times it’s name and with it brand identity disappearing.

      Mulattoes have been key in integration. I demonstrated in my one of my early post mixed people been used by the Dutch in Indonesia against the people there and most of whom are now in the West (mostly Holland and California). They were cornerstone intgetionalists and were rejected by the other groups in Indonesia. The same can be said of black people and mixed people. It is such a controversial and potent topic that John Henrik Clarke said he should NEED a body guard, 24 hours a day, if he writes the book on the history of mixed people and blacks. What other topic you know caused the ancestor Clarke speak about immediate threat of violence been possible? This topic is something that has to be dealt with. Many negroes worship mixed people as much IF NOT MORE than whites, any talk against them is treason to those idiots. This is what Clarke was addressing. Ancestor didn’t leave nothing hidden, you see how PASSIONATE certain negroes are for mixed people, how they think mixed people look better, how they talk broadly and loudly about interracial relationships which produce more mixed people, how they boast about been mixed (lying) when every other community looks down on it. Open treachery.


      The piece I wrote about mixed people and blacks, I analysed the relationship between the Dutch invaders, the Indonesian ethnicites and the multiracial Indo people, cast out of sexual relationships between the Dutch and Indonesians.

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  6. stevetoussaint · September 16, 2016

    John Henrik Clarke needed a bodyguard? Im not surprised because all groups main source of power is first established through the codification of their Geno-culture and building power relations with those who share the same phenotype and if Afrikan people were to do this, this would drastically change our position in the world and leave inbred mutant albinos to deal with their mixed offspring on their own independent of Afrikan people not to be used as a trash heap for all people who are considered non white yet ironically are used as a buffer class for being non white against us a group. Negroes are calling me an agent, claiming I’m being divivise and hateful but I know it’s because in their own they aren’t willing to combat white racism and can’t stand Afrikan centered people and this has been the case historically.

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