Robert F. Williams: the black self-defender who was routed from the history books


Robert F. Williams, a man who created a black guard to defend Afrikan Americans from white violence, he has now been removed from the history books. Despite the fact that he was originally a integrationalist who helped to desegregate facilities in his hometown of Monroe, South Carolina, he has now be obliterated from the history of the USA between 1946 and 1975. He would later become an important black nationalist and in his exile demand Afrikan Americans to break white American laws and rule in order to become free. He foresaw the failure of the Civil Rights movement with him actually having the last laugh over non-violent icon Martin Luther King as he was not murdered despite his penchant for guns. He also proves that the nonsense that white Liberals are any more friendly than white Conservatives is not true, the NRA never rescinded his license.


As we see in the interview he speaks on how he WANTS black Americans to attack white oppressors but we see the interviewer showing that whites who claim to be non-racist WILL DEFEND RACIST WHITES even when they know their treatment of Afrikan people is unjust. He also shows that Cuba is actually no haven for black nationalists and in fact the majority of the Cuban government wants Afrikan American revolutionaries to shut up and just live in silence. This is due to the fact Cuba and the USA have actually supported racism against blacks in both countries, including the Communist parties in both countries with black Cubans STILL facing mass discrimination and marginalisation. White Cubans who were ALSO MARGINALISED (mainly for political beliefs) however were allowed to flee to the USA where they were accepted and given a helping hand to effectively colonise South Florida. Robert F. Williams also speaks on been PROHIBITED from finding exile in Sweden and France. The fact Europe backed the USA and it’s racist government shows nothing can be done ALONE, not even the USA would have the power it had it they were working individually, they are supported by fellow European diaspora around the world.

Do you see him cowering from the fact he encourages treason against the US government, do you see him cowering from the fact he expects white lives to be taken in order for blacks to be free, do you see him afraid of the white racists when he was in America whether law enforcement or white civilians?


Robert F. Williams is not taught in schools, is not shown on television or in newspaper as a leading figure of the Civil Rights era as he took a stance against whites militarily. Afrikan Americans however have mostly allowed him to fall by the wayside even thought his techniques proved successful in that time frame. Most young Afrikan Americans do not know who he is, most young black men in the West do not know of his existence, this effectively restricts the worldview of blacks in white majority nations as we do not see a continuous history of black warfare and armed resistance against Europeans by ancestors.

The end of the documentary shows how Islamist-centred negroes and non-Afrikans do what was commanded by an Afrikan ancestor. Shameful that we have allowed it to continue to this stage where the Civil Rights marching PROVEN FAILURE is allowed to repeat itself. We must maintain the legacy of our warriors, the defenders of our community or else every generation will feel like this is a task they have to do alone, an uphill battle, which just isn’t true.




  1. stevetoussaint · July 21, 2016

    Even I haven’t heard of Brotha Robert F. Williams but this post gave me the opportunity to so I do appreciate that. Most of us learned of our “Afrikan centered” History through a white hegemonic narrative that only speaks of slavery, civil rights and non-violent/pacifist responses to our oppression.

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    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · July 21, 2016

      Black people fought back during colonialism and enslavement both now and in the past, in Eurasia and in the Americas. Eurasians have conspired to paint Afrikans as an inherently inferior slave class class with slave epithet towards Afrikan people been common in Western Asia, Afrika and the America. The people who founded the Curse of Ham were Eastern European Jews.

      Afrikans been pacifist, ‘a slave never hits their master’ type attitude, is due to inculcating the ideologies of Eurasians. Afrikan spirituality allows for warfare against enemies which unfortunately led to Afrikan spirits of disorder (criminal spirits) to fight other Afrikans tribes and ethnicity’s. Goddesses and Gods of war and fighting were used against the primary spirits of disorder (pale allele people and their mixed offspring) during enslavement periods and invasions which Eurasians often initiated against Afrikans since ancient times. The removal of this history and knowledge of the deities of nature has allowed for slave pacifist and Abrahamic pacifist beliefs to be instilled in many Afrikans to our peril as a collective.

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  2. stevetoussaint · July 21, 2016

    It’s time to own our narrative As Afrikan warriors because as long as we continue to let those who oppress us dominate our image of who we are genetically, biologically, phenotypically, geno-culturally, spiritually and mentally, then we will fall victim to this propaganda and even worse internalize it resulting in future generations of Afrikan children coming out of wombs Eurocentric and self hating.

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  3. Kushite Prince · July 21, 2016

    This is a very important post. I had to share it on Twitter. The school system doesn’t want us knowing about men like Williams. I hadn’t heard of him until I was out of high school. And that was only because I did some research on my own. He was a great warrior and understood war tactics. He knew you had to be strategic to defeat your enemy. I suggest ALL black people buy Negroes with Guns. It is a must have!

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