Police hide the name of the shooter of Charles Kinsey


I have warned Afrikans of the posing threat of the fictional white controlled ‘Latino’ and ‘Hispanic’ identities, they are used by whites against their enemies, they were used in Latin America and will surely be used in the United States of America.

Remember Jeronimo Yanez the mestizo shooter of Afrikan male Philando Castile who were both ‘Hispanic’ by ancestry according to the US census and Hispanic been a ‘unified’ people. They are clearly a political identity not a fixed geno-culture. Europeans have used the multiracial populations to absorb, kill and create a caste system against other geno-cultures who they knew if would be a threat if they gained power independently. On the previous post I mention that white Cubans were allowed to flee to the USA and become a power wielding group in South Florida, disintegrating integrationalist Afrikans dreams of holding hands with white Americans. I have relatives who live in South Florida and they make it blunt that white Cubans run things both economically and politically even pushing out the Anglo-centred Europeans. These people were proven anti-Afrikans in Cuba, a country which had an race war in 1912, they migrate to the USA why would they lose this behaviour and mentality towards Afrikan people?

We see the white media and police HIDING the name of the police shooter of Charles Kinsey, due to the fact that after criminal police officer Yanez, this would be the second Latino police attack on Afrikans highlighted by the media in succession. This would DESTROY the Black and Latino foolishness pushed by the same media.



Afrikan man shot by racist police even with his hands up a clear fallacy in regard to the BlackLiveMatters associates ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’. This is not unsurprising though white Liberals ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS, they understand that the police are racist and in America in particular 70% of arrested people in America are white but under 40% convinced are white, if Liberals were so against this behaviour they would do something economically and socially impactful instead of marching which has not stopped blacks been killed who are unarmed and nonthreatening .

‘Following the shooting, the name of the police officer who shot Kinsey was not immediately revealed to the public. Hilton said that he believed the officer was a white male. The officer was placed on administrative leave, and in addition, police announced that the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office would assist with an ongoing investigation. Police announced that the shooter was a 30-year-old Hispanic officer who had worked in the police department for four years, and was a member of the SWAT team. Miami police subsequently identified the officer as Jonathan Aledda. A second officer was suspended without pay for giving conflicting accounts of the shooting.’ White Hispanics play an important role in both the Hispanic identity, confusion it causes in society and maintaining white power. They are white racists, as any other group of whites, but they are also in ‘non-white’ circles as they are classed as ‘brown’ a very vague social term. European racist scum from Iberia were the first of the European marauders to arrive yet their DIRECT descendants such as the white officer Jonathan Aledda is considered a social and racial grey area in the USA. This is obvious identity confusion which will allow for the group known as ‘Latino’ to claim to be victims alongside blacks meanwhile engaging as group in the assails on black people. The hiding of the name of Jonathan Aledda shows that whites in America, especially their ruling class (the mass media is their mouthpiece), understand FULLY that Latino/Hispanic is NOT an a race or even an identity outside of the bounds they have set from the 1970 US census.



White Hispanic officer who attempted to kill Afrikan American who had their hand ups, which is in requirement of police commands. Criminal whites and their mixed offspring are not on the same side as blacks, when you look at the rate of hate crimes against blacks in America versus all other groups you can see that blacks are been openly targeted by non-Afrikans. Non-Afrikans are even covering each others backs, hiding the name of officer who shot Charles Kinsey in the immediate aftermath of the shooting in order to stop people linking recent black police killings with Hispanics and agreeing to free Peter Liang another Eurasian murderous goon who killed Akai Gurley.

Black people need to be alert to the use of the Latino against Afrikans in law enforcement in America, the multiracials have been used on a large scale magnitude in Latin America, this will soon be the case in the United States. White Latinos will continue to do what they do and will most likely merge with Anglicised whites in the USA. Blacks must empower themselves entirely separately from non-Afrikans as we see many take their role in joining the ranks of the anti-Afrikans.



  1. Kushite Prince · July 23, 2016

    All these white Hispanics are white identified for sure. I have met Puerto Ricans,Mexicans and Cubans that are just dying to be accepted into the “white club”. It’s the same with the Polish,Irish and Jews immigrants that came to America in the 20’s,30’s and 40’s. The Irish always talk about when they came to America looking for jobs that store owners had signs that said “Irish Need not Apply”. But they leave out the part that black people were being lynched,raped and murdered during that time. Anyway,all the Isish,Jews and Polish had to do was look down on black people and…..they were then considered white people. And it looks to me like the same thing is going to happen with these other ethnic whites. All they have to do is change their Spanish surnames and stop speaking Spanish and eventually they will be seen as white. I think that’s why so many of them are anti-African. They want to get into the “white club”.


    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · July 23, 2016

      There’s a difference though many Eastern Europeans, European Jews and the Irish ARE European they are white, white is NOT an American concept it is from Europe. American is Anglo-centred, there was a time even the French in Louisiana problems for not following some type of British church, them days are long gone. If an Englishman had immigrated to Brazil they would have been discriminated against for been Protestant, which is why many Irish went to Latin America. These are white people, just like white people who migrated to Latin America, white Latinos actually make up a way overrepresented amount of legal migrants to the USA, far higher than their actual percentage in Latin America. They are white, stop letting Anglicised white Americans fool you with the surname, these people were never included in ANY discriminatory acts against multiracial Hispanics, they are white. Nothing to do with accepted or not, just like the Irish they don’t have to change their name or culture to be accepted just have to stay in America for several generations. Much of the idea of integrating into ‘white’ that most black people talk about is black people’s view of integrating into the mainstream. Much of it is lies, like Italian and Irish weren’t considered white because they were discriminated against for been Catholic, but negroes WANT other groups to be with them so if they lie about them not been white even though those groups came to the Americas as part of a whitening process, negroes will do that.

      The same thing happens everywhere, people migrate this is nothing new, you have had Huguenots (French Protestants), Irish and Polish people who migrated to the UK from hundreds of years ago and still carry non-English surnames, notable example is Wayne Rooney (Irish surname, I thought they hate the Irish?) England football captain, these people are now English. But in the same city as where Rooney is from, Liverpool, there have been black people who ancestors came during the 17th and 18th centuries and are still considered non-English ethnically. The no-Irish stuff was used in England first, the English invaded Ireland and tried to stamp out Catholicism leading to many Irish to flee to America, Canada, Australia and South Afrika. Once factions of Christianity stopped been the defining political ideology the Irish and the English get along well, with over 60% of Irish marriages in the UK including an English and the IRA still exists.

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      • Kushite Prince · July 23, 2016

        That’s very true. The main difference with us is our racial identity is fixed. A black person can never be seen as white. There is no flexibility for Africans. Also thanks for the religions analogy. I think many people forget about that perspective.

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    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · July 23, 2016

      I’m just going to be honest, Americans in general have displayed that they clearly do not understand the difference between race, ethnicity, culture, language group and nationality. This is primarily why fact social categories like ‘Hispanic’/’Latino’ exist. White people exist in Puerto Rico, Mexico and Cuba and so do non-whites, whites from those countries do not need white Americans to validate them as white to get into a ‘white club’, they all however need Europe to do that as Europe IS where white Europeans claim to originate their geno-culture from.

      White Americans may go to Mexico or Argentina and be rejected by the local white population culturally and socially, but still be considered white. Many people also confuse the New World and Old World populations which are very different as the New World has no major clinal zones meaning nationalities often do not consist of one race an extremely high percentage. The higher than average white population coming from Puerto Rico, Mexico and Cuba are still white people, the mixed people with no geno-culture who adopt the Hispanic term in the US are those that want to be white by-in-large. There is a difference on top of that nationalities in the Old World such as the Polish and Irish are solidly white with very few non-whites coming to the USA at the time due to US immigration laws. European Jews never had a nation between the 1040’s until the 1940’s a good 900 years but they were considered separate from other whites due their linguistic and cultural (religious) ties, they had many nationalities due to immigration and were racially white, even contributing to the rise of the KKK in the USA. They were all ethnically and culturally different but they are white racially which is what white Americans claim their ethnicity from, they are an ethnicity formed from European migrants. The populations coming from Latin America are racially mixed and many have no close ethnic ties or cultural. The Latin American populations are not really a nationality where you can claim them to be uniform culturally, that would be like claiming all immigrants from the USA to somewhere else are all ‘American’ ethnically regardless of their racial and cultural differences.

      Multiracials populations from Puerto Rico, Mexico and Cuba are not considered white anywhere and never will be because white people keep restrictions on who is considered white based on PHENOTYPE, which is why ACBN is so important, we must refine our identity and remove non-blacks who will always be used by other groups against our identity which we CAN’T do against them. The average mulatto/triracial Puerto Rican can do whatever they want but won’t be considered white in their homeland much less when they come to America yet many WANT to be white so they tick ‘white’ on the census in both America and in Puerto Rico, note any race can be Hispanic so we also get many mestizos who claim to be ‘other’ race with many cities in California been have significant other populations. Those people are the ones who have been confused to their identity but understand they can never be white.

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      • Kushite Prince · July 23, 2016

        So true! Anyone can be considered Hispanic. I have said that so many times. It’s all about phenotype for white people. Great analysis brother!

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  2. bookooball · December 4, 2016

    You sheep just keep slurping up that Kool-Aid up by the gallon.


    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · December 4, 2016

      What Kool-Aid. You are defending white police shooting an unarmed, hardworking civilian.

      I am not going to argue with you this posts states facts not foolishness.

      You are a cancer on this planet only way to stop cancer from returning is to obliterate every single corrupted cell down to the last one. This is because cancerous cells seek to consume and corrupt everything. Find somewhere else to consume and reshape the narrative.


      • bookooball · December 5, 2016

        You dindus got another thing coming. Trump is just the start.


      • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · December 5, 2016

        I told you I ain’t here to argue with you.

        Do you think I am an idiot. You have probably read more than just this piece by me so I am in the knowledge that Trump is the start. I have not even addressed that fake tan, white boy.

        He is good as far as I’m concerned I WANT liberalism to die. So negroes feeding into it can go with it. The sensible blacks need to target and fund our geniuses, keep money to ourselves, get weaponry on deck and prep the will of our people to not give in until the last one. White peoples time is slowly drawing to a close but I know you bastards won’t go out peacefully. Leaving the same way you came in I guess, with more bloodshed. Blacks ourselves are very slow, we should be the ones culling these old useless negroes, integrationalist and corrupted people. In due time whites will get their just deserts and I know some blacks will be dishing that out. As for dumb ass white trash, I give you guys credit for understanding hierarchy unlike liberals. Doesn’t mean that you any good either you just gonna be our cannon fodder.


      • bookooball · December 5, 2016

        Good luck!


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