Black immigrants who do not want Afrikan nations to succeed


Bhekizitha who runs ACBN Journal spoke on the truth, Afrikan immigrants who refuse to build up their own nations. Whilst Afrikan nations around the world and their identity’s have partially been founded and moulded by non-Afrikan, anti-Afrikan groups building these nation-states or reforming and creating new one IS NOT A PRIORITY to most Afrikan people in these nations.

I am a prime example, as a child of two Jamaican immigrants from to the UK I have witnesses family arguments where the older people defend their choice to essentially abandon their nation and build up the former colonists of Jamaica. This is something many Afrikans do who are from the motherland helping to create a stronger Europe and North America and a weaker Afrika. Brain Drain is a major issue as the smart people who invent things, who maintain investment, who maintain the upper echelons and sectors of society are been sucked out of Afrika and the Caribbean particularly. Compound this with the loss of many workers due to migration and you have a seemingly never ending problem which leaves whole nations stranded in poverty and weakness. Shamefully I argued with an uncle yesterday who acknowledged Jamaica is only living of Western and Chinese handouts and money send back from Jamaican immigrants. I ask him what of my own descendants and his who remain black people in the UK but will have no close family ties to Jamaica how would the people survive? That is when he went on claim the recent Chinese investment is good even though they will own roads, hotels and plots of land in Jamaica for decades to come for teaching Afro-Jamaican how to make or manage these things. By time the Chinese hand these back they will have invested in other parts of the economy. He excused this claiming it is good for black Brits to know and be proud their roots, even though this doesn’t resolve the problems of the our homelands and weakens their ability to lobby for their foreign-born population which has been key in helping other ethnicities attain power in the UK such as Indians and Filipinos.


Chinese worker showing Jamaicans how to steel bending machines work. There is nothing wrong with been taught what you don’t know by other, how do you think the Chinese learnt. The Chinese are not open to others owning their land and industries, they are not partial to been second in command on their own soil, after learning they took on a Sino-centred organising and power building removing the power of outsiders and becoming the global power we see today.

Remember not all older people are elders, many are open traitors to the Afrikan race, they have no interest in building power for generations to come and only seek to integrate with whites and other non-Afrikans. They have not tried to build black business communities in the countries they have migrated to much less their own nations and many plan on their descendants shedding allegiance to an Afrikan majority nation. Enemies in brown skin are enemies nevertheless, their false narratives must be challenged, their selling out must be attacked and they must have their legacy and images damaged, continuing to view such people as heroes only brainwashes more Afrikans. I have made a post on the continuing global Afrikan intergrationalist mindset which has allowed for weak pseudo-nations set up by whites to exist, that has caused Afrikans in the motherland to drop their own languages in terms of importance for European ones, that has caused Jamaica to have the highest diaspora to homegrown population per person in the world out of current nation-states, this integration thing is not only American. If many of our so-called elders didn’t sell us out we wouldn’t be in this position. Had we continued to integrate amongst ourselves, as we did during the UNIA era, we would have feasible power by now in the world enough not to want to or in some cases need to migrate elsewhere. The fact Afrikans organise to migrate but will not organist to take power in nations full of ourselves is a sign of the mental damage caused by corruption from invading peoples. If Haitian Americans became business owners, landowners and entrepreneur led there would be no Red Cross-UN led invasions as these people would have enough power to take a leading role in the rebuilding of Haiti since the 2010 earthquake. We see the white Cuban capitalists taking a leading role in the restructuring of Cuba since it’s Communist government effectively defaulted to state sponsored capitalism last year. These white Cuban Americans even challenged other non-Cuban white Americans over ownership of land and small businesses which is the current state of the capitalism at the start of it’s re-legalisation. If there is an earthquake tomorrow in Cuba the power they have developed should guarantee no charity-front Western takeover.

Afrikans in the motherland are corrupted which is a key message Bhekizitha has pointed out, this is due to conquest and psychic violence by non-Afrikan, specifically European invaders. This is CLEARLY NOT the work of Afrikans from time immemorial speaking English, wishing to go to America and find a job under openly racist white American oppression is not what Afrikans were trying to do 500 years ago. Any idiot who wants to refute our Afrikaness (those who are slave descendants in the Americas) due to the reaction of corrupted, indoctrinated Afrikans from the motherland must be rejected also on this basis. Killing two birds with one stone.

Keep on informing Afrikans Bhekizitha, your work is appreciated.


  1. stevetoussaint · July 24, 2016

    Good article once again brotha. One thing I’ve noticed as a first generation born Afrikan-American of Haitian heritage is that carribean Afrikans and Continental Afrikans who come here to the U.S. to integrate into white hegemonized society rarely deal with afrikans outside of their respective ethnic group and mainly do business with the intention of sending money back to family members back home or creating wealth for themselves. Most of us are not afrikan-centered or nor understand a acbn mindset that keeps our dollars within our own communities.

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    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · July 25, 2016

      Of course negroes ignore the fact that the European colonial system tried to retain direct control over Afrikans until the very end. This is not unknown to the history books it is ignored for the pseudo-independence day celebrations.

      They do not love their country, they want their kids to become members of some white majority society. I have had arguments with my mum and some of my uncles and aunties over their integration centred mindset. They want to abandon their own country and they are not interested in solving the issues they can see, the issues of black people in the West such as gang membership, lack of businesses and ability to giver jobs to kids, easy ability to be brainwashed into Eurocentric beauty standard, mulattoes trying to steal and damage the identity of Afrikans ect. This is clear sign of integrationalist mindset, as Amos Wilson said in order for one to integrate with whites you are going to have to hate yourself as much as whites. Negroes who come over are normally hardcore integrationalists, THANKFUL FOR WHITES HAVING POWER which GIVES THEM JOBS. Just ask these people, including your own parents most times. These people do not want to resolve black peoples problems in the West, as Bhekizitha correctly points out, many are not interested in confronting racism, not interested in separatism, not interested in hearing what Afrikan Americans have to say about their own situation even though in all likelihood their own descendants will be caught up in the struggles of Afrikan Americans, no way can the whites in the US declare war on blacks and the black immigrants and children of them escape this. Garvey, a Jamaican immigrant, pointed out that black immigrants must support black causes wherever they go as it will inevitably effect you. This is just common sense even if you have an ethnic rivalry, if someone is attacking a whole race your ethnicity is not going to be placed above that.

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      • Bhekizitha · July 26, 2016

        You exposed a painful reality many of us who are first generation African American or Afro- Caribbeans must deal with, our parents abandoned their duty for a so called better life. It would be one thing if Africans would, as they do in China, send their children to colleges to learn, only to return to their country of origin so as to utilize the college education to manage Africa, to build up its economy, and the quality of life of the average citizen- be it Angola, Botswana, Jamaica, Guyana, or South Africa.

        However, here is another uncomfortable reality African people are going have to deal with it – any functional society will have a powerful elite, gatekeepers, and some element of sever punishment for malcontents – In some countries like the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden the totalitarianism is quite evident, but the people have a High amount of social trust in their elected leaders and this all due to socialization.

        Are these Scandinavian countries good models. No. not necessarily but they work better than most.

        High social trust plus resolute African men, African Centered Biological Nationalist, are needed.

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      • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · July 26, 2016

        If you know anything about European social Liberalism it had to be funded by government funding, the nationalisation of social problems giving handouts to people who were very poor, offering jobs and removing jobs from economic colonies, this led to those countries becoming 3rd World. In fact if you ask people who are old enough to remember colonialism they will tell you that there were a lot of jobs under colonial rule, this was due to the fact they were under a nation with power, once this was lost it wasn’t rebuilt. The mentality of Afrikans became colonialists, instead of repeating of what Japan or Libya done and sending in people to each sector of the economy all country’s with Afrikan majorities lost people permanently to migration. This is something that has adversely effected these countries as their aim is to integrate wherever they go, as we see the recent panic in the UK with those that realise that integration is not going to happen. Many Afrikan people in my borough in London are UPSET ABOUT THE DIVERSITY, they are not multiculturalists but Europhiles (both political, EU, and Anglophiles). Due to the fact Eastern European migrants, who often leave to go back permanently to Poland or Romania and low rates of mixing between blacks and non-white British (which further shows extremely selective miscegenation, not a sign of free love but integration) many blacks are now scarred that the UK government follows Brexit and leaves the EU, which shows the will of the very people they seek to integrate with.

        Integration is the key problem, Afrikans globally have been funnelled into the white answer for the ‘Negro Question’. We are not told by our leaders (destroying trust) and other groups to build our own nations but to integrate whatever ethnicity we are. Unlike colonialists, neocolonialists and migrant business classes, who maintain links with whoever they meet from their ethnicity or geno-culture, which allow the building of GLOBAL POWER, most black people seek to build national power within the confines of borders which are not even made by us.

        Trust must translate cross-culture, cross-border, with an understanding of the overall goal. Trust is going to be hard to come by with non-Afrikan centred religions clouding minds, integrationalist mindsets ect. Even within Europe we do not see other groups of Europeans seek to integrate into each other as willing as I see Afrikans, which shows it is the major premise which is causing a lack of trust, we trust Europeans too much and hence rely on them.

        ACBN would challenge that mindset, as everything they ever told us is overhauled for one where Afrikan define everything, from there we are forced to trust ourselves and be centred on integrating with ourselves.

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