A cause of Afrikan self-loathing: Negative connotations of Black invariably excludes light skin mixed people


The blatant hypocrisy of some black people is getting on my nerves. The outright disrespect of the Afrikan phenotype by blacks serves as a reminder of the self-loathing which grips swaths of black people around the world. The most common form is the usage of black negatively which often times excludes the lighter skin multiracials, yet the same clowns dare to claim multiracials are black due to the same treatment.

Here is a video by a rapper called Kodak Black, it is foolishness regardless of whether he actually was sarcastic or not and he has taken a lot of heat due to it and rightly so. Another example of how mainstream Western images of blacks is not to be followed. Kodak Black is a perfect example of how Afrikan people are easily corrupted by this image and the impact of the Rap culture devastating minds as it has become infused with mainstream stereotypes.


In the video we see clear separation of the treatment of black women and lighter skin mixed women with an offensive, negative connotation used in relation to black females. This ostensibly leads to debate in the comment section, but what is convenient is that it is easy to identify how phenotype and treatment correlate with a distinction between Afrikan people and mixed people who when segregated for preference or based on their obvious non-blackness are referred to as ‘redbone’, ‘yellowbone’, ‘high yellow’, ‘light skin’, ‘ambiguous’ or are simply referred to as not been seen as black. This is DIFFERENT social treatment hence defeating the false logic of blacks and mixed people been treated the same, black is often seen as a euphemism to dark skin or brown skin people.This once again proving that black self-haters/one drop rule followers acknowledge that one could not claim black separate of those with the Afrikan phenotype but could claim mixed people as their own NON-BLACK entity. It is on this basis ACBN aims to show this separation is a clear difference in treatment hence a clear difference in identity, meaning mixed people for however many generations they have displayed mixed gene expression are not to be considered the same as blacks as they CAN easily be seen as non-black by blacks and our enemies. Unfortunately this can be used against us, though not without the help of negroes, this has been a powerful tool which Chancellor Williams and Dr. John Henrik Clark have warned us about.

Showing crystal clear demarcation of who is black and who is not a black girl, ‘yellowbones’ are not part of this definition, definition of black people by black people.


Here comes white’s negro helper, one drop ruling the women who everybody recognises are not targeted into blackness, most likely an open self-hater. This occurs in the same thread of comments, showing the contradictions of the one drop rule and the reality of black socialisation meaning socially blacks don’t even follow the one drop rule in who we define as black at all times. Showing where identity confusion spawns.

The second comment in this screenshot exposes BLACK self-hate, which surprise surprise… excludes mixed women. Social separation based on phenotype, Afrikans must realise the self-hate caused by conflation with mixed people and see it IS NOT colourism but equally as destructive self-hate similar to our relation to Europeans.


Displaying the exclusionary use of black by both Kodak Black and the ordinary black person, black can sometimes bar ‘light skin’ people and NOBODY claims this is colourism. Why? When black people are treated worse mixed people are socially ‘elevated’ out of blackness, showing their temporary passing through the black identity and elements behind the self-loathing they cause.


This screenshot shows that their are idiots who have taken on colourism as a serious debate and it has now taken a life of its own. What is generally known as self-hate, black people hating their own skin colour, making disparaging remarks about dark skin, disrespecting the opposite gender for dark skin, verbally abusing others for darker skin of both genders. This is common even in the UK, where Afrikans from Afrika are now the majority, the term ‘blick’ is used derogatorily of dark skin primarily by blacks when cussing each other. Self-hate has no borders and did not escape the modern Afrikan from the motherland we see migrating to the West. Black is supposed to define a race, yet the lighter complected people are now not including in this NEGATIVE undercurrent in this usage of the word.


A black female this time who acknowledges black men and hence black people are not the same as ‘lightskin’ people. The rejection and negative associations with black used for dark skin/brown skin, kinky hair people is routinely seen in combination with the proclivity for the mixed phenotypic ‘ambiguous’ people who are not labelled black. As this unfolded the pattern of self-hate can be seen emanating from the positive estrangement of those who are visually, phenotypically seen as light skin from the black label, they are rarely seen as separate due to negativity.


More insane behaviour. A multiracial from Puerto Rico who claims to be black  but acknowledges preference for her phenotype and similar ones by black men is self-hate, how can you be black if preference for a black women is self-hate? Contradictions, delusions and once again mixed people sliding in the back door as an identityless shapeshifters who can exclude you from their non-black identity but demand to be put into the black category even when their non-black one causes self-hate by their own definition.

Self-loathing negro too claiming she non-black and has no right to talk about black men yet he defends his right to talk positively about non-black women. Fucking moron.


Gladly there are some sensible black people in the comments, ones who identify black women equal darker skin and that black men who change up when they get money are hating their own skin colour. This constitutes self-hate and mixed people are not involved in this process of self-hate as they do not possess darker skin of black people. Nobody has, does or ever will call a multiracial pale skin male self-loathing for preferring mixed women because they are disproportionately preferring and upholding women who do not look like them or reproduce them often.


The final nail in the coffin for ‘we are treated the same’ comes from a self-hating negro and a multiracial female. The mulatto female who wanted to push one drop rule garbage bin unity against European and East Asian woman to get around the fact that black people identify her and others like her as not a black female when convenient.


The solution to mulatto driven self-hate; been proud of the skin colour of Afrikan people, brown to blue black, the hair texture; Afro-textured hair. Mixed people do not have that, claiming them as black when appropriate, such as when Halle Berry can get white men as often as she chooses or the legacy of the mixed David Dinkins as New York City, then claiming one is a coon or self-hater does not bring about a conclusion to the problem. Socialisation is the key as this commentor mentions, can not continue to raise kids under a false context of the one drop rule but socially contradict it’s supposed existence.  If been a black person (and with it darker skin) is a good then the opposite gender should be complimentary not out of place. Many of these black men who have been gassed up by the mass media over their image; oversexualised, being cool, extremely confident, these same men don’t even think this foolishness that they value so much is worthy passing off to their children. They don’t really value their genetic makeup enough to pass it on.


Black people, we must utilise our own socialisation; how it is used to mould a worldview and narrative that is helpful to Afrikans. Colourism is a false narrative handed down by white racists (even though he isn’t real Willie Lynch was supposedly a slave owner from Jamaica, further showing most black issues are hardly limited too one nation), it is to help their narrative and dominion over Afrikan people. When we see blacks treat mixed people different from blacks, whether positive or negative we must not be enslaved to white and other non-Afrikan narratives, we must see it as Afrikans, even one drop rule adherents recognise from situation to situation mixed people are not us and go as far using a descriptor that is not always an equivalent to black. ACBN aims to drive such an ideology, aim to create such a culture. The recollection of differentiation by blacks in a positive, preferential light towards mixed people is a root origin of a certain form of black self-hate in relation to the mulatto and other multiracial. Once this is recognised we can address and go about tackling this form of self-hate. This is just one example of how focusing on our phenotype and the differences in treatment we receive from ALL people in society not just WHITE RACISTS can change our worldview for the betterment of Afrikan people.



  1. kelley · August 19

    awesome post

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    • I had to do it. The contradictions of black socialisation and the one drop rule is sign that most blacks are not following an Afrikan centred narrative.

      This is a problem which has affected me in my lifetime and I knew it had to be addressed. American culture has really saturated the London heavily due to multiculturalism been un-British, America is the only powerful Western country which had already got many cultures and races. The bloody one drop rule is something that came over with this the cultural imprint and it has damaged a lot of black females and males minds. The whole preference for mulattoes thing is soft power warfare against black people as it attempts to gnaw away self-confidence meanwhile deteriorating our identity/exclusivity.

      I will show you a video showing how the whole ‘light skin’ bullshit has become commonplace in the UK. Remember this country doesn’t really have multi-generational mixed people so most of the people in the UK running around claiming they are light skin are mulattoes who are children of Afrikans and Caribbeans who do not have a one drop rule to adopt from their parents culture.

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      • kelley · August 19

        Thanks for sharing the knowledge. Just recently, partly thanks to your blog, I realized the importance of Black exclusivity. We can’t progress if we can’t identify who is who.

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      • It is of utmost importance. Black people are the only group who can’t control our own image.

        Mixed people claim all black people in the Americas are mixed through slavery, which is not true it is unprovable. Do you see a preponderance dark skin, kinky hair people on mixed blogs, Instagram pages and beauty pageants representing mixed people? I thought we were mixed after all?

        Do you see dark skin, kinky hair people represent ‘Latinos’ in the USA and Canada. No, so much so that when you go on the Google one of the most frequent searches is ‘Is Latino a race’. The mixed race populations of Latin America have blocked black people from representing them as it would disrupt the identity that they have created in the USA. Latino is anyone that speak a Romance language but is used as an identity label. Romance languages are spoken all over the world by many different cultures, ethnicities and races. Haitians speak a creole language which uses French, why are they not considered Latino? Black people are not welcome as Latino because the mixed people are not inclusive of black people.

        Everybody thinks Arabs are a race. Do the white ‘Arabs’ seek to correct them a show that the Arab identity is all-inclusive like a friendly 5-star resort, like negroes do with our identity. Even according to the Muhammad in the one of the legitimate Hadiths an Arab is anyone who is speaks Arabic. Yet modern white ‘Arabs’ are not defining Arab by language but RACE. Guess racism is more important than Islam. There are various admixtures, Eurasian dominant who are considered archetypal examples of Arabs. Gaddafi is a perfect example, yet in the South and West of Libya many indigenous black who speak Arabic exist why don’t we know about it? Well we did when the genocides against blacks began in Libya. What about black people who exist IN Arabia, who only speak Arabic, who have been socialised under the guidelines of the local cultures there. Why are they not used to represent Arabs? Because white Arabs understand keeping their identity exclusive is important. It neutralises threats, self-hate, confusion, who to excluded from positions of power, the ability of rival groups to usurp exclusivity using mixed people and introduce themselves into the group, who to ally with in this world.

        Black people are the only group who claim all manner of mixed people and other aberrant populations. Even in Afrika the conditioning is strong you have people overlooking the vast majority of people and picking out mixed populations such as certain people who claim Habesha or Fulani as indigenous, picking out minority unrepresentative populations such as super-kinky eyed, toffee brown skinned San as some type of norm across Afrika. This is KILLING our identity as even at the base, Afrika we have people trying to undermine the majority for all kinds of messed up reasons.

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      • kelley · August 21

        I completely agree. You raise valid questions and points.

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  2. atumnova · August 19

    I realize that both men and women promote intermixing to produce their desired multiracial child. However, based on narratives from history, this is common. And more often than not it it the product of the black man. Just look at today as a reiteration of that. History repeats itself, and it shows us the truth.

    For this reason, I am not against black women dating interracially because some of them do not want to be in polygamist relationships. Do you know about the maroons in Suriname/Guyana who have multiple wives? The same happens here in the US. Women are sharing men because they feel black men do not want them, but they still want black men. This is why some of our elders have stated that black men are suffering due to their disrespect and hatred for their African mothers and those that share her image. Now this extends to peoples of all racial backgrounds who disrespect the original creator, if you believe the black woman to be so, but in particular black men will suffer.

    As a result, I believe that black women should not hold out and hope that the black man will love her again once ‘white supremacy’ dies. If the mindset of the black man or the woman is one in which they covet whiteness, then let them go. However, black women should not feel obligated to be in a polygamous relationship because she cannot find a black man or does not see her image loved by black men.


    • I am talking about mixed people, whether they be multi-generational like Vanessa Williams or first generation like Obama been considered ‘light skin’ in a positive light but when one says negative stuff about black people, especially in terms of physical preference it is not about mixed people called ‘light skin’. This is a form of self hate I even saw a video of where a black Caribbean rapper from South London was rapping about black women holding him down and that he wants them, on the comments someone said he good in they books because he upholding and promoting ‘darkies’. Now black self-hate kicked in, many blacks don’t want black exclusivity, been called ‘dark’, ‘darkie’, ‘dark skin ting’ is not offensive only thing is many black people think anything exclusively black is bad. Been called darkie is a physical description only self-loathing allow one to view it from internal of the black community as negative because been black in general is negative to these types of individuals.

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      • Kushite Prince · August 25

        Yeah I hear the interracial marriage is really bad in the UK. It breeds self hate because it creates more mixed breeds. I have heard comments like “tar baby”…”midnight black”..”ugly black creature”…etc.. This is a disgusting mindset! This madness must STOP!!! Garvey said our dark skin was a badge of honor not something to be ashamed about. We have suck to a new low! Too many of us have NO or little pride.

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      • Media lies a lot, most black men still marry black women in the UK, only thing is many Afro-Caribbeans and a few Afrikans have been in the UK since the 1940’s so they no longer claim to be Caribbean, they have been in the UK for 3-4 generations and many know 0 family abroad by now. Those people don’t claim Black Caribbean any more but Black British or Black Other, this is what has stagnated the Black Caribbean growth along with a lack of Caribbean immigrants. The media has gone on this lie that 50% of Afro-Caribbean men are married to or procreate with white women which is impossible as in many parts of the inner cities of London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol ect. there aren’t enough young English people for this to occur. Most black women have kids out of wedlock in the UK, something which has been in practice in the West Indies since the 50’s. The majority of interracial dating and mixed race kids are in towns and cities way out where there are very few black people, like 1% or less than that. Example is ultra-liberal, gay-friendly, university student filled Brighton where blacks make up less than mulattoes or St. Helens where black people are less than 1% of the population. Another major contributor, the media ALWAYS ignores is the fact over 40% of interracial relationships in the UK is between mulattoes/half-white half-Indians and white British people. 80% plus of mulatto marriages in the UK are with white people, they attempt to classify their children the same as mulattoes when they are quadroons to makes Black Caribbeans seem like we are dying out which isn’t true. Interracial dating is more common in the UK than the US but not by too much, most black people here are Afrikan who 9 times out of 10 date/marry within their own group. Black Afrikan is the fastest growing ethnicity on the UK census, the Black Other is second fastest with 9 out f 10 Black Other been 3-4 generation blacks from the UK. Even if you came from California where interracial relationships are common it wouldn’t reach the scope of London.

        Dark Skin is something to pride yourself on, multiple shades is essentially priding oneself on slave rapes and interracial mating. Yet another reason other people laugh at black people. Garvey was right our skin should be something we prize but we have to make dark skin, kinky hair people signify positiveness socially and make it a reality economically so we can punish clown breeding wealth and ensuring Caucasian genes survive with light skin/white partners.

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      • Kushite Prince · August 25

        The white-controlled media are masters of propaganda and misinformation. Their stats about interracial dating and marriage you must take with a grain of salt. They purposely mislead you and keep black people confused.

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      • It is propaganda, they several techniques to hide reality. To push their narrative and lie in order to promote interracial stuff for their own agenda.

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    • The whole black women share men is foolish. Most black men are not out here wifing white women or some other non-black women. Most black men aren’t with mixed women either, or else most you would barely see dark skin/brown skin kids with kinky hair. Interracial dating is a scourge,it does not have anything to do with a specific gender and in fact if you look at old Ebony and Jet magazine, during Jim Crow interracial relationships, mulatto beauty standards ect. were common for both black women and men. I acknowledge more black men are into interracial dating due to the media influence but wait soon negroes will be upset when mixed men are pushed as the image of black men again. I agree though people who are on a mission to leave the black race and whiten their descendants should be removed from black community and left alone and should have zero part to play as their own children will not even be part of the community. Whites are now socialising mixed children to have their own identity, like Creoles in Louisiana.

      In the UK where the media pushed interracial hardcore there are roughly similar number of men and women in interracial relationships but the fact of the matter is most black people are not in such relationships and I have no desire to promote it. The problem of polygamy, which is not what I was talking about at all, is due to the same rap, individualist culture which doesn’t promote black men building anything and passing it on through black females to the net generation of blacks. This is a collective failure to use it as an excuse for interracial dating is not only a continuation of the same individualist problem but is bound to create self-hating mixed children willy-nilly and and doesn’t resolve the problem but create a bigger one. Who are these self-hating men upholding, mixed ‘light skin’ women who will compete with black women in the next generation with the support of white men, white mass media who promote them. White men are even less likely to put black women on a throne than black men, so encouraging that as a solution is just gonna cause more broken hearts and minds. Mixed kids of both black males and females will see the weak black community first hand from their own parents or lack of the black ones and will do what with the money they get from their black parents? Take it far away from the black community with their dating and marriage choices, over 80% of mixed people in the UK are in interracial relationships with white British people.

      On top of this are black women trying NOT to promote the rap individualist culture to their black sons? Hell no. They are commenting on Trap music videos alongside the negro men they should really be despising. The same rap clowns who are championing mixed women/white women shout out their mums and they are making money to support their mum getting out of the hood. Why does no one question if their mothers played a part in their current behaviour since they always wanna help their mum but damage women who look like she did when she was young? Are they teaching their black sons to build or have the mentality to create resources and wealth? Hell no. Part of the problem on top of useless black men, who black women refuse to cut off, is raising kids poorly. Black men share women too, what do you think all these whores black men love to chase after are, many have been run through by other men and STILL end up in relationships with black men having multiple kids. These kinds of black men are trash alongside the women they keep attracting. Another example of black men upholding foolishness. These kind of people should be cut off, totally. I am hoping you are not essentially excusing black women whoring around with worthless men, no woman in their right mind should share men openly unless they are a slut. Don’t know where you are getting the idea black women are cool with sharing, many are sharing unknowingly which is a sign of individualism, the socialisation where it is acceptable to have ‘fuck buddies’, ‘one night stands’ ect. This is what needs to be cut out, along with women accepting bummy black men who pass on nothing so seeding non-black TRASH is no skin off their back. What exactly are they loosing? A weak black community, which only they can build up which for some reason they are not required to do.

      Black women also need to be exclusive which is an issue that I was addressing they should be exclusive in a positive light not just a negative one. Which was the purpose of the post, socialisation. Black women should socialise to where black men must uphold themselves in order to get with them and must build something exclusive. Black men can readily look down on mixed men and question their blackness and ability to represent black men yet black women are not encouraged to do so by black male clowns or other black women. One drop rule must be removed, black women should not allow mixed women to claim black because this is a cause of black women’s sense of ‘inferiority’ and it removes the excuse of negro men who want to claim mixed women as a replacement for black women.

      Chasing white men is not a solution, raising the next generation to NOT be like the previous one would resolve the problem. In Brazil and the Dominican Republic are majority multiracial due to BOTH black men and women breeding with whites, in fact one of the most famous pictures of breeding out, worshipping pale skin in Brazil is a former Afro-Brazilian slave grandmother, her mulatto daughter a quadroon grandchild and European immigrant father. None of these mixed people from either the mother or father are friendly to blacks, both countries have significant problems with black, looking black as mixed person, racism against black people whether immigrants or natives. White liberal males are also the staunchest advocates of individualism, Feminism, multiple sex partners and drug abuse but these are kind of white men who date black women. The rabid up-front racist redneck types, are the ones who hold onto values of long term relationships due to ‘Christian values’ but they don’t often date black women.

      Btw polygamy is not the norm for Afrikans, anybody from Afrika will tell you, even Muslim areas. Maroons are not generally polygamist, even though many cultures have become corrupted polygamy is not stereotypical of maroons. Maroons in Jamaica and Suriname are noted for polygamy, maybe a few garbage Western documentaries will lie and claim this is tradition from Afrika but both countries have significant amounts of Akan descendants. The Akan are not polygamist at all and are known for a matrifocal, matrilineal structure, with the 8 ancestresses been the root of the clan system. The cause of polygamy in Suriname is due to the legacy of there been few black women available, Maroons as soldiers were composed mostly of men who would free themselves but what about women, both polygamy and polygany was practised due to limited access to partners with Maroons raiding plantations for women regularly and women having multiple husbands many times. In Jamaica polygamy existed but did not dominate like in Suriname due to more of an access to women. You can never believe everything white Christian missionaries from the 1800’s say, which is where most sources for polygamy came from these people were known racists claiming polygamy is a sign of Afrikan been brutes, animals ect. Polygamy in Maroon communities has nothing to do with Western black males polygamy which is due to individualism.

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      • atumnova · August 21

        I do not want to play the blame game. I agree both black men and women promote miscegenation. However, I am speaking from my own experiences. I am speaking from what I have seen with my own two eyes. I went to Suriname. Can’t say that I lived amongst the maroons, but I did learn a bit about their culture, and I heard about the need to find women being a factor. But for this behavior to persist is, as you stated, the fault of both men and women.

        But I stand by the fact that for some reason black men have NO problem with ‘selling out’ and promoting white washed beauty standards in their videos. Look at some of the videos even the blacks from there are releasing. Now, I’m not going to pretend like I have watched and did an extensive study on the percentage of black female singers versus male singers who have included nonblack persons in their videos, but again I think overwhelmingly black men are the ones promoting this image. Now Eve and Azaelia Banks (who I realize is problematic) are both with white men. And both have spoken on their experiences dealing with black men in the music industry, which of course is their own experiences. BUT as you stated “I acknowledge more black men are into interracial dating due to the media influence but wait soon negroes will be upset when mixed men are pushed as the image of black men again”.

        And to me that is the problem: black men and women getting so easily influenced. But again why is it that from what I can tell, and what you article does present, black men feel free to promote white beauty standards and degrade their own. And I think you sort of deflected from my comment, because of course you are talking about mixed people, but black people are the ones who are conflating their beauty and significance to the black race.

        Also, I am not sure if I believe your narrative about black sexual/breeding behavior over the ones presented in films. According to some “Native Black Americans”, the so called true Amerindians were ‘negroid’ (this is also presented in The Real Eve documentary). So blacks have been in the western hemisphere for millennia. And like I said, black women writers and even some black male historians have spoken about black mens fetishization of nonblack women. So who stepped out on whom first and why is the question. And that picture you presented is just one of many images depicting miscegenation, so do not try and pull that shit on me.

        And of course if anyone dates out they need to choose someone worth their time. But for you to say that black men will wake up once the image of mixed men is exalted over their own sounds problematic to me. So I am not convinced, because this has been going on in many nations for may millennia. So, like I said, I will not play the blame game. When I am walking the streets of course I see black couples together with their children. And I also see mixed children and more often these children are with their nonblack mothers. My eyes are not deceiving me. And no, I will not wait until black men decide to wake up, and of course I do not want black women sleeping with trash. But I also would not want them to waste their time being with black men who covet whiteness. And the same is true for black men.

        And the point in me saying that is yes, some black women are in polygamist relationships because they believe black men are hard to come by. And the solution of course is for them to stop it. But again for those who do not want to be full black they should leave, and for those who are encouraging polygamist relationships they need to stop. But as I said, this has been happening for millennia and I do not know when or if it will stop. This is the point of my comment.
        “Black people, we must utilise our own socialisation; how it is used to mould a worldview and narrative that is helpful to Afrikans. Colourism is a false narrative handed down by white racists…” I am not sure this is true. And I can not remember if you have written an article about how blacks have been lead to believe mixed/white is better, but that is the questions I am currently trying to understand. Because if the original human was black, why would blacks believe anything other than that would be better. The black male and female gender wars came first and for some reason we are still stuck in this mindset of hatred that I believe we are the cause of, not white supremacy.

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      • Your all over the place.

        The argument is not who started what it is who is trying to end what. I put the image to show you not all mixing was the cause of black men, in Brazil black men were killed at a rapid rate due to their treatment in enslavement and most of the mixture is due to to black women mixing with white men. In North Afrika black men were mixing with invaders descendants and white female slaves and the exact same end result, racist non-black children. This is nothing new, even in Kamit both black men and women mixed with invaders to the point where the North of Egypt was stripped from Afrikan rule fairly early, as the first major loss of land in Afrika but mainly after the loss of Cyreniaca in Northern Libya to Greeks. So all mixture has the same end result. The only way to stop it though is black men building, black men feel feee to promote non-blacks because if black men are not building with black women they are destroying the black community, hence self-hate, hate causes damage right? This is a product of it, when white hate blacks they don’t just think it do they, they take action and black people see the end results, police killings, lack of home ownership, poverty rates, unemployment ect. If black men hate themselves that is the end result. The question is WHAT are they hating themselves for, colourism just claim skin colour is the ONLY reason. Which is FALSE, black men have low self-esteem stemming from our condition, when black men were untouched, not following other peoples religion, speaking their languages, trying to integrate with others, seeking to fit in were we not upholding black women? Of course, this reverse is the cause, not hating black been the cause. Black men are not been encouraged to change this either, the culture we engage in is not about changing it. This is partially black women’s fault who have not raised black men think about how to change, what needs to be done, then acquire this. Primary fault still lays with black men though the previous generation haven’t build, part of self-hate, wanting to build for other, wanting to assimilate to others and not wanting to do for self. If you love self you do for self, when you aren’t maintaining yourself, you are neglecting yourself and inevitably black women will be neglected too. Where have I made an excuse for black men, there is NONE, so I couldn’t make one even if I wanted to.


      • It is not colourism. I am a black man, that is self-hate plain as. Which other group do the men have another race or their mixed offspring as a beauty standard? Zero. This is what I am talking about black men and a lack of building, black men promoting other races of women is NOT BUILDING. Black men pushing interracial dating, black men pushing mixed women is something unique to them, where do you see Chinese men or white men pushing black women in such a large proportion, promoting it in books, making a hundreds of videos against their women? Nowhere. That is what black men are doing because they have not building anything they are following what white men promote, not what black men are doing. Most black men are not with non-black women yet the black men who are with black women are not required to promote them, their couple, their women as the beauty standard. This is a problem I have mentioned. Black men do not believe the black community can succeed, so pushing black families, black women, successful black companies all goes into a list of them irrelevant to them. Integration at it’s core, individualism on the surface black women not encouraging black men to build but to try to do well as lone individuals for themselves not the group and not sidelining black men who are not doing this. This leads to perpetual self-hate black men see themselves at the bottom, hence their women would be in that place, they have nothing to maintain.

        I am a black man, do you think black men do not see ourselves owning corner shops often? Do you think we do not see black boys failing in schools? Failing to get jobs even with education? Seeing police racism, stop and search (frisk) in London on black males?

        Look at the stats black people are 13.3% of London and 3.2% of the UK.

        Metropolitan Police is the police department in London. The percentage of arrest is 3 times the general population of blacks.

        Compare to Chicago stats.

        Chicago’s black frisk isn’t 3 times the rate of the black population, yet let interracial daters in the UK talk and they will tell you racism doesn’t even here. Self-hate is the cause not colourism, if you hate your community but prefer the white community, if you hate your skin colour black men makes jokes out of their OWN skin colour much less our females, when you hate your poverty and weakness compared to whites power and revel in it, self-hate towards black women is part of this process.

        Remember Amos Wilson said self-hate is a bi-product of integration, if you hate black people and black in interracial relationships are trying to integrate then you will learn to hate

        I just told you polygamy is not Afrikan it is product of corruption from outside sources. In the Americas Maroons had an original shortage of supply of women the culture has transmitted. Black people were getting married in non-polygamous relationships in the Western Hemisphere until recently. Look over the American stats for marriage, prior to the 70’s more black people were getting married earlier than whites. What begun properly in the 70’s, the integration.

        That’s monogamy. Don’t believe media hype black men in America are the ones choosing to marry late, once again poor socialisation, black men are at fault, no businesses, can’t afford to get married to support kids, provide extras for black women ect.

        The dating scene is individualism and self-hate. Individualism shown by their black parents, black father who bounced when they here a baby is on the way (individualism black men leaving and not caring about their own kids, another individual), black mothers on the ‘independent women’ ‘don’t need a man to BUILD’ stuff. Independent of this is low black male self-esteem, stemming from our WEAK social position, are black mothers, the nurturers, encouraging a change that? Black male adults are not changing the narrative and socialising black boys coming to build a better socioeconomic position and power relations that causes self-hate? No, the manifestation of this is black men trying to escape that through non-black, mixed children. Have you seen the single white mothers with mixed children, have you seen their psychological problems, have you seen mixed people’s strong preference for white partners.

        Contrast to Colourism a white driven, non-reality based idea that mixed women and black women been the same race? Mixed women been the preference despite been the black too? Black men preferring mixed women as a form of self-hate for black women, but wait, look on social media, black interracial daters boast about the looks of mixed kids, male AND female. That is not just a preference for mixed daughters but mixed sons. It is not colourism, about hating black women’s skin, but hating THEIR OWN and not wanting to pass on been black, the status and condition of blacks to their kids. Self-hate is never thrown about mixed/’light skin’ men when they prefer mixed women? It is not about colourism of mixed men who are supposedly black (since black people love to claim colourism affect all black/mixed people, yet DON’T label that as colourism, so how can you say that we view them as black?) but self-hate of black men.

        I am going to make a post about the weak black collective power, race mixing and the end result mixed people who hate black people and black people not able to do anything showing how weak black males and that self-esteem problem, then a weak black community mixing still impacts on the mixed children and their own self-hate problems.

        Black men would have to build a better position for ourselves in the world and our own minds, this would fix black men’s collective self-esteem, this would fix black men’s wanting to escape their position through their descendants, that would remove black women’s problem with black males trying to escape the community by not staying with them. But for now black women and men must encourage black male to make changing to condition and mentalities that destroy black men’s self-esteem issues.

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      • Kushite Prince · August 25

        This was great! Brilliant reply! I agree 100%!

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  3. stevetoussaint · August 19

    I was hoping you were gonna notice the blatant self hate and internalized racism committed against darker skinned Afrikan Women with Afro-Textured hair and you delivered. I have lightskin people (very few) in my family who carry on this negative view of Afrikan people and it’s really disheartening to see but due to self hate and anti Afrikan “ideologies” this will remain a common occurrence in my family but I will NOT put up with that nonsense.

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    • Yeah I have some mixed people in my family. Most are older who have mixed back into blackness through generations.

      I don’t really keep close contact with most of mixed relatives but the few I know personally have some infatuation with pale skin. One cousin never dated a dark skin women even though his mum is one. I don’t keep them in my circles so it and I chop down self-hate driven by black women in my family often.

      Stop calling mixed people self-haters though, they aren’t black that is part of the point of the post. We are called black because we are darker skin black is the darkest colour, mixed people are called light skin because they are lighter skin. If a mixed person who is light skin doesn’t like mixed people then they are a self-hater, not if they don’t like darker skin.


  4. stevetoussaint · August 20

    Understood. The Fulani are mixed though? I thought they were heavily against race mixing


    • No not all of them are against mixing but the ones in Mauritania are due to the racist mulatto class that exist there. They reach deep into what is now the Central Afikan Republic. Just the further north you go is the more the mixed population that claim Fulani or Peul exists. The Fulani have populations as far North as Libya and Morocco and as far East as Dafur and South Sudan. The Fulani/Fula/Peul aren’t really an ethnicity per say as they have absorbed many different group, stretch over such a large region many times they are not bordering other Fula people, have assimilated and misceginated with other ethnicities to such a high degree in certain areas, do not have clans based on related individuals. They are more of a linguistic group, groups such as the Fula Berbers in the Sahel and Fulani-Hausa in what is now Northern Nigeria show the impact genetically and culturally from mixing with vastly differing phenotypes showing expressions of different genes for the ‘same ethnicity’. A minority of Fula people look similar to Habeshas yet these are the ones promoted the most even by West Afrikan as proof of their ‘diversity’ even though gene expression isn’t proof of genetic diversity as many of Afrikans diverse genes has nothing to do with phenotype or even genotype markers.

      President Buhari is an example of the average Peul person from Nigeria.

      Fouta Djallon, words taken from the Fula language about the previous inhabitants, is the place with the highest concentration of Fulani people in the world. It is the highlands of what is currently Guinea (Central Guinea). A whopping 49% of people in Guinea is Fulani, yet nobody assumes the Guinean population to be mixed in phenotype like they do (falsely) of the majority of Ethiopia or Mauritania due to the media image and ‘Sub-Saharan Afrikan’ propaganda. Yet go to nairaland, a Nigerian forum, and watch negroes fawn over mixed Fulani who are the minority, some even lie that the mixed Fulani are the majority of Nigeria’s population when the mixed people are a minority of their base in Guinea. Just search Fouta Djallon on Google and tell me if the mixed, curly hair, browner skin people are the majority? But type in Fulani and watch the imbalanced representation of mixed people on Google search.

      Even in Afrika people are selling out and allowing mixed invader or slave descendants to claim aboriginal status. The damage of cultural integration and low self-esteem combined is really hampering Afrikan peoples natural intent on genetic survival.

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  5. stevetoussaint · August 20

    I noticed you were speaking on our oversexualized culture here in America and I’m not sure if it’s different in the U.K. But porn and other forms of artificial stimuli has vastly affected Afrikan American men young and old which has caused many of us to be impulsive, lustful and emotionally childish young men hence the relationship dynamic between black men and women that are one night stands, fuck buddies etc

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    • America is a European civilisation, specifically Anglo-German culture. Europe is the origin NOT America, Europeans been making porno since the start, it has only been since Europe’s decline in collective power that the American cultural quirks and power took over. Porn has been a prevalent part of Western culture and it stems from particularly Northern European customs of sexual lust. European, especially Northern Europe was always extremely violent in terms of sex, women were required to cover their whole bodies like white ‘Arabs’ do in the Arabian peninsular, stuff as simple as showing ankles and hair was believed to have caused strong lust in European men. This only changed in the early 20th century, even the Cakewalk dance started by Afrikan slaves in the USA was viewed as overtly sexual at the time.

      Porn is an extension of that culture, once the lid was open everything came out, Sigmund Freud, a principle founder of Psychology in the West said that Europeans have a predisposition towards sexual lust throughout their lives from birth. We are taught that everyone does, but Freud said there is a historical and genetic basis for lust dominating Europeans which he claims he couldn’t see in Afrikans. The Sun, a British newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch, a gentile Australian, who also owns Fox in America, set up Page 3 way back when. Page 3 was recently removed, but it was a page with pictures of naked women and was staple for working class people in the UK for a few generations. This inevitably influenced British born blacks. The sexualisation has taken on it’s own impact as porn developed. In the 70’s and early 80’s porn cinemas were the norm in New York as it was in London. This vulgar crap was fed into peoples’ mind (don’t act like they aren’t willing participants though). Porn is a major cause of people viewing SEX immorally, refusing to understand sex’s function for the human body and in establishing relationships. It has no doubt played a significant role in destabilising black male-female relations in Western countries. But I want you to realise there is a puppet master. In Jamaica, a poor country, porn is not the most significant factor yet the out of wedlock birth rate is 80% plus. Porn is run by the same non-blacks a the music industry. Jews in particular have had a significant hand to play in porn and the music industry.

      Music and power of it is something people keep trying to circumvent and replace with other theories. Since black Jamaicans NEVER owned our own music companies, never owned our own distributors, the music became infected. The Reggae and Dub gave way to Ragga in the 80’s and from there 90’s Dancehall and the modern garbage which doesn’t resemble Roots Reggae of the 60’s and early 70’s. The music is 100% sexual in nature mimicking European values, Island Records is responsible for this transition and who founded Island Records? A British scumbag Chris Blackwell who was born to a British colonial soldier and a Sephardic Jewish mother in London, Graeme Goodall a white Australian recording engineer who helped to found many studios in Jamaica later used to corrupt the culture and Chinese Jamaican Leslie Kong, it was the Chinese person born in Jamaica who began the process of introducing Jamaican music genres to the British and causing many artists to change up their style to suit European tastes for sales. Island Records founded in 1959 when the British were still officially in charge, they had plan put in place. The music is a primary cause of this, many black people and especially Jamaicans seem to think black people have always had messed up relations and been extremely sexual which is European corruption to the core. The music and cultures surrounding it need to be uprooted, Rap culture (which isn’t Hip Hop but there is a reason that the name Hip Hop is used even today when it has nothing to do with Trap music or even 90’s Gangsta Rap), Dancehall even Afrobeats is becoming similar due to sales and tours in Europe and North America. Lack of ownership is a fundamental problem that seems too affect black people across the board everywhere in the world. A legacy of European colonial pigmentocracies, every other people were allowed to own or operate sectors of the economy leading to independently thinking leaderships when these people became ‘independent’.

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  6. atumnova · August 22

    Okay. So let me break my comment down. First off, after rereading what I said it does seem a little disjointed. But I was responding to your comments and your article. Both, not just one. And you told me that I should not believe what is presented in film, so I started off by saying I am speaking from my own experiences; from what I have seen with my own 2 eyes.

    My comment was broken down into paragraphs. The first starts off by talking about my experience in Suriname where I learned a little about maroon culture.

    Then I jumped to television/media. In television and media I see black men, more than I see black women promoting white standards of beauty. Remember you….not me….but you, posted a video of Kodak Black a “musician” waxing philosophical about his desire for a nonblack woman, I responded by talking about music in general. And I gave 2 examples of black American female rappers who have given their own testimonies about what they have faced in the music industry.

    I started the next paragraph with something you said in your previous comment. Why, because you stated that black men would wake up once their image was distorted. That is a problem for me, and many other black women who feel that it should not take black mens’ image being ridiculed and erased before they realize that disparaging the image of black women should not be done.

    The meat of your comment was that black men have been targeted, killed, and oppressed for millennia by nonblack men. Tell me though, HOW can nonblack men have been able to keep some of the most physically and intellectually strong (I truly believe this) men suppressed for millennia? Because of some damn guns? Because their women turned around after they were murdered and slept with white men? Dude come on. That is bullshit and you know it.

    You need to realize that you worse enemy is not the nonblack man. Just like my worst enemy is not the nonblack woman. My first enemy and my last will always be someone that looks JUST like me but decides to betray me, bastardize me, kill me etc.

    And most times it is out of covetousness. We covet what nonblacks have, whether that is skin color or any of the other material possessions that you talk about. We covet what our own have be that money or resources, which leads to jealousy.

    In addition, you can say that black parents need to do better. But they also need to realize that they live in a society that for some reason hates their black skin. But they also exist alongside of ‘skin folks’ that hate them too. And in order to do better, I am saying that blacks need to realize we are our own worse enemies.

    Man, listen, you will not be able to end anything without knowing its beginning. Our history has been stolen and corrupted. So it is important for us to have an understanding of it in order to try and prevent this from happening again.

    But I will conclude with a very clear example. Paul Kagame came to my school to talk about Rwanda’s progress since the end of the genocide. There were people outside the entrance passing around flyers about this military involvement in Uganda and the DRC. I was excited to hear what he had to say because of my interest is human rights/human trafficking/politics. When we were allowed to ask questions, someone asked him about Rwanda’s involvement in the genocide happening in the DRC. He immediately said that they should look to Belgium’s long history in the country. To be clear, he was blaming white Belgians (King Leopold and his successors) for the lasting devastation that the DRC has been experiencing.

    Now, do I have proof that Paul Kagame is aiding Belgium and others in their fight for the Congo’s resources? No. Are there Congolese on the ground who have some role to play in the war and destruction there? Of course. And if you can give definitive proof that there are not blacks aiding in one anthers destruction, then I will accept your argument. But you cannot. Stop blaming and let those that covet whiteness go. And I encourage black people to focus on their survival by being cognizant of their surroundings and the many faces of their enemies.


    • I don’t know if you can’t read or not but I have explicitly spoke about black men been victimised and not doing anything about it causing low self-esteem. Black men are not encouraged by the older generation to do something about it, if they were why are black people still marching in America, still not building powerful nations in Afrika and the Caribbean? The older generation are not teaching them to. You must be blind af if you can not see this media that you WASTE your time mentioning is owned by WHO. NOT black men but white men, the men who are on television are a minority of black men, are most black men marrying white women, NO, but one TV they are, in music they, in Hollywood they are ect. The white media and those MOST integrated into the white mainstream are those that are promoting interracial relationships, further proving my stance on integration and self-hate. If black men never were encouraged to integrate by the example of media male coons and poor parenting/upbringings, then guess what this wouldn’t be an issue, if black men owned their own media this wouldn’t be an issue because most black men date/marry black women, even in the London with the media propaganda, even in Brazil where 30% of marriages are interracial but the WHITE media doesn’t let you know that. Black people NOT doing anything about these problems but moaning, whining and begging is the problem not white people, where did I ever suggest white people were the main problem, only problem or the resolution to the problem? Even my last comment to you was black men should be encouraged by OTHER black people, male and female, older and peers to build something we can sustain, socialisation, controlling the narrative.

      ‘Then I jumped to television/media. In television and media I see black men, more than I see black women promoting white standards of beauty. Remember you….not me….but you, posted a video of Kodak Black a “musician” waxing philosophical about his desire for a nonblack woman, I responded by talking about music in general. And I gave 2 examples of black American female rappers who have given their own testimonies about what they have faced in the music industry.’ BLACK MEN DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY, stop blaming black men for hand picked coons. These people need to be ostracised for this but because black men own no media to combat this what happens? This is black peoples fault, why do we not own any companies, why do our men and women not support black companies. This is what the problem is, black men, black couples self-esteem is damaged and black men are not doing anything about it. Nobody covets skin colour naturally, you see the covet of pale skin is because it REPRESENTS SOMETHING IN THE LOW SELF-ESTEEM BLACK MALES MIND. Pale skin people have had to promote the scientifically proven lie of pale skin been superior for thousands of years in Christianity; white Jesus, Hinduism; dark skin is cursed ect. It it not a preference which is why they don’t keep it personal but want to push it on others. When black PARENTS associate everything good with blacks, dark skin, then we will see black boys growing up to respect themselves and loving themselves. This is what is root cause is, the older blacks who have never laid any businesses in place, any media in place, any military presence in place is the second to low self-esteem black men have failed in that aspect. Black self-hate is the end result of not implementing what we should have done, once again where do you see me blaming whites only or majority?

      Read my blog you will see I blame black people, especially black men regularly. If black people perused power, wealth and ownership even half of our self-hate excuse stereotypes wouldn’t exist. Fact, no black people would associate whites with good schools if black aimed to build the best ones, no black people would be associated with police victimisation if we owned our own neighbourhoods how would police invade black neighbourhoods with permission, see what I am saying black men are the key to destroying black self-hate if we were to do our goddamn jobs.

      ‘HOW can nonblack men have been able to keep some of the most physically and intellectually strong (I truly believe this) men suppressed for millennia? Because of some damn guns? Because their women turned around after they were murdered and slept with white men? Dude come on. That is bullshit and you know it.’ Are you denying the mixed descendants of black females in Brazil don’t dislike black people? Are you going to act like the end result isn’t the same as in North Afrika? Where coons bred with white Eurasian women and now white ‘Arabs’ and quadroons, octoroons are the majority. Just like in Brazil which received over 30%, the USA recieved 5% in contrast, of Afrikans taken to the Americas yet black people now make up 7% officially of Brazil. The disappearance is due to the same cause, with both women and men. Nobody said black women were the cause of it, it is both part to play but it seems you are intent on blaming black men. Black men have taken on white values every time without fail, why do you think only 2% of black people in Afrika practice traditional ancestral religion only? The root cause of all of this is of course the outside influence but black people are the only ones who can stop this, if you stop perpetuating what whites want, what negroes teach the guess what? It reduces as an issue.


    • I am going to ask you this question, since you can’t stop talking about the white owned media, false images of black men, since you can’t stop talking about black men in interracial relationships.

      I made a post about how black peoples own socialisation, in real life, using screenshots defies the social construct of the one drop rule, I said black people drop the one drop rule because of this. I said black people not ‘society’, I said black people should change the narrative to make it easier to attack black self-loathers. How comes you are accusing me of blaming those blaming those that covert whiteness who are self-haters?

      I am blaming self-haters or ordinary black people for using the one drop rule which allow black men who chase after mixed women of the hook. If we started from tomorrow socially outcasting those who chase mulattoes as ‘not acting black’ wouldn’t that do a world of good for black people? Doing that instead of upholding the one drop rule and colourism, which are essentially the same argument. Discouraging the behaviour of course, instead of claiming ‘been a nerd is not acting black’. We have to change the narrative, not self-hating blacks, not Europeans or any other group.

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  7. atumnova · August 22

    Do not challenge my intellect. Of course I can fucking read.

    This is the last time I will comment.

    My eyes are not deceiving me.

    Black men might not own the media. They may not own businesses capable of influencing the masses. But think about the point that I made. These coons are your enemy. They are black. They are influencing black people. You admit this. And the fact that coons have existed for millennia is my point. They were and will always be your greatest enemy. They will destroy you from the inside out.

    Thank you for your dedication to trying to liberate black people. It’s noble

    All the best,

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    • Where did I say coons weren’t a threat. You confused me during this exchange but it’s good, people have misunderstanding, that you understand what I am saying. Although this post wasn’t only about coons only but how black people can prevent coons rising in the current youth, I totally agree that black male coons are THE internal threat, their actions as men in the community will have more impact as men are the builders and destroyers.

      Negro men chose to follow Liberals, voting for them in the supposedly liberal party wherever they are, letting white liberals funding their rights movement, yet dare to complain about black women following the SAME liberals funding feminism. Women follow the lead of men, if a lot of the men are coons then what do you expect of women. Male coons must be extradited out of the community, shut up and pushed out of relevance their impact is too great a problem. White men will pay these coons but black people must support fighting against them, any type of blogs, media, social or not, businesses anyone that is openly anti-coon as it can create social pressure amongst blacks to reduce the level of coons. People need to stop engaging with their own family members who are cooning, a lot of black people refuse to this, this would show clear consequences dealt by blacks against coons.

      Thanks for your appreciation.

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  8. Kushite Prince · August 25

    “Black people, we must utilise our own socialisation; how it is used to mould a worldview and narrative that is helpful to Afrikans. Colourism is a false narrative handed down by white racists (even though he isn’t real Jim Crow was supposedly a slave owner from Jamaica, further showing most black issues are hardly limited too one nation), it is to help their narrative and dominion over Afrikan people. When we see blacks treat mixed people different from blacks, whether positive or negative we must not be enslaved to white and other non-Afrikan narratives, we must see it as Afrikans, even one drop rule adherents recognise from situation to situation mixed people are not us and go as far using a descriptor that is not always an equivalent to black. ACBN aims to drive such an ideology, aim to create such a culture. The recollection of differentiation by blacks in a positive, preferential light towards mixed people is a root origin of a certain form of black self-hate in relation to the mulatto and other multiracial. Once this is recognised we can address and go about tackling this form of self-hate. This is just one example of how focusing on our phenotype and the differences in treatment we receive from ALL people in society not just WHITE RACISTS can change our worldview for the betterment of Afrikan people.”
    Great post brother! You really nailed it this time. This self hatred is getting way out of hand. Kodak Black is a damn fool! He is a disgrace to his people. But of course whites give this clown a platform to spew his self hatred to our people. Rap music is truly a cesspool nowadays. It was our creation but now these white music executives use it against us. I loved reading the comments from the screenshots. It shows that many of our people are still brainwashed out of their damn minds. Too many people have bought into the one-drop rule bullshit. This issue can’t be brought up enough. Thank you for this very informative post. It is very eye opening and shows how much work we still have to do.

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    • The screenshots show how black people CHOOSE to remove mulattoes/multiracials/’light skin people’ as NOT black when they view them positively but black people negatively. That style of thought pattern can’t be good for black people’s mindset and self-esteem. One drop rule is a cover for this mentality which has only caused more mental destruction.

      Rap is garbage by in large it is so pervasive now, 90% of the stereotypes are believed by black people as inherent black behaviour or culture. It is no good, whole things needs to scrapped.

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      • Kushite Prince · August 25

        Rap is really bad right now. There are some underground conscious rappers out there. I have featured some on my blog. But they don’t get much mainstream press unless they sellout their ideas. But the mainstream rap music is horrible. Nothing but mind pollution for young black minds.

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  9. Kushite Prince · August 27

    This is the pure evil we are up against! They want to degrade the African image!


  10. Kushite Prince · August 27

    “Study Finds That Mixed-Race Identifying Blacks Are Considered More Attractive”
    That’s the title of the Essence magazine article. It is truly disgusting!

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    • Thank you for telling what was in the link, by the time I had gotten around to it he link was not working, saying ‘page cannot be found’. They want to hide their propaganda all of a sudden? This is why I am against including them a black, it makes it easier for whites to target blacks meanwhile using them to rope us in and treating them better. I know they can breed back into blackness but I’ve seen the opposite mating pattern and their 3/4 white children not even falsely black identified 99% of times.

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      • Kushite Prince · August 28

        Yes it’s very insulting. Have you been following the situation with biracial NFL player Colin Kaepernick. He is being attacked by white people for refusing to stand for the pledge of allegiance before a game. First biracial actor Jesse Williams speaks up fro black people……now Colin too?? This seems very strange to me. I feel as though this is calculated by the media. By having biracial/mixed people speak out on racial oppression I feel it’s a way to replace more authentic African looking people. What do you think?

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      • Yes, to cause more social distrust amongst black people and to keep the colourism debate going. We ALL know that mixed people are not even proportionately represented as victims of white aggression. This allows clowns to keep saying ‘oh look how many mixed people stand up for blacks when black people haven’t’ meanwhile these idiots never question why pro-white mulattoes not considered white.

        Mixed people always in high proportions for positions of power amidst ‘blacks’; politicians, figurehead and leadership roles, university students becoming ‘highly skilled’, business ownership, beauty standards, marriage into wealthy and non-black families, positive social ideas for their physical features. all this is helping Europeans in the long run as THEIR genes go in 50%~ of these ‘light skin’ mixed peoples genes. The purpose of all this confusion.

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      • Kushite Prince · August 30

        This also keeps the colorism debate going. There is a big debate on Twitter and other social media platforms about this. All this race mixing has caused more confusion and we can’t concentrate on liberation. But putting these mulattoes on positions of power was started way back with the NAACP. And they’ve been doing it ever since. Jesse and Colin are just distractions in my opinion. They are being used as a front for black representation. And our people are all over the internet debating how “real” they are. The whole situation is very fishy to me. But I definitely agree with everything you said.

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      • Social media is doing a hell of a lot of brainwashing as well as freeing peoples minds, all at the same time. It is a form of media after all. The sheer amount of people going online upholding garbage mass media marketed ideas and beliefs is actually brainwashing ordinary people at a higher rate as ordinary people are most likely to believe ordinary people even more than mainstream media. Once again showing the power of socialisation, something Afrikans must grasp in order to change the narrative in our favour. Amos Wilson, a blessed ancestor, spoke on it all the time. It is one of the few things black people can alter radically without wealth and ownership, although not as effective as if we did have that.

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      • Kushite Prince · August 31

        True indeed!

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    • I searched up the article, a study by Duke University.

      It is actually about non-blacks views of Afrikan and mixed race people. As I said the one drop rule is useful to brainwashing and causing black self-hate the order of the day is now for mixed people to have their own fully independent identity. The study claimed to defeat colourism by saying that dark skin people who claim to be mixed are viewed a more attractive than light skin people claiming to be black. Essentially pandering to dark skin multiracials who we rarely see on TV but do exist in America but are far more common in places like Brazil and the Dominican Republic. It’s purpose is to establish mixed people regardless of skin tone in a pecking order ahead of blacks but as a separate category.

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  11. Kushite Prince · August 28

    Here’s a great comment by a black female blogger. She makes some very good points about Colin Kaepernick.

    FIRST: Colin Kaepernick is NOT a black person. Black people are not the collection of people that everyone else refuses. I.e., we are not the refuse /trash heap. This is not to say that Colin Kaepernick is trash either. He’s a person. He’s a person who, at times, is likely mistreated by other nonblack people in a global system of Racism/Anti-Blackness (RAB). The degree of mistreatment a person receives in the system of RAB is dependent upon their proximity to black appearance. In Europe, that is dark-featured Spaniards, Greeks, and Italians….While Kaepernick will certainly be even more targeted for mistreatment for standing up against the system of Anti-Blackness, he, himself is not a victim of that system. He is taking actions that support eliminating that system and *should.* But, make no mistake about it, the consequences for Cam Newton, LeBron James, or Serena Williams doing the same thing would be much worse than that which Mr. Kaepernick will face. Read the history of what happened to Tommie Smith and John Carlos, and Latrell Spreewell for evidence of that. In fact, there are undeniably black people who would have made such stances that we will never hear about it because the system weeds them out before they get any fame.

    SECOND: The headline left off the last few words of the sentence. The full sentence by Kaepernick was ““I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people AND OTHER PEOPLE OF COLOR.”

    THIRD: He also said, “‘This is not something that I am going to run by anybody,I am not looking for approval. I have to stand up for people that are oppressed. … If they take football away, my endorsements from me, I know that I stood up for what is right.”

    FOURTH: That Colin Kaepernick doesn’t choose not to play at all in protest does not negate the correctness of his statement.That he is not a black person does not negate the correctness of his statement.

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    • All 100% correct. It’s not that the message is not appreciated, it’s not that I disagree but having a bunch of mulattoes and ‘anti-racist’ whites been seen as a majority of those that are supporting and defending blacks makes severe social mistrust an issue and causes less problems for whites as their own offspring are fronting a ‘war’ against them.

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      • Kushite Prince · August 30

        I think so too. This is obviously being done on purpose.


  12. Kushite Prince · August 31

    People seem to have very short memories. Just last year Colin was fined by the NFL for calling a black player a “f*cking ni**er”. Does this mean Colin sees himself as different from black people? I get the feeling he could just be upset with his social status in the “white club”. Many mulattoes get upset that the white majority doesn’t fully accept them so they lash out. What do you think?

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    • Thank you for that. He is CERTAINLY a white media plant. We have warned others of these mulattoes. Continue doing that. Tbh that actually needs it’s own post to expose this fraud, there is no way this fool who was birthed by a white slut (not even taking the piss) and raised in all-white environments by an adopted white family suddenly tried to become pro-black.

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      • Kushite Prince · August 31

        How do you become pro-black all of a sudden??? Hmmmm……..doesn’t add up to me. Our emotions are being played with. You’re right,it would be a good post. I think people forgot about this incident.

        Liked by 1 person

      • They haven’t forgot, the media took away the spotlight and most ‘pro-blacks’ haven’t bothered to do the basic research. Once again I thank you for bringing such vital information to the surface.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Kushite Prince · August 31

        You’re welcome. I do my best to find information people sometimes overlook. I think the sharing of information is very important. Our people need to be informed when they are being misled.

        Liked by 1 person

      • That is certainly something worth showing on social media. Colin Kaepernick is a media plant and as you said mulattoes talking back and protesting whites in sports nearly never results in serious punishment versus black men who have tarnished names forever, with a media gunning down their image.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Kushite Prince · August 31

        Yeah that sums it up!

        Liked by 1 person

  13. Kushite Prince · September 1

    Black people must realize we are in a WAR. And in a war you must strategize and have a plan. The best way I’ve heard it explained is by a fellow blogger. She says: In order for black people to free ourselves from the global system of racism/anti-blackness we must efficiently and effectively expend our limited resources of time, energy , and materials available to us to help solve the problems of black people. To do that, each individual victim of the system must have reasonable confidence in identifying who is a black person and who is not. It is important that individual black persons define this for themselves because it is in the interest of racists/anti-blackists to confuse us into expending our energy to help people who are not black and who are, therefore, those more likely to use the resources we extend to them to perpetuate the system of racism/anti-blackness. Efficiency requires standards that are quantifiable and tools to measure whether a person or thing meets the standard.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Most definitely, knowing who and what to spend time, money, resources and organise around is all part of empowerment. Individuals must take responsibility for their roles in the community, enough with the wasting of time with negroes who do not want to build, who fight tooth and nail against black exclusivity, who attempt to denigrate the community meanwhile running to whites. I personally am willing to cut ties with such individuals for a group is only as strong as the will of it’s individuals. Groups are a collection of individuals. We have allowed fools to run amok and dominate the group and force their will on us, it must be overrun. Mixed people aren’t to be considered black, we see with the latest nonsense with former open racist mulatto Colin Kaepernick and Jesse Williams, a man who married a mulatto NOT a black woman, these people are been used as a segue group to manipulate emotions, when they have a proven track record of failing. ONLY Afrikan phenotype leaders have produced major successes, fact. As in them been the figurehead we can see us succeeding.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Kushite Prince · September 1

    The non sense of different shades of Black was started in the United States of America to maintain Mulatto control over Africans. In the 1920’s Marcus Garvey explained one of the tactics of Whites to maintain control over African people was to place the Mulatto over the Africans.

    “Much of the conflict between Du Bois and Garvey was not based on ideology because both were Pan Africanist, but colorism that was rooted in ideas of caste, class and color by America’s mulatto class.”

    No where in the European world is a Mulatto seen as a White/Pink and has any real authority over Europeans. The Mulatto is a strange creature, because the Mulatto can adopt a language that Africans respond to but they have the same contempt for Brown skinned Africans as their White parents.

    Africans are the only race where Mulattoes arrogantly demand they be seen as pure Africans. The Mulatto does not do this with the Asian, European or even the Arab. Many self loathing Africans love Mulattos and seek to create these creatures, even though they will always be enemies of Africa.

    Cuba is a nation ran by mulatto but has a large African population. The African population is seen no where in any leadership position in the Mulatto Cuban government. While Cuba is against Anglo Domination and White Hegemony, they believe in Mulatto Supremacy.

    We Black Africans need to study Cuba, Dominican Republic and Brazil as told to do so by Dr. John Henrike Clarke. He said the Mulatto is not loyal to EITHER SIDE. The White, Yellow or the beautiful Dark Brown/Black African.

    African Centered Biological Nationalist must create mulatto free nations. Its not so say we won’t lie and use Mulattos to achieve our objectives but they will never be seen as equal an authentic African. The Mulatto was the enemy of Africa prior to the coming of the White man. We must rid ourselves of Negroes, Mulattos and Homosexuals if we are ever to be free!
    Great post by Gaspar Yanga

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am grateful for this post, even with the misinformation about mulattoes running Cuba (which was clarified in the comments section) it is one of Amos Magazine’s best posts. He neatly broke down the mixed hegemonic role which they never seem to secede and in fact it increases with their numbers and less white people. I see that this post caught the attention of stevetoussaint who in turn impacted others on Facebook and from their it got back to Amos Magazine. It is good to see the movement, the understanding of Afrikans exclusivity in powerbuilding spreading.

      I also am glad I managed to post on Amos Magazine’s blog again. Idk if it is temporary or a mistake on his behalf but I appreciate that he has allowed my comment. I still thank those who came before me, his blog was the first I posted under the AfricaNeedToOwnItsResources, so you could say he jump-started my blogging.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Kushite Prince · September 3

        That’s good to hear. Hopefully it’s all water under the bridge. And we can get back to sharing information and focus on the task at hand. And I agree that was one of his best posts.

        Liked by 2 people

  15. stevetoussaint · September 2

    Brotha Kushite, what is the name of this black female blogger if you don’t mind me asking.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Kushite Prince · September 3

    Olympic gymnast Simone Biles said she would like biracial actress Zendaya to play her in a film. Why would she want a woman that looks nothing like her? I suspect that Biles suffers from self hatred and mentacide. I was disturbed when I heard this.


    • The impact of been raised by a multiracial. People are not doing their research despite the Internet been used, which is an easy place to access information.

      Despite been much taller and pale skinned, Zendaya was chosen, number due to white media promotion she is used by the media as a ‘pro-black’ mulatto which should be good in negroes eyes. The other is the fact her biological parents were hooked on drugs, never managed to raise her and she was adopted by her grandfather Rob Biles and multiracial step-grandmother Nellie Biles. No doubt this nurturing by a mixed person had an impact on who she wanted to be as an ideal ‘black woman’ seeing an authentic Afrikan female not able to raise her and been impacted so much by her non-biological grandmother she has Belizean passport and has gone on record saying Belize is her second home. She was raised into this unfortunately. It is her choice buck that trend.


      Liked by 1 person

      • Kushite Prince · September 4

        Yes I knew most of that about her. I just wanted to put it out there. This is why I don’t condone whites adopting black children. It messes up their minds. About three years ago I was at a restaurant with some friends. A white man came into the restaurant with his Asian wife. They had tow children. One was a little white boy about six years old. The other was a black girl about four years old. They sat near our table. The black girl wouldn’t stop staring at me. It was like she was mesmerized seeing another black person. I felt so bad for her. I know she will grow up very confused. What can a white man and Asian woman teach an African child?Nothing at ALL! She will grow up with a serious identity crisis. I hated seeing that. It made me sick!

        Liked by 1 person

      • These kind of black people will eventually be used against black people, they are even more effective than mulattoes.

        To get down to it, as John Henrik Clarke pointed out Afrikan languages never had a word for adoption, none of them.Yet now we are seeing the European culture of rejecting children becoming the norm, how many Hollywood whites have now adopted an Afrikan child? The example is been set. Need for a family structure more important than ever, need for community exclusivity more than ever as we see with Simone Biles own family older children was adopted by her grandaunt but she was extensively looked after by a multiracial who clearly had no intention of raising her to be a sensible Afrikan female but a identity disfigured person, low self-esteem in the value of her blackness even with her amazing talent.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Kushite Prince · September 4

        I think so too. They will become enemies at some point. We have to start weeding out these people. And many whites in Hollywood adopt black babies. It’s almost like a fad. They treat them more like pets than people.

        Liked by 1 person

      • And we never see them raise them. Who knows what they indoctrinate them with behind close doors. Yet white Hollywood celebs biological kids be on show everywhere. Bookey isn’t it (London slang for dodgy).

        Liked by 1 person

      • Kushite Prince · September 4

        Yeah I hear you. I don’t trust those sick bastards in Hollyweird. I did a post about it four years ago.

        Liked by 1 person

  17. Steve toussaint · September 3

    Thank you for the information brotha

    Liked by 2 people

  18. stevetoussaint · September 3

    Thank you brotha for the name of the sista.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. stevetoussaint · September 4

    And also brotha Afrika thank you for shouting me out for spreading your acbn mindset to social media and ill definitely continue because I haven’t ran across anything truly Afrikan centered until I ran across blog posts such as Amos magazine, Kushite Prince, original lady, authentic Afrikan vanguard, etc and this is coming from a 22 year old that stumbled across “consciousness” around 3 years ago and I went through so many phases through that period but I transitioned and now to be an Afrikan centered biological nationalist.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Kushite Prince · September 4

      You’re only 22? Then you are way ahead in the game brother. I’m in my late thirties. I wish I was as conscious as you are at 22. I don’t meet too many young black men and women that are really race conscious. I have met some at Afrocentric lectures and festivals. It seems so many of our people have become self haters and whitewashed. So many of them want to fit into this racist white system. But it gives me hope when I hear of young men like yourself that have that type of social awareness. Thanks for the comment Steve.

      Liked by 1 person

  20. stevetoussaint · September 4

    I’ll help with as much as I can making acbn global.

    Liked by 2 people

  21. Kushite Prince · September 6

    AfrikaNeeds,Hey brother I want you to check out this video. It’s by a Youtuber blogger named Angel Ramirez. He says that it would be too difficult to have one definition of blackness. He states that he took a DNA test and is only 62% African. He also says that unless you are 100% African you have no right to consider who is black and who is not. He claims that since so many African Americans have European and Native American genetics…who is to sat what is truly African? What percentage of African DNA do you think a person should have to be considered African? Some people say 70%-100%. Say black people say at 80%. I’d love to know your thoughts. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • He is talking foolishness, he is a multiracial from he Caribbean, he knows that over there he wouldn’t be classified as black. He is trying to justify the one drop rule and get blacks to accept his interest in black woman is a form of black love.

      DNA tests are dodgy and the cheap ones, especially ones like ancestry.com and 23andMe have been proven to be highly inaccurate and untrustworthy for serious scientific research. Only pieces made instantly readily available does information from these sources appear.

      The whole notion Afrikan Americans are 60-70% on average makes no sense, I understand that there is some mixture overall but not enough for it to make up 25% or more one average. That would make Afrikan Americans a griffe population but comparing griffes to Afrikan Americans shows clear phenotypical differences. The gene expression is not the same.

      There really is no clear demarcation, DNA tests are not accurate. They can trace where certain genes came from, what populations contain them. On top of that most people know nothing about DNA tests. DNA tests can never come back 100% anything, the best they can do is 99% of genes from one population (e.g. the average Yoruba is 99% ‘Sub-Saharan Afrikan’, 1% ‘Paleoafrikan’ meaning groups like the Khoikhoi, Pygmies ect.). On top of that many tests claim to show DNA from certain Afrikan countries. How? When those nations have little to nothing to do with ethnic and racial boundaries which contain diversity and Afrikan genetics is the most genetically diverse?

      I can’t say where the line is to be drawn. I can say DNA testing is 1. not accurate 2. the average Afrikan American DNA result is 80%~ in scientific papers 3. DNA testing inaccuracies ignore gene expression 4. Afrikan American currently has no set phenotype due to the one drop rule, any DNA testing average will show information from this perversion in identity (part of the reason for the inaccuracies) 5. there is a chunk of black Americans who are 99% Afrikan genetically on these DNA tests and 6. DNA tests, not under the supervision of black scientists (which we need to develop) is still ‘black people asking whites where we come from’, no way can you expect this to be a realistic response.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Kushite Prince · September 7

        You’re exactly right. I was thinking the same thing. I thought about taking a DNS test myself. But many people have told me they are not accurate. I think Angel was just blowing smoke and a lot of grand standing. Although I’m sure some people think he knows what he’s talking about.

        Liked by 1 person

    • The comments were full of Willie Lynch, ‘white people call us…’, ‘Afrika has yellow and white coloured people’ ‘you are what your… is’ and all kinds of bullshit. None of what was given could create an actual ethnicity that would fight back against whites, it doesn’t reaffirm any type of identity. It all leads to the ‘we are the world’, ‘people of colour’ nonsense and we can’t act as if mixed people don’t know their phenotypes and their favoured representative the ambiguous facial feature, curly hair, pale skin. Those same people know how to be exclusive when it comes to who is mixed and who represent mixed people.

      One thing I will ask you is, do you think if a West Afrikan looking Afrikan American (who they and their followers love to call say is mixed) spoke on mixed struggles but never had a mixed child, on a platform like that, would mixed people accept them as a representation of mixed people?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Kushite Prince · September 7

        The comments are hysterical! LOL!! These people sound so damn ignorant! A West African complaining about mixed struggles???? LOL!! They would laugh in his face! They would never accept that. You’re right,they know how to be exclusive and they know their phenotype. Biracial people want to have it both ways. They want to be considered black but then they want exclude those that don’t fit into their definition of a “mixed person”. They are so full of crap! They even have Facebook pages for mixed babies and :mixed race beauty”. But if a West African looking person tried to post their pics on the page…there is NO way in hell they would allow it. That is so hypocritical in my opinion.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Another important question for DNA test results, if black people from the Americas are so mixed (as the ‘tests’ claim), why do mulattoes struggle to get stem cell and marrow donors and other multiracials yet black people don’t? Something to really think about.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Kushite Prince · September 7

        That’s a very good question. I have heard that many biracial babies are born with Down syndrome. have you ever heard that before? I also remember years ago baseball player Rod Carew had a daughter that was really from a disease. I can’t remember what disease. But I do remember his daughter was biracial(white mother). She needed a certain type of blood. She couldn’t find a donor and she passed away. Do you think her being biracial made it harder to find the right blood type? I’m not an expert in biology or all things genetic. But I would think with all this race mixing that people are creating a weird genetic mixture. What do you think?

        Liked by 1 person

      • It wasn’t blood, I just researched, his daughter died because she couldn’t find a bone marrow transplant. I mentioned the marrow transplant been a major issue. Race has proven itself biological again and again, this is another example that costs lives, ‘social constructs’ don’t do this to peoples genes.

        It’s just Eurocentric views on race are constantly proven wrong along with the idiots that keep following them. First they focused on biological race, think Spanish and Portuguese casta diagrams, then came the propaganda manipulation of race, next was the Eurocentric ‘science’ focus on skull shapes, after that came focus on facial feature, ‘true negro’ and evolution, the comes the understanding in clines (origin of different skin colour alleles), focus switches to skin colour, after DNA showing admixture across the board not just among a small number of black people and multiracials, then came the contradictions of clines and DNA, focus on skin colour and non-genetic IQ, this ignores, facial features, hair texture and levels of body hair, skull shapes, dental traits, levels of admixture. All exterior traits that go into race other than skin. all should be focused on not bits and bobs.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Kushite Prince · September 7

        Okay thanks for the clarification. I should’ve looked it up again. But I see your point about them changing the narrative about race. It’s their way of manipulating the masses about racial classification. All things like skull shapes,skin tone,dental traits etc….should be considered. I agree with that for sure.

        Liked by 1 person

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