Multiculturalism is not promoted for police, it can never be involved in controlling power


Don’t think for a minute whites, Liberal or Conservative don’t know the game, don’t know the causes and resolutions for racism. I have said before all talk of Socialist ‘racism, tribalism and ethnocentrism is less important than classism’ is just rhetoric which the whites that promote it don’t even believe in. All groups of people have had rich and poor prior to European capitalism been introduced to them. This is how humans are, humans are social, if you are social then a social hierarchy will be created, as a law of nature, with those at the top owning and controlling the most, having the last word. Did the rich Europeans treat the other races’ rich people equal to their own during colonialism? The foundations of modern corporate-based ‘capitalism’ was not meritocracy, was not democracy or a multicultural 1%, yet socialists and liberals encourage blacks to try to defeat Western run capitalism by fighting for those ideals.

Classism is an argument of when one sees that poor white trash that is abused by rich whites remain loyal and in fact rich whites wouldn’t even be in the position they are in if it isn’t for poor white support. In the United Kingdom and much of Europe, old money, aristocracy still exists, all manner of dukes, marquees and viscounts can still be found in the UK, there is a section of parliament called the House of Lords which still has a few seats reserved for peerage. They still own much land but have even more places named after their family names, former country estates and playing fields. The reason they lost these ownership of these lands which are still named after them is they no longer command the working class whites and are no longer the richest people in the UK. At one time before the industrial revolution they were in the position the billionaires in London are in today because the working class was tilling their fields, maintaining their castles, fighting their wars, pledging allegiance to them as individuals (feudalism). By the way London is still the richest city, most expensive city to live and has the most billionaires out of any city in the world. Zero billionaires exist in European nobility today. The nations where regular white people fought back in civil wars or were deposed by losing in the World Wars there are no continuous lines of nobility who are recognised. Countries such as France, Germany and Russia don’t even have monarchies any more because of warfare waged mostly by working class whites. 

Who invaded and colonised the world outside of Europe? Who was on the frontline invading Mesoamerica, poor Spanish people who claimed the title conquistadors (conquerors) not the rich ones who would go on to own Afrikan people as slaves and gold, silver and platinum mines. Who annexed chunks of India? The British East India Company a company owned by aristocrats, given patronage by the British monarchy and it’s armed units manned by ordinary whites, they fought alongside British pirates called buccaneers by the government to legalise piracy. Who committed ground level genocide on the Australian Aborigines? White lower class people from Britain and Ireland who were often times criminals who were sent there on peonage sentences. Who was spreading Afrikaans as a language forcing Afrikan people to speak this bastardisation of Dutch? Poor European farmers whose descendants have now become weaker and much poorer since the end of Apartheid. Who is manning the racist police force on the the streets in the USA? Whites, poor whites. They make a living of that, many times passing the torch to the next generation. Did you know 74.7% of police in America are white non-Hispanic and over 85% are European Americans, multiculturalism is never assigned to powerful positions, whether in Congress for political classes, in the Forbes list for upper classes, as school teachers for the middle classes, or as police for the working classes, positions of power are never multicultural. White non-Hispanics only make up 63% of the total US population and overall whites, including ones that claim Latino, are 79%.

Look at the vast rates of white police even, in the article above, towns with small white populations they are oversubscribed. Those are some statistics on race and populations of towns and cities in certain conurbations in the USA.

Socialists and Liberals and many unknowing negroes uphold the idea open racism is only beneficial to rich whites which has proven to be false. It is part of power, power is a group activity, it can overrun the weak within a group but those who are outside of this group have little possibility of gaining access to power, resources or seeing major improvements over the successive generation. As I had mentioned earlier Apartheid and it’s affirmative action for white South Afrikans was used to create an unrealistic, unnatural low unemployment rate for whites. The fact it has been dethroned and now the reverse has occurred to some degree is not very good for you average Joe white person in South Afrika. This means there are benefits of open racism for poor whites contrary to Socialist utopia ideas of race been unimportant to Capitalism. The modern Capitalist Western structure was carved from the hollowed out remains of racialised European empire systems.


The unskilled poor Europeans in South Afrika have a vastly inferior employment rate in 2014 than in 1994 when apartheid ended. And 22 years on it has been deemed a trend that will continue. But the skilled whites are finding it more and more easier to gain employment and control over power in the economy. The skilled labourers who dislike the end of apartheid, even with the working opportunities left as part of a white South Afrikan brain drain. Open racism benefits unskilled/semi-skilled whites as a form of nepotism which shows that meritocracy is not what helped whites do well as a group, but one-ups from more powerful relatives and members of their community.


The black population of South Afrika has grew massively since the end of brutal upfront racial oppression. The sociopolitical constraints had been relieved but this is due to the fact they are been used more extensively as a worker class, with most blacks remaining outside of the skilled labour classes. The lack of an ability to create surplus wealth for these workers blocks their chances to fund political campaigns in the black south Afrikans favour. This at a time when Afrikan people can vote. Contradictory isn’t it.

Amos Wilson had told us other races aren’t just racist because they dislike blacks for our physical attributes or for ability to influence even in the weaker socioeconomic state but because it has perquisites and advantages.

Power is something not shared. Canada shows us a perfect example of how powerful whites can discriminate and NOT discriminate against ‘minorities’.

‘Nationally, women and visible minorities respectively represent 50 per cent and 23.3 per cent of the population; some 22.6 per cent of Canadians can speak French.

In total, women made up only 27.6 per cent of the House and Senate, while visible minorities accounted for 12.3 per cent of the two bodies. Only the ratio of French-speaking politicians is at par with the national average.’

Amazing isn’t it, the Euro-Canadian men who run the politics of Canada are able to be discriminatory to half of their population who is female, slice the population of non-whites nearly in half in parliament but can not perform a similar prejudice against French-speaking whites! This goes to show you all that nonsense black older generations have pushed in terms of integration is clearly not key to obtaining power. The French colonialists and their descendants had fought hard to maintain their physical separation (segregation) and culture (anti-assimilation). First they engaged in warfare both on land and navally and then chose to fight economically funding independent building, finding their own cities and towns then politically even choosing to retain Canadian economic benefits in the aftermath of the 1995 Quebec independence referendum meanwhile retaining their own culture, language and even getting immigrant population to work under them in Quebec. Since Quebec rejected the 1980 referendum about been on a path to independence and becoming fully autonomous within Canadian law they were given a second chance to chose whether they wanted to leave and chose to stay in 1995. Similar to Scotland and the UK, whites give other European ethnicities the ability to do things on their own, the ability to self-segregate, the ability to wealth aggregate, the ability to develop concentrated group power, as the racist scoundrel former US president Woodrow Wilson coined ‘the right to self-determination’ in his Fourteen Points speech. Even if they refuse a Scotland autonomy pact as well as independence there is no ill-will or prejudice towards French-speakers in Canada in terms of power.

This demonstrates more than enough that power is not to be handed out equally but certain groups are even encouraged by GOVERNMENT POLICY to be power-seeking and others are not. Black people when will we stop pretending this is just some rich individuals and not see these things are a collective effort, white agree that other collectives of whites should be freed or treated equally regardless of richness or poverty, when have they ever agreed black people should? We can see in several different countries policies that clearly negate black peoples ability to create group power and wealth yet we ignore it and the support of it for some type of ‘we are the world’ crusade. We see that even when policies are enacted in our favour, even if it is temporary or to cover something else it is at the detriment of poor whites, yet many want to align with these people. For that obvious reason they couldn’t be down with black people. Stop trying to make the black quest for power a multicultural activity, we are not everyone, we are Afrikan people. Other groups, who are nationalist, are interested in autonomy, interested in power and structure building, interested in dealing with internalised affairs by themselves, interested in cultivating and culture that will sprout a stronger next generation do not attempt to bring outside individuals into the fold, do not attempt to multiculturalise their group. This means they certainly do not entertain ethnically/racially diverse leaderships or power wielding sectors of their society.




  1. stevetoussaint · August 27, 2016

    I greatly appreciate this post brethren because I’m tired of these pseudo “conscious”/Black Nationalist rhetoric that completely absolves the majority of “regular” Europeans that openly threaten our very survival on this earth. Although most of these YouTube afaux (fro)-centrics spout this nonsense about the 1% and broke imas being merely just revolutionary suicide for elite class imas , one culprit that is notorious is one by the name of zo Williams who has his own talk radio show on YouTube that provides decent info but glosses over alot of what we as Afrikan people deal with. You should check him out to see what I’m talking about

    Liked by 2 people

    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · August 27, 2016

      I am not surprised, I still don’t understand how negroes know that poor whites was doing the invading, stealing, killing which introduces the 1%, if they never turned up would the 1% whites run America, Canada wherever outside of Europe? No.

      Trying to tell them this is not in their best interest to make friends with them is retarded, every time that blacks were ‘helped’ by regular whites WHO INSTIGATED IT. Rich whites, white politicians ect. never do ordinary whites make a grassroots movement to help blacks, that is a known fact. If they are so different then why do they REQUIRE white rich people’s support to ‘help’?

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  2. Kushite Prince · August 27, 2016

    Great post. When it coms to oppressing black people…whites are ALL on the same page. They try to confuse you with talk of rich whites,poor whites,liberal whites,conservaties,homosexual whites,religious whites etc…. It’s all nonsense! Whites have proven to me they will even vote for a guy that wont help them economically if it will keep blacks oppressed.
    “Stop trying to make the black quest for power a multicultural activity, we are not everyone, we are Afrikan people. Other groups, who are nationalist, are interested in autonomy, interested in power and structure building, interested in dealing with internalised affairs by themselves, interested in cultivating and culture that will sprout a stronger next generation do not attempt to bring outside individuals into the fold, do not attempt to multiculturalise their group. This means they certainly do not entertain ethnically/racially diverse leaderships or power wielding sectors of their society.”
    Very powerful statement! No one can argue with that!

    Liked by 1 person

    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · August 28, 2016

      Yep we see in London whites will vote for parties that don’t support their ‘class struggle’ to maintain white dominance over the economy as a collective even though it damages their specific class or group. That is community, when the poor whites commit crimes against blacks, when the middle class white take wealth away from black areas with migration and businesses leaving and when rich white practice racial discrimination in housing, employment, disparaging the black image in media they despite class are all defended by the same racist court and media. Showing class is part of the economic system and it is part of their social program or community. They have an allegiance to their community retaining power not class or some other crap.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Kushite Prince · August 28, 2016

        That’s so true! They do this all the time. It’s all about white people maintaining their power and control. All the this talk about class is nonsense!


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