Multiracial descendants: Segue between Afrikans and others


Unsurprisingly negroes who follow Europeans are now no longer dreaming of integrating as black people into European society, because they know we can’t. The sudden change of heart was spurred by their seeing of the outright rejection of other ethnicities of whites in Europe and mestizos in the USA . Black people are the phenotypical antithesis of Europeans and historically, prior to every other group, has been associated with negativity by Europeans. This backlash has hit negroes the hardest. The solution in these idiots minds is to create a new population of multiracials, even though the ones coming from Mexico and Central America to the USA are scapegoated as the catalyst for Euro-American ethnocentrism, xenophobia and racism.


The ‘solution’ of course was instigated by the European mass media aka the 1% richest whites, in their bid to deal with a historical ‘Negro Problem’ they had been documenting since enslavement and immigration post-empire in Western Europe. For multi-racial societies there were originally two disparate ways of dealing with this problem by the white establishment; despite been seemingly different they both REQUIRED miscegenation. Negroes often want to forget it is quoted as the ‘Negro Problem’ (negro at the time, and still today in Romance languages, means Afrikan/black people in general) not mulatto problem or mixed race problem, the creation of mixed people has ALWAYS been a favourable outcome, so pushing a ‘mixed race future’ or ‘coffee coloured future’ is not actually eroding white dominance despite mainstream black discourse on the topic. The whole idea of breeding out whites ignores the fact brown and dark skin black with kinky hair would disappear too by mixing, hence the coffee coloured saying about mixed nations like Brazil, coffee mixed with milk looks, tastes and is nothing like chemically milk or coffee separately. Nobody would consider Brazil a black or white society in the same vein.




The ‘Negro Problem’ was never resolved in mono-racial societies. Nations such as Jamaica and Grenada and areas such as the rainforest section of the Pacific Coast of Colombia which are still overwhelmingly Afrikan in population never even established ‘Negro Problem’ solutions at all. The Europeans who ran these places simply held onto colonial and/or governmental authority by suppressing constant violent revolts by the black masses with armed forces and simply fled when colonialism ended. Unlike these loci the Negro Problem arose in place like the USA and Brazil where the two ‘resolutions’ were offered.

The American answer was the ‘one drop rule’ where the population created by mixing with Afrikans were classified as black it served several functions and has an ongoing legacy today. It first and foremost established the devaluing of black people (our phenotype and image of ourselves, or what we would prefer ourselves to look like as well as identity confusion). It installs the fact that mulattoes are not white, are not part of the white community and can not take on the wealth of the white community. The most relevant for the ‘Negro Problem’ is that it infuses blacks with high levels of European genes which is detrimental for separating and building independently, this also has an impact on the overall number of blacks because in their place are many mulattoes, griffes and multiracials who are openly stated as not been part of the ‘Negro Problem’. The growing number of mixed people infesting the ‘black community’ was compounded by external European migration, severely reducing the percentage of the population that was black, limiting the the ‘problem’.

The Brazilians panacea was to create as many multiracials as possible. All sorts of admixtures were encouraged with a large dose of European admixture. Millions of Europeans, from Iberia, from Germany, from Northern Italy, from Poland and even a million plus pale skin Levantine people descended onto Brazil post-slavery. They were encouraged socially and incentivised to mix with blacks, but not on an equal social footing. This led to the wholesale reduction of the Afrikan population with low social value on those people, their phenotype, their disappearance and growing powerlessness due to it. The same technique was utilised throughout much of Latin America.

As we can see most negroes are in with the camp of one of these two slave masters. Neither one is going to help Afrikans or else whites would not have directly established them as techniques for removing us/reducing our influence. The idea that socially negative, economically depressed black people can intermix, integrate and miscenginate into a mixed future on an equilibrium is false. Looking at the way Dominicans come to New York City and talk down on blacks, choose to dissociate from blacks, this should show easy warning signs to any aware black person that mixing from a position of weakness is opposed to black people getting along with these multiracials in the long run. The dream by negroes of a coffee coloured reality was smashed by the ancestor Amos Wilson who spoke on how society will stratify itself and when the time comes right mixed people will have their own category, maintain their own lineage by breeding with one another and are unlikely to engulf everyone. Amos Wilson claimed that looking at Coloured people in South Afrika should give black people in the West an idea on what is in store if you keep on mixing. Both in openly racist South Afrika and in covertly racist Puerto Rico mixed people are not considered black or white and look dissimilar to either the Afrikan or the European but share traits with other mixed populations around the world. The weak socio-economic position filters into mixed people, with no ability to fund positive images and influences from the black side of the mixture we see breeding patterns such as ‘whitening the race’ concepts in Brazil, Dominican Republic, Cuba ect. We also see concepts of blacks been viewed as other or outside like in South Afrika with mixed people clustering closely with Boers on most major political issues and the Dominican Republic coming down heavy on Afro-Haitians and Afro-Dominicans meanwhile ignoring the control on the industry tourism by Europeans and the Chinese (whom most aren’t even related to). The beauty standard another politicised concept is heavily assaulted through mixture with mixed people preferring with no question curly and straighter and virtually excluding dark skin mixed people from the debate and many times their social circles. This even though they are mixed and those features exist among the multiracial population there.

Sarge WP speaking on mixing and how it has not helped black people. He is often on point, especially on attacking the one drop rule. I don’t agree with the stuff about white poor people been ‘tricked’ into identifying with rich whites when they came over with the culture of classism from Europe. White elites came out of the poor whites and will go back into it when they become too weak as a collective. He is speaking on mixed peoples role in white hegemony (associating with the winners), their own independently fostered hatred of blacks, their breeding patterns and the false notion of mixed people been ‘colourblind’.

Here is proof of what he is talking about in the UK.


This person has littered their post with false stats pushed by the media. Caribbeans are not growing due to race mixing is the most prominent one. Afro-Caribbeans have suffered in growth mainly due to the blockage of immigration by the UK government. Second of all due to been in the UK for several generation (40’s and 50’s was a major immigration period for West Indians) many of them don’t identify with the Caribbean and choose to claim Black British (notice Black is a FIXED identity and doesn’t change regardless of nationality), Black British comes under ‘Black Other’ on the UK census and they make up 80% plus of Black Other people. Black British is the second fastest growing ethnicity in the UK, fastest been Black Afrikan. Black Caribbean add Black Other is 1.4% of the UK population, Black Afrikans are 1.6% and Mixed Black Caribbean and White are 0.4% of the UK population. Mulattoes overall make up 0.6%, Mixed Asian* and White accounts for 0.4% and Mixed Other and White is 0.2% of the UK. The fastest growing mixed population is Black Afrikan and White, followed by Asian and White, next is Other Mixed, then a stagnating Black Caribbean and White population as they integrate with whites as the poster suggested.  A significant number of Caribbeans have returned to the West Indies in retirement and many have immigrated to the USA, with 1% of black people in the USA originating in Europe. A stronghold of British-born Afro-Caribbeans is in New York City with more Afro-Caribbean immigrating from Britain than immigrating into Britain between 2001 and 2011. There is also no way to accurately guess dating patterns across a whole nation, only marriage, well over half of Caribbean families in the UK are single mother homes, showing dating, child birth and marriage are not all the same or indicators of the same patterns. Mulattoes have a very high rate of single mother homes on top of that over 80% of those who marry, which is under 60% of them overall, are with white British partners. Mixed people account for over 45% of interracial marriages in the United Kingdom, which explains the slow growth of Mixed Black Caribbean and White people and Other Mixed people.

Breeding patterns of mixed people exposed for negroes who want to talk about breeding out whites.


Great questions by this mulatto. This is what’s up? Mixed people in their own circles exposing themselves and their negro parents, a feeling of resentment is clearly showing that many blacks are willingly helping the segue of mixed people (as Sarge WP coined) between blacks and whites. Psychological problems are highlighted as a possible reason for their strong bias towards mixing with whites, although clearly the social issue of black social inferiority has a significant impression on their choices.

What is interesting to see is also that Asian and White multiracials are not promoted by the mainstream media, even though their growth is flying and mulattoes growth is becoming sluggish (showing that the ‘Negro Problem’ is been solved by whites by mixing unlike how they seek to deal with Asians). This is due to Asians proliferating in more spread out regions across the UK in places where Afrikan people make up around or below than 1%. A few examples – Blackburn with Darwen, a local authority composed of Blackburn a town and Darwen a nearby small market town the population is around 150,000, 27% Asian and 0.6% black and 0.7% Mixed Asian and White. Dewsbury a former church town composed of just under 70,000 people is 32% Asian and 0.4% black. Rochdale a large market town of approximately just over 100,000, it is 27% Asian and 1.5% black.


Repetition of what happened to the Australian Aborigines. Clearly defining the social position of blacks been a decisive factor against returning to the the black lineage versus becoming absorbed by whites British people who barely race mix due to sheer numbers and geographic spread having communities in the most sparse of areas.


Another example of negro clowns and their mixed offspring. Black people claiming they can breed out whites yet mixed people DO NOT CARE ABOUT THAT and ARE NOT ATTEMPTING TO DO THAT, clearly showing they either are not raised by these black male parents or their black parents regardless of gender are really hardcore integrationalists. As Sarge WP pointed out, lack of black organisation, lack of successful black community makes it much easier or ambiguous-looking multiracial descendants to affiliate with whites.


Well it is settled, the ambiguous, identityless, mixed community cares not whether they exist to fulfil the media prophecy of a mixed future, this individual is literally a stand-alone figure who cares about the preservation of mixed people without white support. Populations like the mestizo population in El Salvador or mulattoes in the creole culture in Louisiana got their kickstart and concept of their ethnic identity from whites.


Interesting to see the upper post is doing what Sarge pointed out black people don’t do, look into future generations and the bloodline that they are breeding into (it’s a conscious choice). They are taking up for white descendants of theirs already, even claiming their blood is mixed which they have always known and DNA testing with all it’s inaccuracies and the scientists with their biases have found all manner of gene markers from North Afrika, Central Afrika, Arabia, as far as China in Scottish samples. This smacks in the face of the false narrative many blacks who defend the one drop rule like to abide by, the idea whites are ‘untainted’ which excuses their defence of mixed people fraudulently claiming black but never white. The very last post is still not replied to, by poster hummingbird, questions the legitimacy of the view that mixed people are a product if social integration, acceptance of multiculturalism (which is actually in opposition of integration but that’s for another time) and love-filled miscegenation.

I still want to know where is this place where multiracials and black get along 100% fine, as far as I know the relationship is just a turbulent as with whites. Black people your power comes from within, mixing is not the solution, self-loathing is not the solution, integrating is not the solution, economic empowerment, positive socialisation and social organisation is the solution to our modern day ‘Negro Problem’. Negroes are a problem, their behaviour, rationalisations and socialisation must be pushed out of the black community.

*Asian in the United Kingdom refers solely to South Asians (Indian Subcontinent). Rarely it can refer to the Chinese who have their own box. Most times the Chinese are lumped in with ‘Other Asian’ e.g. Filipinos, Persians or the Nepalese or just ‘Other’ which is for minor ethnicities from all over the world, not just Asia such as multiracial Brazilians, Australian Aborigines ect. (all ethnicities I have met in London). ‘Arabs’ have made a campaign and now are recognised as their own ethnicity on the census, neither Asian nor Afrikan in spite of geographic origin.



  1. stevetoussaint · September 1, 2016

    Thank you for yet another informative post and hopefully this can put a nail in the coffin to the argument of absorbing griffes, mulattos and other multiracial people with the hopes that they too will also breed back into the Afrikan Geno-Culture which evidence CLEARLY shows, they have their own “community” and want a separate social Indentity separate from Afrikans AND Europeans also. Afrikan people in America in particular truly believe we can breed out whites with the help of multiracial people when obviously the overall population advancement of these inviduals are due to miscegenation from themselves which means that they have absolutely no loyalty to us as they are spirituality, genetically and socially the offspring of IMAs.

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  2. stevetoussaint · September 1, 2016

    Also, I’m not sure but Sammy sosa looks like a darkskin multiracial person rather than a Afrikan man as I noticed that his hair isn’t Afro textured. That could due to extensive self hate process that deals with processing the kinks.

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    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · September 1, 2016

      Nope he is a perfect example of multiracial people and societies not accepting dark skin mixed people. Stories like this are common in the Dominican Republic. I said before anything that is reminiscent of Afrikan people in the slightest is considered bad in multiracial societies, even if it isn’t a carbon copy of an Afrikan person.

      This is a film trailer about a multiracial Venezuelan child that was outcast for curly hair, it is not that the hair is Afro-textured but it reminds people in their nation of the mostly bred-out Afrikan population’s impact on their gene pool. The same child would have ‘good hair’ and not ‘bad hair’ if they live in country where black people are a significant percent of the population, such as Colombia, Brazil or Trinidad & Tobago, nearby nations.

      Sosa is not black, nor ever will be. He is still cast off, or should I say cussed off for looking black by multiracials who don’t.


  3. stevetoussaint · September 1, 2016

    Yes I always knew there was something off about him but black people can’t ever seem to tell. Real Afro Dominicans like the rapper Fabulous or Baseball player David Ortiz are referred to as half Dominican and Afrikan, as if you can be mixed with a nationality smh

    Liked by 1 person

    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · September 1, 2016

      Ortiz is as Spanish a surname a you can get. He was born in Santo Domingo. You can be mixed nationality but Afro-Dominican is not ever mentioned as a separate ethnicity from the Dominicans who are mixed. The problem is as I have said Americans don’t understand ethnicity, race, culture, language group and nationality. Most countries are named after the major consistent ethnicity or founding ethnicity, when people say Dominican they mean the mixed people, Afro-Dominican is what Ortiz is even though Dominican is an ethnicity (of mixed people) and a nationality.

      Nevertheless appreciate your contribution and the fact you have grasped onto who is Afrikan and who is not.

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  4. stevetoussaint · September 1, 2016

    I thought singer amara la negra was another darkskin multiracial Also

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    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · September 1, 2016

      Thank you. She is a beautiful women, reminiscent of beautiful black woman but she is not one. Her natural hair texture is not Afro-textured, this was the giveaway. My brother initially thought she was wearing a wig straight up.

      Someone with that hair texture in Jamaica would not be considered black, I know it’s the same in Haiti.

      Her mum looks like the average multiracial Dominican but she is mixed with Italian, less than half-black, her father is a black Dominican. But I’m still yet to see kinky hair, dark skin children birthed by two non-blacks.

      Her father with a perm.


  5. stevetoussaint · September 1, 2016

    She is gorgeous indeed but I always knew from her hair texture and phenotype that she wasn’t an Afrikan but in America she would EASILY be asorbed into our geno-culture just merely off the basis that she isn’t white.

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  6. stevetoussaint · September 1, 2016

    One more example is the case of German Basketball player Dennis Schroder, who is the son of a Gambian mother and German father and for whatever reason the race of the father is never mentioned leading some of us to believe he was white or non Afrikan yet this young man has Afro textured hair and Darkskin….I had a argument with someone about this who claimed this was due to black/Afrikan “Genetic Dominance”.

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    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · September 1, 2016

      He has black parents. There a black people in born in Germany you know.

      Look at his family.

      That was no ‘genetic fluke’ his father was a Afro-German his mum is Gambian. READ, do you research, he adopted his current surname from his stepfather. People love to take things and run without researching, Dennis’ father died in 2009.

      Even German mulattoes recognise he is not mixed. Check comment below Dennis’ mum didn’t even reply.

      It is clear his stepfather has a mulatto child with his mother who looks nothing like his full-blooded siblings. Sore thumb if I ever saw one.

      Such a person is an idiot who claims his father was a white German male. I mean even if it was the case how often do we see mulattoes with kinky hair, dark skin and Negroid features? Compare to how often we see people with ‘light skin’ light is synonymous with clear and white, not dark and black. The idiots pushing black gene dominance are actually pushing idea that retaining white genes is better than minimalising and pushing it out of the gene pool. Why do you think multiracial people from Latin America has such pale skin compared to blacks, even if it is a little more tanned on average than a European. There are people in Sicily, Southern Italy, Greece, Southern Spain, Portugal even parts of Eastern European who are as dark as you average mestizo Mexican or pardo Brazilian. Nothing is dominant about that. All I know is these people know that black people are not dominant socioeconomically and sociopolitically. So claiming sexual or genetic dominance is a way out for such negroes.

      Brazil, Dominican Republic, Aruba all got black populations but overall they can not be seen as similar in composition as Jamaica, Haiti, Congo, or Gabon. Yet the ‘black gene dominance’ crowd wants us to believe the end result of mixing is the same as turning a country into Gabon.

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  7. stevetoussaint · September 2, 2016

    Indeed. Negroes will be the death of us

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  8. Kushite Prince · September 3, 2016

    Another great post AfrikaNeeds. I agree with Sarge WP in that video. He is correct about the one drop rule. It’s time for that rule to go. Whites came up with that crap!

    “The American answer was the ‘one drop rule’ where the population created by mixing with Afrikans were classified as black it served several functions and has an ongoing legacy today. It first and foremost established the devaluing of black people (our phenotype and image of ourselves, or what we would prefer ourselves to look like as well as identity confusion). It installs the fact that mulattoes are not white, are not part of the white community and can not take on the wealth of the white community. The most relevant for the ‘Negro Problem’ is that it infuses blacks with high levels of European genes which is detrimental for separating and building independently, this also has an impact on the overall number of blacks because in their place are many mulattoes, griffes and multiracials who are openly stated as not been part of the ‘Negro Problem’. The growing number of mixed people infesting the ‘black community’ was compounded by external European migration, severely reducing the percentage of the population that was black, limiting the ‘problem.”
    This was a great passage! I had to share this on Twitter.

    Liked by 1 person

    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · September 4, 2016

      Did you know the one drop rule concept was invented by the Spanish, where even are 10 generations in some cases the Spanish still didn’t recognise someone as white with a black ancestor that far back. This isn’t the direct United States version, there was also as concept adopted in South Afrika where anybody mixed black and white was classified as black, although not nationwide and used temporarily it is the earliest form of a full-blown one drop rule. That was abolished early on and never got full cultural recognition among most factions of Boers and multiracials in Southern Afrika.

      The one drop rule is one of the rarer parts of Anglo-American culture which was not part of British culture, the one drop rule doesn’t exist in the West Indies, Belize, Guyana or the former Afrikan colonies of the UK. The whole concept of ‘Willie Lynch’ encourages race mixing as a way to destroy black people and remove them permanently, to set the mixed on the original blacks. Although Willie Lynch is fake and there is no record of him in Jamaica, the concept told mixed people to attack blacks. When you do your research and see during slavery and after who transgressed against who you will see that the mulattoes were prejudice against blacks, banning them from their circles, discriminating against those with darker skin from certain societies and connections, enslaving blacks wholesale, claiming they were superior due to mixture with white (Fredrick Douglass was famous for this). That was what Willie Lynch was about, the whole idea of saying they aren’t black has nothing to do with it, which modern American negroes really love throwing around in defence of mixed people. If Willie Lynch was supposedly from Jamaica then they are certainly not to be considered black, in Jamaica mixed people are more closely associated with white people than blacks, culturally and socially.

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      • Kushite Prince · September 4, 2016

        I thought I heard that in Africa mixed race people are called “coloreds”. Isn’t that a way to classify them as different than Africans. That’s better than here in the US. In the US all biracial people are considered black. Although many blacks are starting to wake up to this nonsense. I’ve had more black people tell me lately that they are tired of mixed people being classified as black. It’s a slow progression but it’s something I have noticed.

        Liked by 1 person

      • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · September 4, 2016

        I was giving you the context of the American in drop rule in overall European society. The one drop rule or one drop rule-esque rules were implemented elsewhere before the one drop rule ever took off in the USA, it came from somewhere else. In these other places it failed to stick around.

        Also it IS NOT society who claims mixed people as black. You live in America right? You do not consider them black? Then how can you stereotype everyone in America believing it when you said there are black people who don’t believe in it? Remember even in the height of the one drop rule people like Langston Hughes admit they are multiracial but only claim black because WHITES tell them are. It took a few centuries for the USA to accept the one drop rule, something that wasn’t particularly accepted during enslavement. It took even longer for Afrikan Americans to accept it and the purpose if the previous post was to point out black peoples own socialisation amongst themselves PROVE they are not considered black at ALL TIMES but sometimes and there are times they are considered ‘light skin’ and NOT black. That is something I have gone painstakingling into detail over. Black people (and even some whites) in the UK, due to American media influence, call mixed people ‘light skin’ alongside the traditional term ‘mixed race’ and occasionally ‘half caste’ but we recognise they ain’t black even though we call them light skin by in large. There are one drop rule adherents here but not common (most of them are mixed race people wanting to be black especially because of social coolness).

        Liked by 1 person

      • Kushite Prince · September 4, 2016

        Yes the social coolness is a big factor. I don’t consider biracial people black by my own standards. But it is imposed on us by whites. Our race shouldn’t be considered the trash bag for unwanted racial groups. They should have their own category. Why do we always have to accept what other groups don’t want? Asian people do not see Tiger Woods as one of them. That’s the type of mentality we should have also. It took me awhile time to accept this reality. But we do need to be an exclusive group. This why we are so damn confused and can’t unite as a whole. Ask a black person…who is black? You will be surprised at the answer you will get. I had a fool tell me that blackness was a mindset. How funny is that?lol This is the type of foolishness I’m talking about.


      • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · September 4, 2016

        ‘But it is imposed on us by whites’. No, we can REJECT something whites propose. Many white people think black people are not as ‘moral’ as they are, why don’t most black people think they are? We don’t treat them as i they are black, idc what idiots say, because most of these people say Jesus will come back or that they are able to do what they want independent of other people. Look at the col, hard social reality. The beauty standard, the pale skin leadership concept, the racially ambiguous concept , the separatism and exclusiveness practised by mixed people in their own circles like any mixed blog or activist group.

        Stop embracing or making excuses for embracing mixed people as black people physically.

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      • Kushite Prince · September 4, 2016

        Yes I agree! I feel you brother! We must change our mentality.

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  9. stevetoussaint · September 4, 2016

    You are correct brotha Kushite. From my observation, its mainly black women who point out the cons of internalizing the one drop rule and I believe that’s mainly due to the fact that politically and physchologically, the black women’s image and what IMAS want black women to look like is the mulatto/multi generational mulatto/multiracial individual and it’s not to say that the black mans image is also not affected in the same manner, it’s moreso prevalent with authentic Afrikan women.

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  10. stevetoussaint · September 4, 2016

    Very good article. There’s a new movie coming out with Morris chestnut and Regina hall as a black couple where they find a surrogate mother and this woman unfortunately happens to have a abnormal infatuation with Morris and it’s plays out in the movie and of course…she happens to be a mulatto

    Liked by 2 people

    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · September 4, 2016

      Mulatto saviour complex. I hate Hollywood for real.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Kushite Prince · September 4, 2016

      The film is called When the Bough Breaks. It looks like a black version of Fatal Attraction. The actress is Jaz Sinclair. There’s a lot of hype around her. Some say she could become the next “big black actress”. It be more accurate if they called her the “next Halle Berry”.


  11. Kushite Prince · September 4, 2016

    Since we’re on the subject of biracial people.Kanye West proving once again why he’s the biggest self-hating coon in the music industry. He has an upcoming fashion show. And in the casting call he wants ONLY mixed women. This man is pathetic! He makes me sick!

    Liked by 1 person

    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · September 7, 2016

      Don’t know how I never saw this before.

      This is unsurprising from such a Hollywood coon, tbh he has little to no control over this stuff, from time when I saw him holding that European fashion designers dinner. Lol. Regardless, the figurehead of something like this further proves why black men have such a hard time with women. As messed up as many black woman are, other races of women ain’t giving black men no respect either when they see the willingness to defend those unlike them. The comments was the main thing I was looking at cause I know damn well Kanye ain’t running no show by himself. Add his colour struck ass to gay racist European designers and Hollywood Jews and this is the end result. The black men who stay defending this are more than fools, as I said you get no respect as a man when you and a large amount of your community is fawning over other races females, especially ones known to disrespect you as a black man. I even see on UK Rap video comments white boys defending and demanding white women should be in videos because they know that white men aren’t good enough as a whole to be the most popular rappers. They understand when they’re not there their damn females are their other half. Can’t really expect your own woman to follow you or even respect you fully when you ain’t got no infrastructure to provide for her and something that is free, trying to uplift many black woman’s confidence, is rarely done. Embarrassing as a whole, couldn’t get away with this if Kanye was from another race.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Kushite Prince · September 7, 2016

        I agree. Kanye is the lowest of low. I did a post on him earlier this year. He gets so much press because he is so self-loathing. And the white media loves it. He is the type of negro they want us to emulate. Kanye is worthless in my opinion.

        Liked by 1 person

      • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · September 8, 2016

        He has nothing to pass on, he doesn’t value been black.These negroes who defend him are a major cause of why other races look at black people and wouldn’t want to help. What other group would defend a male excluding females of the same race, especially for a half-breed. They can already see the social value of passing on Afrikan genes is weak amongst many blacks. Something you value you aim to keep, pass on, continue. Bigging up mixed people and the one drop rule certainly means that mixed people are these peoples prize. If you don’t value yourself, who else gonna value you and fight in ya corner?

        Kanye just a media made role model. There’s no opinion, just state it as a fact, because we all know it, you feel me. Amount of young effeminate thinking guys, all wanna get into fashion, the openly gayest white subculture besides the LGBT movement. Kanye and his ilk are the type that started the trend.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Kushite Prince · September 9, 2016

        I totally agree. He despises his beautiful blackness. What a waste of melanin.

        Liked by 1 person

      • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · September 9, 2016

        Remember all skin folk ain’t kin folk.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Kushite Prince · September 9, 2016

        So true brother. So very true!


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