Mixed people are not equally representative as descendants of the slave trade as Blacks


I have noticed, especially when engaging with Americans (and those that identify with American socialisation outside of the USA) that most of the black people seem to continue to use the idea that mixed people come directly from Afrika with little or no mixture. Contradictory to that is another foolish belief that mixed people are black because blacks are as mixed (really?) as each other. This allows people who are blatant multiracials to continue to masquerade as black despite the fact the newer mulatto population is blocking blacks from representing and claiming to be mixed meanwhile NOT doing so for ‘light skin people’, who claim they are the same as brown skin and dark blacks, same treatment and all.

The same treatment means NO DIFFERENCE, there is virtually no difference in treated based on phenotype. This obviously isn’t the case with mixed people and black people. The lies allowing mixed people to be called black don’t stop with the no difference in treatment even though we see black women are heavily discriminated against as standards of beauty and black men are targeted far more than mixed men by police. That already knocks off the idea that there is no difference.

The next one is the usage of slave rape. This is a disgusting excuse, disrespecting females from Afrika who were raped. During enslavement nowhere were mixed and black people the same, not in the USA, not in Panama, not in Antigua not in Colombia. The legacy of this is the term ‘house nigger’ or ‘house slave’ used in reference to those that are close to whites or defend whites. The term comes from those slave rape products, MIXED PEOPLE, been used commonly as house servants instead of field slaves which was often reserved for brown skin and dark skin people. A clear historical basis for the difference in treatment based on phenotype coming from whites, once again burying the myth of the same treatment. The use of house negro towards ‘light skin people’ is part of this legacy of different treatment.

Now analysing the use of slave rape, as evil as this act was it was still a form of interracial sex. The byproduct of interracial sex is mixed children, over several generations mixed people can breed into blackness again, the same way mixed people passed for white and eventually their descendant are indistinguishable from white who never had a ‘passing’ ancestor. Slavery ended in (officially) 1833 in the West Indies, in 1865 in the USA, in 1888 in Brazil. This period of enslavement’s ending in the western hemisphere ended over 125 years ago. Baring in mind it is believed a generation is 30 years in Western society slavery ended 4 to 5 generations ago full stop.


W.E.B Du Bois, a multiracial man born in 1868 with background heritage of Afrikans who came to Haiti, although not a born out of rape (directly) he still contained it in his family tree and was born towards the end of the enslavement era; the latest the rape excuse could be linked to.


Arthur McFarlane II, great grandson of W.E.B. Du Bois born in 1958. Clearly the phenotype has undergone significant changes due to breeding patterns. Any time you hear negroes argue slavery, show them this article, the great-grandson of one of the most famous ‘light skin’ men in American history is not light-skin. Bare in mind Du Bois only married fellow light skin mixed people. McFarlane II is multiracial, his hair texture has remained looser than Afro-textured hair (not as loose as Du Bois though) showing significant Eurasian input from both parents in his gene expression. He is also married to a white female.

Another excuse to include these people as black is that negroes always want to bring up the light skinned black individual they may know or in most cases fictionalised. What I mean by that is legitimate cases of black people born with genetic mutations which causes them to have light skin. It does not mean they are mixed, it does not mean that they are not black, these people have two biological black parents (within the normal spectrum of Afrikan people) with Afro-textured hair but a birthed a lighter skin versions with typical features for a West/Central Afrikan descendant and the same hair texture. This is well known in parts of the diaspora, specifically Jamaica. Jamaica received a significant amount of Akan people but also a significant amount of Igbos, even until this day, they are renown for their likelihood to produce lighter skin people more often than other Afrikan ethnicities without recent race mixing. In Jamaica the term ‘red Igbo’ was used derogatorily towards those with light skinned due to this (not mixed people). Redskin is often used for light skin and inconsistently brown skin people in Jamaica.


As you can see one of this woman’s daughters has the normal Afro-textured hair and a shade of dark brown skin. The other daughter at the front is clearly light skinned with light coloured eyes as well but her hair and facial features are consistent with the norm for an Afro-Jamaican.



Again using the Jamaican diaspora. The individual above with light brown skin is Jahmaal Fyffe known as Chip (formally Chipmunk) a popular UK rapper, the one below is his full-blood brother, who is the normal for an Afrikan brown skin. The hair texture and facial features are dead giveaways that Chip isn’t mixed versus a mulatto with the same skin colour but everything else been different.




American gangster rapper Redman (Reginald Noble) who was very popular in the 1990’s. He has usual West/Central Afrikan facial features and hair texture. Just to PROVE my theory, not voice my opinion (like the clueless do) his sister is brown skin with the normal hair texture and facial feature for an Afrikan American.


Rosalyn Noble, Redman’s sister, is INDISTINGUISHABLE from you average Afrikan American females nobody would expect her brother to be Redman’s colour showing he is not a multiracial but a genetic fluke so to speak. Never would the self-hate card be pulled out on a black man dating or married to his sister.

Your average multiracial is does not look the same as these light skinned blacks above, their facial features, hair texture, level of hairiness or hairlessness and siblings often expose a major difference. These people are mutations NOT regular occurrences if they were, according to inheritability in biology, they wouldn’t be black because DIRECT descendants of West and Central Afrikan slaves would not have the amount of gene flow from Europe to have whole sections of the population looking multiracial or ambiguous. The ambiguous features are retained through breeding patterns, not retained from Afrika, and they can be removed by not reappearing in the gene pool often enough over subsequent generations.

Once again where do people who look like Raven-Symone come from, admixture. They are not black, it isn’t hard to figure out. All the excuses and huffing and puffing can really be put to bed when you realise there are people RECOGNISED as unmixed/barely mixed in the Americas even through the corrupt lenses of Eurocentric science; the maroon communities. If light skin, ambiguous looking people aren’t present there that ends debate. ACBN followers must really think outside the box when it comes to defending our identity, don’t fall for established white controlled false narratives, the truth can be deducted from our own intelligence and be proven too. Self-confidence is a major step to trusting ourselves and been able to work in organised protective units. Sarge WP always speaks on blacks needing to reorganise the race, remove mixed people as representatives, doesn’t mean they can’t work on black goals and aims and help us but they are not a member of the group, not involved directly in any black organisations and they known not to challenge black authority. That is an admirable aim but knowing the media especially the American media’s pursuit of the one drop rule confusion means blacks are going to have to use the only media currently available, social media to engineer a mindset capable of bringing about such an end result. Until blacks band together to fund our own media and then push for such a solution to shut up the colourism argument once and for all. Trust issues such as colourism (a big excuse used why black woman don’t trust black men as a collective) can be defeated.




Jamaican Maroons.




Surinamese Maroons.




American Maroon aka the Gullah-Geechee



Colombian Maroons, San Basilio de Palenque in Colombia is the earliest and longest lasting independent black maroon town in the Americas dating a far back as the late 1500’s

Remanescentes de quilombo dancam o jongo




Brazilian Maroons, Afro-Brazilians still have their own separate communities retained from slavery, theirs ended the among the most recent. Quilombos is the term for escaped Afrikan slave communities in Brazil with over 1700 nationwide, most of which recive very little contact but some are now filled with stereotypical Brazilian pardos or zambos (mixed Afrikan and Amerindian) due to integration

There is no concept of self, ACBN is attempting to change that, the false white narratives must be challenged.  The low self-confidence generated in many black woman by the low sociopolitical position of blacks is compounded by been perpetually forced into the same category as mixed woman. This can only be detrimental to the community as a whole as she is birthing and nurturing kids with this damaged mindset. The biologically genuinely light skinned minority are not to be represented as a significant amount of blacks and due to it’s unrealistic nature. Multiracial phenotype people are their own group, when they make their own forums and communities they don’t and will not include people with kinky hair, dark skin, non-ambiguous facial features. The continuing of our phenotype is the basis for black identity a marker of WHO the wealth is meant to pass on to. This is why many groups don’t accept half-Afrikan people as they phenotypically are extremely divergent. This is how you maintain wealth in the community, many rich blacks have fundamentally ignores this rule used by ALL OTHER communities. The American Indian tribes and the Freedman controversies once again show how other groups intentionally blocked blacks from accessing citizenship and access to their resources using the Afrikan phenotype. When will blacks get smart about the gravity of self-definition? Hopefully soon.





  1. kelley · October 1, 2016

    Hopefully soon.. I think a problem is that too many of us don’t see it as a problem. We are too quick to let everyone in. We are too quick to shut down a conversation about it. We are quick to avoid doing the research to learn a little more.

    As always, I thank you for your work in creating these thorough posts. I always learn something.

    Liked by 3 people

    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · October 1, 2016

      That is a problem. Afrikan Americans in particular but black people by in large are way too accepting. Afrikan Americans as a whole (I’m glad not every individual) are almost driving mixed people’s lust for white acceptance. When you see a group you can trample on and bar from your own circles why would mixed people not want white acceptance which has a higher standard to meet? Also the frank hypocrisy is another drive, that may be decisive as their number increase. When you have blacks (particularly females) who are willing to scream self-hate about mixed woman been picked over them or ‘colourism’ when whites pick mixed people over blacks, this aggravated mixed people. The reason they get upset is because when they sat they aren’t black negroes one drop rule frenzy kicks in look at what happened with Bow Wow. Foolish, shooting yourself in the foot.

      Our phenotype must be a marker of wealth in our own minds, if mixed children and people are a prize or are able to exclude with impunity from our behalf it is a sign of our socioeconomic weakness. Mixed people in place like the US and Canada do not even have an established self-generated sociopolitical position. Passing on something to black kids is a goal of ACBN, the next generation needs a solid foundation.

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  2. stevetoussaint · October 1, 2016

    Man glad to see you back and shut this ridiculous issue that we have of conflating multiracial, multigenerational multiracials, triracials, griffes, quadroons, octoroons and other admixed people with afrikan as we are Genetically, biologically and most definitely phenotypically NOT THE SAME!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · October 1, 2016

      It’s importance stretching into retaining wealth is overlooked. Let one of these ‘light skin’ or biracials have a kids with a white person and move to a white community, we’ll see if that wealth still in black hands 100 years from now.

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  3. stevetoussaint · October 1, 2016

    People who socially and physcologically follow the one drop rule love to parrot about me in particular being brown skin with a Afrikan phenotype as mixed because their upset that I refuse to adhere to a rule that isn’t even biologically accurate.

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  4. Kushite Prince · October 2, 2016

    “There is no concept of self, ACBN is attempting to change that, the false white narratives must be challenged.  The low self-confidence generated in many black woman by the low sociopolitical position of blacks is compounded by been perpetually forced into the same category as mixed woman. This can only be detrimental to the community as a whole as she is birthing and nurturing kids with this damaged mindset. The biologically genuinely light skinned minority are not to be represented as a significant amount of blacks and due to it’s unrealistic nature. Multiracial phenotype people are their own group, when they make their own forums and communities they don’t and will not include people with kinky hair, dark skin, non-ambiguous facial features.”
    Great post AfrikaNeeds! Excellent points made. The visuals really bring the points home.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. stevetoussaint · October 3, 2016

    Brotha Afrika, although I don’t know this firsthand what direct Afrikan ethnic groups could most Haitians go back to? https://tracingafricanroots.wordpress.com/ancestrydna/haitian-results/

    Liked by 1 person

  6. stevetoussaint · October 3, 2016

    And also griffes are the ones that confuse me the as far as admixed people go

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    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · October 3, 2016

      Yeah they can look black but many times they look like mulattoes. Idiots who keep pushing the theory of ‘the dominant black gene’ keep trying to ignore people with mulatto or ‘light skin’ parents who are light skin. How can 3/4 black still not be dark skin if the genes are so dominant?

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  7. stevetoussaint · October 21, 2016

    Can you explain how genetic ancestory tests are inaccurate? I see alot Afrikan people especially where I am in the U.S. want so desperately to find out what tribe their from and they feel as though taking ancestry tests are the answer

    Liked by 1 person

    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · October 22, 2016

      Ancestry tests do are inaccurate for a variety of reasons, this does not mean they are useless but they are not a relevant as many may think.

      When done by different companies databases are different this means, as it is an estimate, it is impossible to get the same results from different companies. Even different tests by the same company can produce different results. Geneaologists say that one must check paperwork in order to link the DNA tests to their family tree because of the inaccuracies. This is the most accurate DNA tests we are talking about the Y-chromosomal and mtDNA ones which show female and male lineages, and are the most common and least reliable for overall ancestry. The most obvious problem with them is they do not account for the other gender lines or much ancestry from beyond the gene markers. The gene markers on top of that DO NOT show where the genes originate or how they became so numerous in distant parts of the world. The Adamanese people have male lineages that are shared with people in Northern China, how comes? Is it accurate to say they have Chinese ancestry because it is more common there? No. Same with R haplogroup male lineage, there are small diversified, early clades in Northern Cameroon, yet it is the dominant haplogroup among European males? See where I am coming from. The biases can be applied against African descent people easily as Africans have the highest diversity of genes (total number), gene markers, gene diversity, origins of genes ect. On top of that many testing companies are blatantly lying by claiming people come from Ghana or Congo, countries which are not defined by ethnic lines, but ones drew by Europeans 100 odd years ago. How all the people in Ghana or Congo can hold such similar genes that Afro-Colombians, Afro- Canadians or Afr0-Americans could be proven to ‘directly’ come from these nations within these imposed borders?

      The DNA testing for overall genes are very inaccurate as DNA analysis is really in it’s infancy. They can paint a better picture than the gender lineage tests but are less accurate. This is an oddity that geneticists admit and this also further destroys the idea that tests can directly tell a person if they ancestry originate in Ghana or Congo. The reason is geneticists admit they can’t even prove if white people descend from Vikings or Romans, who they have bones of and have evdience on. Yet somehow they can tell a black person from the Caribbean or North America exactly where they come from in Africa, with all the KNOWN and DOCUMENTED ethnic mixture. Foolish, considering those nations are not based on ethnic or genetic divisions.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Kushite Prince · November 13, 2016

    Gave you a shout out in my Kushite Kingdom Awards post. I appreciate all the insightful posts you upload. I hope you’ve been well. Peace!

    Liked by 1 person

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