Running away from the task at hand


A topic touched by Jason Black in his broadcast named ‘Surviving The Second Age of Dred Scott’ was the idea of running away from America in the wake of Donald Trump presidency. A ridiculous idea. Negroes who see the re-occurrence of open racism deem fleeing as a suitable option and guess where they choose. Negroes want to snug up to whites say they want to emigrate to Canada or Australia or the UK. Jason Black destroyed the myth of non-racist whites in this airing much less going abroad to find them. The shock most Afrikan Americans are under already happened in the UK. Since the Brexit referendum, in June 2016, negroes spoke of going to (ironically) the USA, Canada and Australia. The idea of going there to build (more like survive), in nations most negroes in the UK had never been to, is always used as a cop out for the current plight of black people. If you never been there what the hell do you know about the laws and ability to do what you want there? Adults with no plan b, this is what is currently ‘leading’ and teaching young black people. These people do not want to deal with white people, South Asians, East Asians or whoever else is impeding blacks from making socioeconomic headway. Read More