Running away from the task at hand


A topic touched by Jason Black in his broadcast named ‘Surviving The Second Age of Dred Scott’ was the idea of running away from America in the wake of Donald Trump presidency. A ridiculous idea. Negroes who see the re-occurrence of open racism deem fleeing as a suitable option and guess where they choose. Negroes want to snug up to whites say they want to emigrate to Canada or Australia or the UK. Jason Black destroyed the myth of non-racist whites in this airing much less going abroad to find them. The shock most Afrikan Americans are under already happened in the UK. Since the Brexit referendum, in June 2016, negroes spoke of going to (ironically) the USA, Canada and Australia. The idea of going there to build (more like survive), in nations most negroes in the UK had never been to, is always used as a cop out for the current plight of black people. If you never been there what the hell do you know about the laws and ability to do what you want there? Adults with no plan b, this is what is currently ‘leading’ and teaching young black people. These people do not want to deal with white people, South Asians, East Asians or whoever else is impeding blacks from making socioeconomic headway.

A major spike in hate crime has popped up in the UK since Brexit. Unemployment for blacks have remained low while increasing even for other ethnicities even for historically impoverished ethnicities such as Pakistanis and Bengalis. No point in running when you have a job to do where you are at.

Black people trying to look for white acceptance are a major stumbling block to any building of the black community. People seeking to run and disappear from where they are at instead of gaining wealth, ownership of land and controlling the narrative where they are at is another major stumbling block. These two groups have colluded by in large to cultivate the planless, hopeless situation. They see whites encroaching, removing and wholesale withdrawing economic opportunities from young blacks and these people are clearly helping them. They are auxiliaries of white hegemony as Professor Black Truth spoke of in his upload ‘Kicking White Supremacy Out of the Courts’ video. They come working on behalf of non-blacks, running away from their own failures as a generation, running away from their failure to unhook blacks of white economic support, failing to deal with corrupted values of black people as a whole. They refuse to establish things that need to be done but veer towards speaking on vague, intangible goals. Although many of the people not pushing hardcore for integration they are clearly pushing against black people to develop units of people who will deal with our issues. They are piling up excuse upon excuse and then blaming/demanding changes from youth whom they have essentially abandoned themselves.


This comment is from a black person who used to live in London. They make the point of black people in the UK who are here due to their predecessors choice to immigrate. These people were already running from dealing with the situation in their own countries, they did not come here for skills and ownership which could be used to improve living standards where they come from. This idiot sat up here and typed out how messed up black people, namely young black males, are in Peckham and Brixton which are two neighbourhoods in South London. Street gangs of all races are dotted all over London but the white media focuses on largely black ones in districts such as Stonebridge in Northwest London, Lower Clapton in East London and New Cross in South London which are associated with black people in London. Talking about how they are relying on white government help and the gang problem, this person then crazily enough talks about Afrikan Americans in a better light. This is in contrast to reality when we can all see all over YouTube how black Americans are doing LIKEWISE.

The main reason for moving to the USA by this person is that the history of Jim Crow and higher likelihood of police killings gives more of an excuse for black people to remain planted in this weak social position. What this person harped on about people’s parents and grandparents putting ‘faith and hope’ in their progeny exposes the fact these old clowns didn’t put resources and power in their hands. This specific person ran of to the USA so as not to deal with the end results of their failure to do certain things or even facilitate conditions where the next generation can deal with them. Gangs and drugs have been a problem amongst UK blacks since the 70’s, so it seems only the crooks have laid out tangibles (albeit short-term) for the youth. This is not the legacy of a community that wants it’s youth to upkeep and respect it, other peoples force their criminal organisations underground, hence the term the ‘underworld’.

As I said about the situation in the UK, specifically London, blacks are been frozen out of the economy. We do not own enough small businesses and community centred institutions. Out of all ethnic groups, besides multiracial peoples, Afrikans both Continental and Caribbeans have the lowest proportional representation in terms of business ownership. The Pakistanis and Bengalis actually have the highest rates of self-employment and business ownership respectively, despite been ‘poor’ communities. They spend their money investing in their own countries, irrespective of crime, jealousy related violence and in the case of Northeast Pakistan; warfare. Unlike blacks, especially Jamaicans, who use crime as an eternal excuse to not repair their country. Even if one doesn’t want to return why didn’t they do it where they are at. This obviously impacts employment as small businesses that employ more than 1 worker make up over 95% of private sector employers in the UK. Other groups have been cutting back on jobs since the recession started and the government, who this clown mentions, is leading the charge.


Another foolish negro even managed to challenge this idiot. The opportunities for blacks in America are more attainable than in the UK. Blacks in London go into higher education more than whites yet have higher unemployment. In terms of unemployment and incarceration rates the UK beats the USA, but America has way more black people so the overall numbers is far worse in America.

‘Yaojun Li, professor of sociology at Manchester University, told the conference that in Britain black male unemployment reached 29% in the early 1980s recession, 36% in the early 1990s and 22% in 2011. Unemployment figures for black men in the US were 22%, 17% and 22%.

Black women in Britain were also worse off than those in the US. Unemployment for black women in Britain in the three recessions reached 25%, 26% and 17%, compared with 20%, 12% and 13% in the US. Overall, one in 12 black Britons are unemployed, compared with one in 16 in the US. Li, who examined 2.7m responses from three datasets in the UK and US, said: “There is greater ethnic inequality in Britain than in the USA for both sexes … If you are black you are more likely to be without work in the UK.” ‘

Consequentially the illegal drug trade, the gang issues, single mother rate, all values of the weak black Western culture are all in full effect in the UK. The olders, not elders, have contributed more than enough to this much less to mislead and lie to black youth. Young blacks stop listening to people just because they are old, they must be of substance, they must be talking about how the young people can remove these obstacles and deficits on the black community. The imprisonment rate is worse in the UK too, the end result of the self-destructive dominating thug culture among blacks in the West.

‘The proportion of black people in prison in England and Wales is higher than in the United States, a landmark report released today by the Equality and Human Rights Commission reveals.

The commission’s first triennial report into the subject, How Fair is Britain, shows that the proportion of people of African-Caribbean and African descent incarcerated here is almost seven times greater to their share of the population. In the United States, the proportion of black prisoners to population is about four times greater.’

‘ “There was never a serious examination of the consequences of locking up a generation of young black men. The result is there are some prisons in the south east which are now virtually all black. Many are converting to Islam.” ‘

The problems may start at school. The commission points out that black children are three times as likely to be permanently excluded from education.’

This coward tracey corporan is an example of useless older blacks, they have ran from one place to another where blacks are still at the bottom in a near identical position. They have no interest in blacks building and been the leadership class, as we see most premiers in most countries are old, 55 and over, most established entrepreneurs are old, most heads to billionaire empires are old. Our olders are largely cowards. Bad lessons must be learnt from these type of people, they are not building anything in America and certainly weren’t trying to do so in the UK. In spite of this fact they want to blame those born into this.

Young blacks must be aiming to gain skills, particularly STEM degrees and apprenticeships. These skills are needed in these very Western countries which we live in. The lowering enrolments in these fields and lack of social respect for them is having major consequences on the economy. It is forecast that in the next five to ten years Asians nations primarily in East, South and Southeast Asia will contain the majority of the worlds scientists, engineers and manufacturers. This coincides with their rise to power. These skills are currently in demand, as well as other blue-collar skilled labour. Blue-collar skilled labour is usually well paying once somebody holds expertise and high quality end results. They actually push black men’s collective net worth and median income above black women, despite black women having more degrees and higher employment rates. These are well paying jobs that black men need to tap into and are going to be in serious demand in the West and of course in the come up of Afrikan majority nations. This is what would be able to build physical infrastructure, pass on usable knowledge and employment. Liberal arts have brought in nothing to Afrikan people but weak, failed ideologies, focuses away from dealing with the shredded economic situation.


  1. stevetoussaint · December 13, 2016

    Awesome article once again. My parents are Haitian immigrants and came here to experience what they thought was the “American Dream” but only experienced unemployment, discrimination and other forms of racism. I’m tired of these elder Afrikans and Continental Afrikans believing that the western world can offer them a better standard of living than their respective place of origin when that isn’t even the case considering no matter where we are in the world, black and Afrikan coincide with each other and we are discriminated against on that basis. We need jobs that will build up our community and NOT our fictitious individual social status. Within the next 5 to 10 years, we need to be socially, economically, politically and if possible militarily sound.

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  2. stevetoussaint · December 14, 2016

    I’m the product of a mixed race woman (in haiti they call my mother a grimeau which is a term used for high yellow/fair skinned multiracial women and men)and a Afrikan man which makes me a Majority Afrikan DNA (like Jordan Davis (rip) or Carmelo Anthony) man and its gonna take alot for me to correct the mistakes of my parents and theirs before them but I’m willing to do whatever I can to be truly acbn sound and for my community to be also. Right now I personally need to learn how to become financially independent and learn to use weapons to defend myself and Afrikan people and I’m working on that in the process. I want Afrikan children, a west/central Afrikan nation to be a superpower and a strong Afrikan community and see to it that it will be done.

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    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · December 19, 2016

      Applaud your honesty. It is clear your mother had a lot of black DNA in her already (although she ain’t black) because a direct or close to mulatto will 9 times out of ten produce a light skin even curly hair child like Beyonce. It shouldn’t be that loads of generation to remove any hint of an intrusion on your lineages gene expression.

      You cannot repeat what your father has done. Continue to try and gain economic independence. A tenant of ACBN is for men to be leaders, can’t be a leader if you are in an inferior position to your female. Can’t be a defender of your family and our ideology if we are in an inferior position.

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  3. stevetoussaint · December 16, 2016

    Do you think black people should build up our respective nations or look to build up Afrikas infrastructure?

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    • Kushite Prince · December 17, 2016

      We should definitely be building our own. We can’t rely on other races. All we got is US! Our own infrastructure is seriously needed.

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    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · December 19, 2016

      Both. They have to be done at the same time. One of black people’s downfalls, one that scarcely gets mentioned is trading with other groups before ourselves. This is what happened in Afrika for hundreds of years along the coastline. There were certain tribes who focused more on trade with whites than with their neighbouring blacks. They even sent their kids to schools in Europe meanwhile Europeans wouldn’t even venture past the shore most of the time. You even got black and now mulatto populations in Atlantic coastal cities in England and Portugal that are descendants of West Afrikan nobles children. Same thing with Haiti, you should know L’Ouverture was not a pro-black person in any sense of the imagination. He loved the whites and destroyed his country permanently (also cost him his life) even after he excepted the French’s return. He never bothered to try and make links with other maroon communities in the Caribbean-Gulf of Mexico region. Never reached back to Afrika even though some groups fought the whites over enslavement once they realised whites slavery was not what they were used to.

      My point was it has to go together, like right hand and left hand. Blacks in the Western hemisphere are supposed to be building links back to Afrika. For trade, to bring in a good trading partner outside of their land. As well as to bring ourselves into the international scene. Negroes love to localise and make enmity over where we live. In the meanwhile the white [British, German, American, Brazilian ect.] we are dealing with are trying to juggle with subjugated groups and rivals worldwide.

      But it begins of localised. We need to secure where we at not beef over it. Run out these goddamn Arabs and Indians who own the majority of businesses in our respective communities.

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      • stevetoussaint · December 19, 2016

        Indeed. We have to drive out Mulattos, Asians, Eurasians and Arabs and if violent measures have to be taken then so be it. I think we can build up one central/west afrikan nation like Nigeria and work our way up to the whole of Afrika including white Dominated North Afrika.

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  4. stevetoussaint · December 19, 2016

    And I appreciate you respecting my honesty. It wasn’t easy for me to admit it but I did some research and eventually found out some things but visually I always knew. Majority of my DNA is Afrikan and I’m currently looking what specific Afrikan ethnic group my family could be linked to but since majority of Haitians can trace their ancestry to the fon, ewe, bakongo and Yoruba I’ll start with those

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  5. Kushite Prince · January 15, 2017

    Last year I did an awards post! I gave you a few much deserved nominations. Peace!

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