Black integration and the indivuldualism connundrum


A serious question is to be made on the drive and ambition of many people who ‘make it’ and use the guise of hard work and individualism solely. We all know a significant amount of Afrikan people who claim that life is all about individual achievement and personal interest. Whether this is the Yoruba immigrant from Nigeria, the single parent from the hood who is lucky enough to raise a child to become economically self-sufficient in the flying in the face of statistics or the two parent middle class black family living far from a black neighbourhood. All of these groups purposely ignore the reality of community and economics and it’s impact on the opportunities and helping hands these people have received from other people and why or how they got where they are.

Something many black people seem to want to defend is integration via desegregation, assimilation to other cultures and races, miscegenation and government-led equality. I have a proposition for such people, why must other individuals approve of this if life is all about what individuals do and not communities and groups, what if these other individuals INDIVIDUALLY value community? A community is made of individuals after all.




Why would Europeans first government institutions support such laws and signs if this wasn’t what many individuals wanted. Afrikan people who lived with these kind of laws why didn’t they campaign as millions of different individuals if individualism is the highest goal? That would make better sense according to many black people of today who subscribe individualism. A better question why didn’t black people collectively ignore this and strive for individual goals and aims? The obvious answers occur, black people in South Afrika, the USA, France, the UK ect. were number one not organised into a powerful enough unit to remove such blockages and make themselves equals socially. The second explanation is that groups of people can achieve far more than individual can. Individuals when they seek to do something will often solicit others who have more experience or links within a given field.

The conundrum for integrationalists, specifically within the assimilation sphere, is a simple one. How can you claim to be wanting black people to be integrated with others if the best way is for individuals to do it? Black people are not one or two individuals but millions of people in different countries. These people are clearly not even true integrationalists they are INDIVIDUALISTS who claim they support black integration yet aren’t even helping other individuals do what they have done. Black integration with Europeans, multiracials, East Asians ect. can only be done on a collective level, even the government policies agree to this or else there would be no need for affirmative action equality processes.

I will not support integration but I will acknowledge that most integrationalists who look down on phoney, pseudo-nationalists for many of them been individualists need to reassess themselves. On the other hand sensible blacks who are about gaining power and specially ACBN followers must delve into these type of questions, ones not often asked and not promoted by the mainstream. We must start analysing and dissecting the behaviours and not only the ideas of these different groups that are currently widespread amongst Afrikan people.

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  1. blackleaderanalysis · January 17, 2017

    Good post. Totally agree individualism is limited at best.

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