I’m all about Afrikan people, the geno-culture from which I come from. In a world where people work in groups to wield power, Afrikans must reinstitute positive group behaviour in order to exert power. Power is key to surviving and ultimately blossoming in this world, if Afrikans fail to develop this once again we will continue to be ravaged globally by failing mindsets, behaviours, communities, neighbourhoods and nation-states as well as weak cultures. Power must be attained and I aim to assist us on this path.

Afrikan by ancestry, Afrikan in spirit, Afrikan forever – Afrikan Centred Biological Nationalism (ACBN) must be applied, exclusivity is a must, an Afrikan person is one who is brown to blue black and whose hair naturally grows afro-textured, this is what was recorded by Afrikan peoples since prehistory. Black = Afrikan

AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources – that’s me.