Amos Magazine is not an Amos Wilson adherent


Amos Wilson one of the most educated, wise Afrikan ancestors said we must be prepared to deal with any race or ethnicity whether the white man we know is powerful or not. Amos Magazine is not an Amos Wilson protege, don’t be fooled by his name. Let the Russians and the Western Europeans slug it out. We do not need to imitate the Alt Right movement and leach onto Russia as if they some are godsend saviours. Read More


Reactionary identity versus the reality of identity


Reactionary behaviour can work for a while, it can (rarely) achieve short term goals, but can you really live your life, and subsequent generations, by reacting to others? Black people seem to have a thing for reacting and not acting upon. This stretches into our identity, the one drop rule, who were are, where we come from, who we affiliate with etc. Read More