Obama the upshot of integration and assimilation


Barrack Obama who has held one of the top positions in the United States of America the most powerful country in the world currently has done little to improve black peoples lives anywhere.

Obama has oversaw police murders and allowed whites to compare them to crime within the black community as if criminals are viewed as form of government paid social security. He has ignored, not even one speech, the contraction of Afrikan Americans collective wealth.  He has bailed out certain manufacturers in Detroit meanwhile the over 80% black city (part of the SAME government) was not bailed out and allowed to go bankrupt. Obama has tried to get Caribbean and Afrikan nation to approve of homosexuality while ignoring their lack of infrastructure. Infrastructure is of FAR more importance to the opinions of citizens of those nations. He has prolonged and denied black majority nations a Marshall plan to help build a powerful private sector. At the same time totally snubbing the idea of reparations for Afrikan Americans during the same reign as giving them to American Indians, Jews and even the Iranian economy.








Obama is the byproduct of integration. A mulatto, with a European mother. A white American mother who was not marriage material when she had Obama. A failed family, a failed interracial family, an ‘integrated family’. He is multicultural as an individual can be, half Luo a East Central Afrikan ethnicity, half Euro-American. He has four black half-siblings, two mulatto half-siblings and one half-Southeast Asian half-European half-sibling. He was raised by white grandparents, and partially by interracial Indonesian and white American parents. Obama grew up in Hawaii and for a short period Indonesia around other races and very few mulattoes his own race as well as basically no black children. Obama the physical person and his personality is the knock-on-effect of 100% integration, assimilation and miscegenation. The ideology of the black integrationalist has been put to the test and has not produced any desired achievements. Obama has ignored blacks over illegal immigrants who even if legalised in 2008 couldn’t have voted in 2012.





Considering there are black people who often display hypocritical, anti-black, degenerate behaviour who were raised around blacks what made people think a half-white person raised around non-blacks was unlikely to act in the same manner. Obama the upshot of integration and assimilation.


  1. stevetoussaint · January 18, 2017

    Apparently, his father is a Afrikan American named Frank Marshall Davis and Obama actually mentioned it in his book but I forgot the details exactly. Honestly, I would believe it because the mutt doesn’t even look luo and there was a picture amosmagazine posted of him and him and his Afrikan “siblings” and the man looks so out of place phenotypically it’s not even funny.


    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · January 18, 2017

      I really don’t know. I can tell you though in London a there are a lot of Kenyans. They used to be the largest black population from the motherland in the UK until the 80’s. I have seen people who have one parent from Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Uganda and South Afrika, they don’t look Afrikan similarly to Obama. Even look up his other half-black siblings none of them look Luo, they are mulattoes that’s why.

      Barack and Mark Obama, half-brothers, mulattoes. The Chinese female is Mark’s wife.

      Regardless most people from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzinai, the region of the Luo people, in the UK are South Asians.


    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · January 18, 2017

      I keep saying do your research. Conspiracies about Obama have been going around for ages. His family, well because of his dad are integrationalists. He has 2 mulatto siblings. His older half-sister Auma, has a mulatto daughter.

      People always post the pic of Obama out of place with his black relatives. Why not with mixed ones?

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  2. stevetoussaint · January 19, 2017

    Yeah he resembles his mulatto siblings and none of them look remotely luo

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