Multiracial descendants: Segue between Afrikans and others


Unsurprisingly negroes who follow Europeans are now no longer dreaming of integrating as black people into European society, because they know we can’t. The sudden change of heart was spurred by their seeing of the outright rejection of other ethnicities of whites in Europe and mestizos in the USA . Black people are the phenotypical antithesis of Europeans and historically, prior to every other group, has been associated with negativity by Europeans. This backlash has hit negroes the hardest. The solution in these idiots minds is to create a new population of multiracials Read More

Multiculturalism is not promoted for police, it can never be involved in controlling power


Don’t think for a minute whites, Liberal or Conservative don’t know the game, don’t know the causes and resolutions for racism. I have said before all talk of Socialist ‘racism, tribalism and ethnocentrism is less important than classism’ is just rhetoric which the whites that promote it don’t even believe in. All groups of people have had rich and poor prior to European capitalism Read More

A cause of Afrikan self-loathing: Negative connotations of Black invariably excludes light skin mixed people


The blatant hypocrisy of some black people is getting on my nerves. The outright disrespect of the Afrikan phenotype by blacks serves as a reminder of the self-loathing which grips swaths of black people around the world. The most common form is the usage of black negatively which often times excludes the lighter skin multiracials, yet the same clowns dare to claim multiracials are black due to the same treatment. Read More