Latin America recognises race from a European consciousness (part 2)


The use of Hispanic European culture to manipulate the non-European populations of Latin America has resulted in strange myths occurring within these populations. The myths are now been copied in modern Anglo dominated societies to manipulate populations who whites seek to absorb, or diminish.

The modern white population of Latin America is a mixture of Criollos and white European immigrants from the decades towards the turn of the 20th century onwards. Criollos are the Spanish and Portuguese criminal invaders’ descendants who were born in the Americas, this group also included other European nationalities who arrived during the Spanish colonial era. The Criollos were regarded, both socially and legally, as inferior to those born in the Iberian peninsular (known as Peninsulares or Mazombos in Spanish and Portuguese respectively). This is the same system the Anglos and French observed, this was the cause of the American ‘revolution’, just like the ones later on in Latin America.

‘In colonial social hierarchy, the peninsulares were nominally at the top, followed by criollos, who developed a fully entrenched powerful local aristocracy during the seventeenth and eighteenth century.’

It was the Criollos (Spanish for Creole) who initiated the fight against the Spanish and Portuguese Empires. They were a privileged class in the European colonial era, but not content with that they searched for POWER. Power is what any group needs to be able to develop fully, as a more independent thinking and acting people. The fact that one group of Europeans would fight another over power in a land which is not their homeland shows these people’s power based thinking, they don’t want to be equal, they want the power to dominate and they ended up dominated the masses of non-European people in place of the European colonial nations.

‘It has always been Spanish policy to favour the peninsulares, in terms of appointments to high and profitable office, above the Creoles – the term for people of pure European origin born in the American continent. As the local aristocracy, with an ancient stake in the region, the Creoles profoundly resent being discriminated against in this way. If there is to be a nationalist rebellion against Spain, its leaders will come from their class.

Lower down the social scale are four other equally specific groups. Next in esteem are the mestizos, people of mixed European and American-Indian ancestry; since there were few Spanish women in America in the early decades of colonization, many mestizo familes are of long standing. Below them are a more recent phenomenon, the mulattos, of mixed European and African blood.

At the bottom of the social heap are two racially pure groups: the American Indians, the indigenous people of the continent surviving as peasants and poor labourers; and the African-Americans, most of whom at this stage still have the status of slaves. ‘

The racial power based system was maintained, and still is by Criollos in Latin America, even though they created several myths on race, the power of the groups mentioned remain similar today.

During the revolution era in Latin America, the Peninsulares were recognised for their own slight difference between themselves and the Criollos who attempted to forge a new identity from the Peninsulares to retain the power once held by them. Their slightly differing history was used against them by the Criollos and their lackeys.

‘In some places and times, such as during the wars of independence, peninsulares were called deprecatively godos (meaning Goths, referring to the “Visigoths”, who had ruled Spain), or in Mexico, gachupines or gauchos.’ The use of Goth is due to the history of he current Spanish people. Goths were a Germanic tribe who originated in Götaland  an area in Southern Sweden, they used variously as mercenaries for the Roman Empire, the Goths ultimately split up, into the Ostrogoths and Visigoths, meaning Eastern and Western Goths. The Ostrogoths conquered most of Italy and the Balkans, the Visigoths took over Iberia, the Vandals another group from Eastern Europe just before them took over Spain and parts of North Afrika. The use of their ancestry against them, was a key part in riling up the general population against their ‘foreign rule’.

The ancestry of black people as a group was well documented by the Spanish, nationality is clearly less important to Europeans in terms of their power relation building, when they set up the system of power under their rule, they always put Afrikans regardless of origin at the bottom of the totem pole. Afrikans were documented as been in Spain itself before most of Celtic peoples invaded by the Greeks.

The Ancient Greeks said originally that the Ethiopians were ‘sundered in twain’ meaning they were split apart by two sides of an ocean, actually a sea. Strabo mentions in his Geographica encyclopaedia series first a common misconception about Afrikans’ history at the time claiming that the split that earlier Greeks had mentioned wasn’t the Red Sea but the Mediterranean Sea.

‘The same mistake is made by those who say that Homer is not acquainted with the isthmus that lies between the Egyptian Sea and the Arabian Gulf, and that he is in error when he speaks of “the Ethiopians that are sundered in twain, the farthermost of men.” Men of later times are wrong when they censure Homer for saying that, for it is correct.’ Strabo points out later Greeks were incorrect to claim that Homer was wrong for saying the split was the Mediterranean and that he never knew the Red Sea, which is the split among Afrikans that Greeks of the Roman era were familiar with. Homer was an ancient poet even in Strabo’s lifetime.

Bust of a mulatto woman from Roman Spain, Flavian dynasty.


‘ Now, just as these Ethiopians on OUR SIDE of Oceanus, who face the south throughout the whole length of the inhabited land, are called the most remote of the one group of peoples, since they dwell on the shores of Oceanus, so too, Crates thinks, we must conceive that on the other side of Oceanus also there are certain Ethiopians, the most remote of the other group of peoples in the temperate zone, since they dwell on the shores of this same Oceanus; and that they are in two groups and are “sundered in twain” by Oceanus.’ Strabo menitons even in his time there were Ethiopians aka Afrikans still in Southern Europe, who faced South (Eurocentric geography of course).*.html

‘Furthermore, Ephorus mentions still another ancient tradition, and it is not unreasonable to believe that Homer also had heard it. Ephorus says the Tartessians report that Ethiopians overran Libya as far as Dyris,^ and that some of them stayed in Dyris, while others occupied a great part of the sea-board; and he conjectures it was from this circumstance that Homer spoke as he did: ^^ Ethiopians that are sundered in twain, the farthermost of men.’ Strabo speaks on Ephorus a past Greek historian, who claimed that the split was also the Mediterranean, even suggesting the ancient city state Tartessos in Southern Spain had some relations with Afrikan people.

Phoenician/Carthaginian busts from Cadiz, Spain.



Even with this documented history in Iberia and then with the North Afrikan rule over Iberia for over 3/4 of a millennium, once Europeans reconquered Iberia (the Reconquista) they treated those Afrikans that remained as second class citizens and enslaved many of them. They idea that nationality is the be-all and end-all that many Afrikans have today is totally fraudulent, and it was proposed by those who seek to confuse people as to their groups’ true intentions via the use of power relations.

Black Spaniards and Portuguese people were relegated to the lower rungs of European dominated society, even if they were Christian, the religion didn’t help their plight. ‘They were referred to as negros ladinos (“cultivated” or “latinized Blacks”), as opposed to negros bozales (“muzzled Blacks”, i.e. those captured in Africa and tied up to prevent them from escaping). The Ladinos’ skills granted them a higher price than those of bozales’ The Ladinos were valued for the fact they had adopted an unedited European consciousness, this made them easier to integrate under white European rule and were able to be used against Bozales (un-Europeanized Afrikans) due to phenotype but mindset differences. This clearly didn’t stop their abuse or deportation at the hands of these same people.

Their nationality was even recognised: ‘Black Ladinos born in the Americas were negros criollos (“Creole Blacks”, cf. Creoles of color).’ They had Criollos born in the Americas too, due to their Iberian direct origin but their Afrikan overall origin was never forgotten hence they were treated according to their race and their usefulness to European rule, not their citizenship, which many of them were stripped of.

It was the Criollos who brought in new ideas on race to the Americas to control the mulatto, mestizo and negro masses, not the Spanish casta system because that one was biologically based, in reality, they needed a new group to be created to be easily manipulated and have a conciousness that is extremely Eurocentric due to their sheer numbers.

As I have shown before in the first part, the European casta system was involved during the European colonial period, after they were kicked out of Latin America by in large, the actual demographics of Latin America changed, just like in South Afrika, Europeans were trying to make these lands their home and not just colonies where they abuse people there and extract resources. With the changing in demographics and ending of  chattel slavery arose certain myths that linked race and in particular ‘racelessness’ with nationality and race mixing. None of these ever resulted in the the European Criollos overthrow.

The ending of chattel slavery, which took place very late in some of Latin America namely Brazil (1888) and Cuba (1886), resulted in mass propagation to stop Afrikan independence in thoughts or actions occurring. I have said with accuracy that slavery wasn’t the cause of black inferiority complexes, it no doubt produced some we still see but most came after slavery due to integration and prolonged contact with Europeans. Don’t believe me, look at what happened after slavery and the mindset of Afrikans the longer they stay in close proximity with people who uphold the white supremacist ideology.

Afrikans slavery in the Americas was mostly matrilineal, coming from the mothers line, just like how Afrikan societies had set up clan systems. Afrikans still maintained some form of Afrikan mindset during slavery (who did all those Afrikan spiritualists work with? what instigated the amount of slave rebellions? why were the only successful ones groups that worshipped traditional Afrikan spirituality?).


In Cuba we see the Afrikan identified people fight back. ‘The Negro Rebellion (Spanish: Levantamiento Armado de los Independientes de Color, “Armed Uprising of the Independents of Color”, also known as the Little Race War, the War of 1912, or The Twelve) was an armed conflict for several weeks during 1912 in Cuba between Afro-Cuban rebels and the armed forces of Cuba and the United States.’ The USA has always tried to thwart Afrikan independent behaviour anywhere in the world getting caught up in one country is pointless when these people seek to dominate the whole planet. 1912 as well, wasn’t this two years before negroes from America and other European colonies fought in Europe to save white people from their own self-destruction?

‘Conditions in Cuba were poor for the black inhabitants, most of whom were employed in the sugarcane industry. Evaristo Estenoz led a movement to better these conditions which had begun in 1895 during the war for independence from Spain. Veterans of that war, primarily officers, organized the Independent Party of Color in 1908. Under the leadership of Estenoz, the party quickly gained the support of a large number Afro-Cubans in opposition to Cuban President José Miguel Gómez. Gómez ordered the party disbanded under the Morúa law, which outlawed political parties based on race. By 1912 the Independent Party of Color had regrouped to stage another armed rebellion.’ The Afrikan Cubans fought hard against their enemies, causing them to change laws. The same Criollos who used race to determine socio-economic status made laws to to stop Afrikan from politically organising using the same method.

‘ The leaders of Afro-Cubans rebels, Evaristo Estenoz and Pedro Ivonnet, were killed during the rebellion and their political movement, the Independent Party of Color, was dissolved.’ This indicates the importance of political organisation for ANY group, the Morúa law banned this because the Afrikans were utilising what they had, their human resources. Political organisation, must not be just about voting, but pooling of resources for a political goal and crowd-funding efforts independently, a sign of group political activism and a potent political statement of those who seek power. As shown here most countries in the Americas Afrikans have tried to make an established Afrikan-centred political party, they were vehemently opposed by the established European leadership and taken down due to their threat.


America wasn’t the only place Afrikans were lynched as a result of racially motivated violence. Cuban lynching – 1912.


The idea that Afro-‘Latinos’ were always/are self-hating and always rolled over is totally forged and is a clear sign of protracted exposure to and failed social integration with anti-Afrikan thinking people. The original Afrikan mindset was rearing it’s head all over the Americas after the end of slavery, the national borders forged by Europeans and then social integration from those funded by whites has resulted in this mindset we see so prevalent today which in the past wasn’t as popular. Remember the most well organised UNIA chapter was in Puerto Rico meanwhile the Jamaican ones were disorganised from the very start.

Under European colonial rule Afrikans were a needed group to function in these slave based economies. The Europeans had little interest in remaining stuck in the Americas, the ideas of racial purity and soldiers of fortune were to mark an everlasting impact on both the Portuguese and Spanish. Once the Criollos were in charge they wanted to create nation-states, they had to force other groups to integrate under their culture in order to make them easier to control. Blacks were required to lose their identity in order to live under Europeans. Due to the Afrikan’s rebellious nature, the Criollo Europeans struggled with blacks in particular, their solution was to wipe out the black populations either via mixing or violent genocides. The slave rebellions were becoming too severe to maintain slavery by the mid to late-1800’s, the Criollos decided to give up and end slavery due to this. They didn’t want the Afrikan revolts to continue after slavery, so they had to destroy the population’s identity or remove Afrikans wholesale.

Pretos=Afrikans, Amarelos=East Asians, Pardos=mixed race, Brancos=Europeans

You can see the black populations staggered and declined as well as the growth of Europeans which coincided with the European migrations as well as the government endorsement of miscegenation. The European population has declined in recent times due to white people having negative growth rates and many mixed people claiming they are mixed instead of white more often since affirmative action.


‘In 1869, the proportion of the national population who were of African origin was registered as 26.1%; in 1895, it was 1.8%. Marvin A. Lewis mentions this interface in passing, though he sees it as integral in their demise as a recognisable social group: ‘‘The argument of national identity first and the individual afterward was effective in destroying Afro-Argentine continuity while Germans, Italians and British progressed with their identities intact.’ The destruction of the Afrikan Argentine population, first attacking their identity was a needed part of the Argentinian nationality ideology which is a fundamentally anti-Afrikan.

As I also mentioned mulattoes would be the ultimate replacement for Afrikans, outside of the one drop rule in the USA, only in countries where Afrikans are not present in large numbers do most mulattoes consider themselves black, out of rejection of course.

Afro-Argentinian singer Gabino Ezieza aka Black Ezieza (1858-1916)


Mulatto Argentine singer Fidel Nadal. Fake Rastafari, using the religion to falsely claim he is Afrikan.


The reason for the Afrikan population to become mulatto, gender division. The Afrikan males were put on the front line in the Paraguayan War (1864-1870). The war destroyed both the Paraguayan male population and the Afrikan Argentinian male population. Of course white males in Paraguay were able to control the conciousness of the population to return as a viable nation. The black population of Argentina has become thoroughly mixed as the females who remained had progeny with white males. There are Afrikans still there but not at any rate that they once were. Do not trust anybody attempts to spread the gender division, race mixing solution foolishness, the whites were the originators of this technique to mix out Afrikan genotypes and phenotypical traits.

‘Mexico had an active slave trade since the early colonial period and an estimated 200,000 Africans were brought there. From the beginning, the slaves, who were mostly male, intermarried with indigenous women. In some cases Spanish colonists had unions with female slaves. Spanish colonists created an elaborate racial caste system, classifying people by racial mixture. This system broke down in the very late colonial period; after Independence, the legal notion of race was eliminated.’ The destruction of the casta system, coincided with the destruction of the black populations growth and numbers, in all of Latin America. Showing you the new identity of these Criollo hegemonised nation-states was one that doesn’t accept Afrikans.

200,000 Afrikans is substantial, remember to America there was roughly 400,000 Afrikans imported. How comes Afrikan Americans now number roughly 35 million and Afrikan Mexicans now number under 1 million. There are now mostly mixed people claiming they are Afrikan out of rejection too in Mexico, with nearly 10% of the people claiming Afrikan in Mexico speaking an American Indian language.

The Myth.

In order for the Criollos to incubate the creation of mulattoes, zambos and other mixtures to wipe out Afrikans they had to propagate the fraud that white is better. The term blanqueamiento (improving the race)  became common place under these people’s rule. Official policies adopted by many Latin American countries involved Afrikan disappearance, mass immigration from Europe and miscegenation.

‘Now comes the necessity to devise some method of dealing with it [the Negro problem]. You of the United States are keeping the blacks as an entirely separate element, and you are not treating them in a way that fosters their self-respect. They will remain a menacing element in your civilization, permanent, and perhaps even after a while a growing element. With us the question tends to disappear, because the blacks themselves tend to disappear and become absorbed’ Words by a Brazilian statesman to America on how to deal with Afrikans whom all white leadership acknowledged as an eternal threat.

The propaganda of a racial democracy and an inability to see colour had become widespread soon after the Spanish and Portuguese were deposed. The same people who were openly racist to blacks at the same time circulated these falsehood. This to absorb the black populations as to neutralise the threat posed from Afrikans biologically, deciding to return to their own identity. Now in Latin America you have many mixed people claiming to be black just like in America of strength of not been white, this is reactionary behaviour and will never seek to actually change the problems.

The Nation-State is race myth

“Every Brazilian, even the light skinned fair haired one carries about him on his soul, when not on soul and body alike, the shadow or at least the birthmark of the aborigine or the negro, in our affections, our excessive mimicry, our Catholicism which so delights the senses, our music, our gait, our speech, our cradle songs, in everything that is a sincere expression of our lives, we almost all of us bear the mark of that influence.” -The Masters and the Slaves. Gilberto Freyre (1900-1987), a white Brazilian educator, sociologist, anthropologist, politician and journalist, who was taught in American universities. He was a key person in promotion of these lies of nation-states, founded by racist whites, having the only say in a person’s identity. It was to integrate these groups under white rule.

The new race/colourblindness via mixing myth

José Vasconcelos (1882-1959), a white Mexican, who propagated the fraud of the ‘Cosmic Race’. The new colour-blind world would become this race after substantial mixing according to this liar. ‘José Vasconcelos to express the ideology of a future “fifth race” in the Americas; an agglomeration of all the races in the world with no respect to colour or number to erect a new civilisation: Universópolis.’ And as I have shown the only race that would vanish in large numbers in Mexico from his era was the Afrikan. He wrote the book La Raza Cósmica (The Cosmic Race) in 1929.  ‘To an extent, his philosophy argued for a new, “modern” mestizo people, but at the cost of cultural assimilation of all ethnic groups.’ Essentially the race mixing propaganda was for a homegrown white population to retain power and destroy biological rival groups by mixing them out and white people giving the mixed people and nation-states, their own ideologies which they saw fit.

White Brazilian professor of sociology Marcelo Rosa, from the University of Brasilia, exposes the fraudulence of the racial democracy.

At the end you hear the same nonsense as BlackLiveMatters happens in Brazil. with white people taking over or using black issues to create a political movement which doesn’t actually help black people, but maintains the narrative of black people needing white help. Liberals are not your friends.

In Latin America there were Afrikans who wanted to remain in place as their own identity. Colombia for example the Afrikans populate the Pacific Coast, in the rainforest, to avoid been mixed out of existence, officially they are 10.6% of the population but it is well known that there are far more but the self-haters refuse to identify and just want to identify with their nationality. ‘From 1851, the Colombian State promoted the ideology of mestizaje, or miscegenation. This whitening of the African population was an attempt by the Colombian government to minimize or, if possible, totally eliminate any traces of Black African or indigenous descent among the Criollos. So in order to maintain their cultural traditions, many Africans and indigenous peoples went deep into the isolated jungles. Afro-Colombians and indigenous people were, and continue to be, the targets of the armed actors who want to displace them in order to take their lands for sugar cane plantations, for coffee and banana plantations, for mining and wood exploitation.’

When the race mixing agenda fails Europeans and their cronies seek all out killings and chasing groups from place to place in order to exterminate them. This is a sign that the mixed population and their white leadership are against Afrikans entirely, if we don’t mix they want us dead instead.

Mixed people and white worshippers seek to destroy the black identity and presence in their country, in America the agenda is rolling on.

The current American hegemony has seen the white population decline massively. Even with the white Hispanics migrating to the US their population is in decline is not even stagnating. They have seek to spread, just like in Europe, fake multiculturalism and the same race mixing/colour-blind stuff, even using racist talking points like ‘mixed children are prettier’ which was used a part of the blanqueamiento mindset. The consciousness is been manipulated as we speak to create these mixed and integrating populations which won’t fight back against whites, unlike the Afrikan identity.

The first time I ever saw the world will become mixed nonsense was the back of a biology book in Year 8 in high school, it was right at the very back of the book and spoke about how people must look at the source for the advertising of a documentary for it to see if it is scientific or propaganda. The documentary was advertised as part of Bravo’s (the channel) 21st birthday, it claimed the whole world would be mixed by the the year 3000, this would cause humans to split with poorer, uglier ones becoming short and physically inferior and those that were rich becoming taller and prettier. Lies. It was obvious propaganda but it was used to spur on race mixing regardless of the result, just like the official government miscegenation propaganda in Latin America.





  1. Kushite Prince · March 26, 2016

    “When the race mixing agenda fails Europeans and their cronies seek all out killings and chasing groups from place to place in order to exterminate them. This is a sign that the mixed population and their white leadership are against Afrikans entirely, if we don’t mix they want us dead instead.”
    This is a great quote! I have said this time and time again! They really want to force this race mixing crap on us. That’s why we have to stand strong against this sickness. It’s hard because the media pushes it all the time. I have covered the subject countless times on my blog.
    Also I’m glad you brought up the killing of black people in Cuba. Many people are under the impression that we only suffered lynchings,rapes and murder in Amerikkka. That’s because the his-story books love to leave out certain details and keep our people ignorant about our history. There’s this fantasy that latinos showed us so much love in Latin countries. Places like Brazil,Cuba,Colombia,Mexico and Dominican Republic are extremely anti-black. They are not allies with black people. I learned that a very long time ago. There is NO black and brown unity. Here in California many Mexicans are very blatant about their racist feelings towards blacks. Thank you for this educational post. This was even better than part one. I’m really enjoying the information you’re putting out. I shared this on Twitter as well.

    Liked by 2 people

    • afrikaneedstoownitsresources · March 26, 2016

      The worst part about what’s going on in L.A. is that the majority of the wives who were part of the founding families of Los Angeles were registered as mixed race (doesn’t mean they were though), these mixed race mothers were fairly prevalent. Obviously judging by modern day Mexicans mestizo’s denial these mulatto women did a good job in spreading the anti-Afrikan mindset. Mixing has ALWAYS resulted in Afrikans been looked down upon by the mixed people, no matter it been males or females, forced or consensual, from power or powerlessness.

      I am glad to have informed you and others of the information about the creation of the ‘Latino’ ideology and Negrophobia been essential in the founding of the identity. They were built out of the breeding out and destruction of Afrikans so there is literally no way they could have supported a ‘black-brown alliance’.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Kushite Prince · March 26, 2016

        You are so right about that. Out here Mexican dudes always say “What’s up bro? How you doing?” Bro? Like we brothers or something. They’re not fooling me at all. I had a black co-worker that was dating a Mexican woman. He told he was surprised that her family didn’t accept him. I looked at him like he was crazy! She didn’t want to introduce him to her family because they would get upset. I told this fool he was nuts! Mexicans and most Central Americans are very anti-black. When I was in high school the Mexicans kids would make fun of the dark skinned Mexicans. Calling them darkie and “negrito”. They also used to say “mayate” which means black bug or insect. And this is what they call us behind our backs too. Also I knew a brother who used to be in prison. He told me that the prison system showed him how group alliance is very important to survival. he said the very time there was a racial incident or a riot…the Mexicans always sided with the racist skinheads. They would NEVER side with the black gangs in prison. This showed him that Mexicans see themselves as more white than “brothers” with black people. I already knew this but this woke him up. And many of our people need to realize this as well. We have NO allies. Asians,Mexicans,Puerto Ricans,Cubans etc…. All we got is US! The sooner we all realize that…the better.

        Liked by 1 person

      • afrikaneedstoownitsresources · March 27, 2016

        If you know anything about Mexican and Central American history you would see the mixed people, the Mestizos have prided themselves on been European-like. They don’t even work as a race across borders to fight white dominance, instead they pretend they are a nationality-race because whites have told them.

        Their anti-black stance is very poignant, El Salvador banned Afrikan migration to their nation from 1930 to the 1980’s to absorb the few Afrikans that remained in their borders. Don’t think this is a ‘Hispanic’ cultural thing, Belize was over 60% Afrikan or Kriol IN THE EARLY 80’s but are now under 25% of the population and they are breeding out with mestizo immigrants from Spanish speaking countries and American Indians, my dad said he saw this in person when he was in Belize for my grandfather’s funeral last year. The ‘British culture’ obviously didn’t prevent this, in fact they obviously adopted a successful technique from the ‘Hispanics’. These people have nothing but contempt for us, even with all the mixing going on.

        The thing about prison, I know in California the Mexican Mafia has a long-standing hatred of blacks, even view black groups as their arch rivals. The Mexican Mafia have gave permission for the murder of black civilians in areas where there are very few black people. And I have seen on many websites where regular Mexican civilians will defend, deny and downplay this hatred and never question the fact they never hear of the racial violence been assigned for white people by the Mexican Mafia.

        One of things regular people never realise is prison is used in psychology studies for the development of POWER, since they can’t create lawless situations on the streets, they have to use confined premisses and every time it is revealed that people work in groups to make power, people are social animals. Individualism is fake and groups based power is real, race* has traditionally been an easy grouping to create power.

        * Originally meaning tribes then expanded once all groups of people had knowledge of each other.


  2. Lumumba Afrika · March 26, 2016

    Excellent article and great information. This will definitely be a source reference for me in the future. Ngiyabonga!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Kushite Prince · March 28, 2016

    Thanks for that prison link. That’s a very interesting study. It’s true that people work together for power. And this is something black people must do to survive under these racist conditions. We have NO allies therefore we have to work as a collective unit for real progress. I think people are tribal by nature. All this multicultural crap is just a smokescreen. White people do NOT practice multiculturalism. They promote white supremacy under the guise of an all inclusive society. Black people must study and understand this is a false reality we are given in the media. Whites never share power or control. They never cooperate with any racial group…they usually want to dominate and oppress.

    Liked by 1 person

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