Amos Wilson agrees with me on the slaughter of whites by blacks


Amos Wilson, the ancestor who wrote Developmental Psychology of the Black Child, Blueprint for Black Power: A Moral, Political, and Economic Imperative for the Twenty-First Century and Black-On-Black Violence: The Psychodynamics of Black Self-Annihilation in Service of White Domination encouraged black violence against Europeans physically. He said of black-on-black violence a very real phenomena all over the world, that it is ALWAYS for white domination. He was one of the race-centred nationalists, not ethnocentric nationalists, ethnocentrism has been key to non-Afrikans conquering Afrika, from Khanit and Kamit until now we see how tribalistic warfare has devastated the Afrikan. Amos Wilson was one of the few Afrikan Americans who recognise that black streetgang violence and black criminal stereotypes persist Afrikan people around the world he not only focussed on Afrikan Americans but black South Afrikans too, I did in my piece on the lack of global support for an armed overthrow of white South Afrikan racists.


Always love hearing that from Amos Wilson, such a power house of AFRIKAN KNWOLEDGE, he told us everything, literally everything must be Afrikanised to meet out specific needs. Needs that have been handed down from our ancestral foreparents from afro-combs for our Afro-textured hair to an Afrikan version of schooling based on Afrikan children’s advanced learning compared to Eurasians.


Afro combs from the Naqada period  prior to Kamit’s dynastic period, this is also first period of direct colonisation of the Levant by Lower Kamit’s army. Before Abrahamic religions people using these combs were common in the ‘Middle East’, Kamit controlled much of that area during the Pharaonic period. Showing how our ancestor passed down EVERTHING they could to us and it for use to pick it up and not let someone else tell us who we are.

Anyway Amos Magazine accused me of been an agent for openly encouraging attacks against white racists by black men. Blacks should be on the offensive, the lone wolf soldier who commits self-sacrifice is an Afrikan tradition, he takes out many more than himself before killing himself or been killed. Amos Magazine wants blacks to propagandise whites as dangerous claiming that Europeans do it and Amos Wilson said you can take things from other geno-cultures which are useful. This is not wrong Amos Magazine has attempted to blacken up European culture before it attacks which is slow and arduous costing many lives before one of their opposition is taken. Amos Wilson said you can copy from any other group for the BEST method, that is not the best. In the process of the propaganda campaign by Europeans in France, certain non-Afrikan Muslims slaughtered 12 people in revenge costing far more live of their enemies than themselves. They did not wait for propaganda to make the French seem dangerous this seems like a far better technique yet Amos Magazine want sus to ignore this. Amos Wilson said propagandise whites to the world disparaging them all over social media, the white police killings of blacks who not fighting back, websites like Amos Magazines and mines should actually be enough propaganda for the next step to begin yet Amos Magazine want the Afrikan to stagnate and not carry out the next step. Retaliation is what Europeans have done in the Middle East after centuries of attacks from the Middle East and North Afrika, and the Muslims responded in retaliation very quickly likewise. Even seeing this Amos Magazine says he will not encourage an Afrikan onslaught on the European but will boast about another group, the non-Afrikan Muslims doing so, even claiming me to be a Brit who is in fear of the attacks. When I mentioned things are reciprocal and we should return fire that is when he showed cowardice toward whites and refused to step out the shadow of the white ‘Arab’ and his minions.

Now if I am an agent according to Amos Magazine, so is Bhekizitha who agreed with me even in a video that black violence against police is efficient and effective and he has personally witnessed a change in NYPD behaviour toward whites since Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley. So is Amos Wilson who approved of the elimination of unarmed racist whites by Colin Ferguson in 1993 and psychological effects of it on the white population in America.

‘Dr. Amos Wilson stated in his video on “The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness” that Colin Ferguson (pictured below) scared whitefolks to death because they feared that the CHATTEL SLAVERY MECHANISM of SELF HATRED (that has Afrikans killing Afrikans) had broken down. Here Is the background of Colin Ferguson:

Colin Ferguson (born January 14, 1958, Kingston, Jamaica) was convicted of murdering six people and injuring nineteen others on the Long Island Rail Road in Garden City, New York, on December 7, 1993. As the train pulled into the Merillon Avenue Station, Ferguson pulled out his gun and started firing at passengers. He killed six and wounded nineteen before being stopped by three of the passengers: Kevin Blum, Mark McEntee, and Mike O’Connor. Ferguson’s trial was notable for a number of unusual developments, including his firing of his defence counsel and insisting on representing himself and examining himself as a live witness.

Ferguson was convicted on February 17, 1995, of murder for the death of the six passengers who died of their injuries. He was also convicted of attempted murder for wounding nineteen passengers during the mass murder. He received 315 years and eight months to life, meaning his current earliest possible parole date is August 6, 2309. Ferguson is currently serving his sentence at the Attica Correctional Facility in western New York.’

I had mentioned that Abrafo Abosom the divine executioners in the previous post and their role in the Afrikan collective and how they impacted on slave societies across the Americas, they have different names in different Nanasom, (Twi for Afrikan ancestral spirituality). You now see Amos Wilson say this too, that the divine execution of whites by Ferguson a descendant of the Akan ‘Coromantee’ Abrafo Abosom, destroyed the self-hatred mechanism of integration (which he point out originally this occurred during chattel slavery when many blacks used to live on the same property as whites).

Colin Ferguson.

Amos Wilson did not run behind white ‘Arabs’ and he did not say the killing was bad but he said it had a positive impact as Colin Ferguson turned his guns on the true enemy of blacks. Amos Wilson may have been an intellectual and the engineer of the blueprint but he was no sissy, he did not fear losing a job over that comment, he did not fear governmental laws on hate speech, he did not fear telling blacks we must eventually kill the European, kill the ‘Arab’, kill the East Asian and so on it if we are to be free. Was he an agent for this? According to Amos Magazine he was.


I never said there should be a revolution right now and Amos Magazine (lying again) cannot find me a quote saying that. I question him on his fear of speaking up for violence against the government in lone wolf killings and encouraging those that have it in them to do so. I also asked if he is so scarred to break the white mans laws (which I told him I have done) then how is it he is could start a revolution, he whispers of pipe dreams instead of answering. I never said the revolution is here and I never said you have to do anything I asked if he was willing and he punked out that conversation too accusing me of been an agent.

Hear Amos Wilson speak on lone wolf violence and it’s effects






  1. Kushite Prince · July 17, 2016

    Great video of Wilson. That is a great lecture!

    Liked by 1 person

    • AfriKaNeedsToOwnItsResources · July 18, 2016

      Of Amos knows best. Lol.

      Amos Wilson said that other whites will never encourage black violence against them and only ever advertise white violence against blacks to make it seem like one way traffic. They fear the Afrikan who will not engage in black-on-black violence but will take up the gun and slaughter them and their law enforcement. Negroes caught up in we do not encourage this are only perpetuating white’s power over them mentally. Amos Wilson said their is NOTHING SACRED ABOUT LAWS, if you have to incite illegal activities then so be it even MLK the non-violent leader gladly went to jail to show white people’s law are not some holy grail of morality.

      The killing of 3 police in Baton Rogue could not be done by all black individuals, only those with the spirit of the lone wolf, the soldier who can sacrifice their life for the greater population can carry out this task. They do not need to be organised for their impact disorganised is the key, we see Muslims do this in Europe ad hoc all the time, the most pre-planned normally get stopped before they are able due to people spying and government having eyes and ears in their circles. The lone wolf is a different element from the organised militia which they normally an affirmation of, the lone wolf normally occurs before group organisation in all situations. Their death is propagandised and politicised and can shift the black masses markedly by both black revolutionaries and out enemies. We must control the image and the tactics pushed from our lone wolf type warriors for something stronger. Amos Wilson understood the divine nature of this killing and how it causes fear in the white masses which was seen during the enslavement era until now.


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